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Title: FoIA Request on Court Candidates
Post by: Sir Salibaic on March 01, 2022, 04:03:52 pm
Name: Sir Salibaic
Contact Information: Arctus#4657
Requested Information: The full discord channel logs of the discussions of the choices for high court logs of both Sir Lashnakia and New Glaceon
Justification: To ensure transparency as to why the court chose these candidates
Title: Re: FoIA Request on Court Candidates
Post by: Tigslarlowducken on March 01, 2022, 04:30:00 pm
Your request has been approved. Information release forthcoming.
Title: Re: FoIA Request on Court Candidates
Post by: Tigslarlowducken on March 01, 2022, 04:38:29 pm
The following excerpt is from the High Court logs.
[Mon Feb 14 19:29:36 2022] @Justices you need to decide on a new Justice to fill Battadia's place
then inform the Speaker
who will then start a citizens' vote

DJ Tigward
[19:48:04] Oh right
[19:48:16] I propose Bertilistan

[19:48:50] they're MoIA
[19:48:55] and a Rep

DJ Tigward
[19:49:17] The amendment hasn't passed yet
[19:51:51] Or actually Glaceon might be good
[19:51:55] They're active and a viable candidate
[19:52:05] They seem like they might enjoy the job
[19:52:10] @Renecat What's your opinion

[19:52:27] the important thing is whether or not they have legal knowledge
[19:52:42] I was thinking of recommending Azy, since I know he has some
but you'll have to ask him if he's willing

DJ Tigward
[19:52:49, edited 19:53:00] I doubt that he'll want to do it again
[19:52:55] I can always train Glaceon

[19:53:04] ~~when did he do it before~~

DJ Tigward
[19:53:14] I am almost 100% sure that Azy has been a Justice before

[19:53:19] uhhhhhh
[19:53:34] alright alright, yes
[19:53:37] it was very brief

DJ Tigward
[19:53:46] I knew it
[Tue Feb 15 20:18:54 2022] @Renecat Well this answers both questions
[20:19:07] Also how did I only just now remember that Azy's pfp is Jerma985

[Thu Feb 17 01:52:31 2022] I see
[01:52:48] Well, it's up to the Court to make a nomination
[01:52:52] you both need to agree on the nominee
[01:53:27] for reference
>  6. Should a vacancy arise in the Court or should a proposed nominee be rejected by the citizens, the Justices shall collectively decide upon and nominate a replacement within one week. The Chief Justice shall make a public announcement regarding this nomination, and it shall be brought by the Speaker to the citizens for a vote. A simple majority in favor of the nomination, within four days, shall be required to confirm the nominee.

Caribou Island [UPP-Force]
[01:53:37] I have no ideas, really.  Whomever Tig thinks is best will probably do just fine.

[01:54:53] also @DJ Tigward when

DJ Tigward
[02:57:28] Fuck
[02:57:32] Oh right
[02:57:35] We changed that
[02:57:36] I forgot

[02:57:40] yeah,

DJ Tigward
[02:58:31] So do you agree to nominating Glaceon as Battadia's replacement
[02:58:43] I just need a yes or no for the sake of records

Caribou Island [UPP-Force]
[02:58:47] I don't know them, but if you think they're fine, I say yes

DJ Tigward
[02:58:50] Epic

[02:58:55] it's Moon

Caribou Island [UPP-Force]
[02:59:08] Ah!  Everyone has so many names ;-;

DJ Tigward
[Fri Feb 18 03:10:30 2022] New EO numbering conventions when

[03:12:51] there are dozens upon dozens of Executive Orders to number, and difficult criteria by which they must be numbered; on the other hand, there are a few FAQs that must be written, and the Constitution clearly spells out what is to be contained within them

DJ Tigward
[15:24:21] I was just asking
[15:24:41] As for the FAQs, they will be started when my workload decreases in ~ 1 week

[Sat Feb 26 16:22:35 2022] @Justices  you need to nominate someone else

DJ Tigward
[16:25:28] Yeah
[16:25:30] But who
[16:25:47] Would Lash be willing to do it

[16:27:28] He is

DJ Tigward
[16:27:36] It’s not illegal

[16:27:59] Oh,
[16:28:04] But still
[16:28:07] Like

DJ Tigward
[16:28:15] Yeah,

Caribou Island [UPP-Force]
[16:31:00] Nominate Rene
[16:31:56, edited 16:32:11] We need more catboy representation on the Court and he's already here anyway AND we're kind of running out of viable nominees

[20:54:06] He is in the House

DJ Tigward
[21:51:11] I asked him, he’s considering it
[21:52:01] He’s aware that he would have to resign
[Sun Feb 27 17:06:47 2022] He said yes
[17:07:05] @Caribou Island [UPP-Force] Do you agree to nominating Lashnakia

[Mon Feb 28 21:47:00 2022] @Caribou Island [UPP-Force]

Caribou Island [UPP-Force]
[21:47:14] Sure!