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The New Kingdom / Royal Library
« on: February 04, 2022, 09:12:50 pm »
This is the Royal Library filled with real life texts, images, artifact info, and flags!

Past Elections / Re: Debate: Union General Election, November 2021
« on: November 04, 2021, 04:56:21 pm »
1. Which House Bills do you plan to pass and/or repeal? Why?
I do plan on trying to allow for court reforms to try and have a more balanced system as well as reform the punishments to be less severe.

2. In what ways should the Constitution be amended, if at all? Explain how the changes would improve the current system of governance.
In general I think provinces should have 2 house reps instead of just one allowing them more say in the government as they are a important part of the system as well

3. What qualifies you to serve in the House? What makes this qualifying?
I have had many jobs around the Union first starting off in Force's Media as the Editor in Chief of the Force Flyer. Then from there I led The New Kingdom, designed its constitution and generally tried to rally support for it. But you can't do it alone and as such my mental health came into play and I had to resign the postion now with TNK under new leadership I can focus on rallying for it while there is a strong homefront presence to give it direction. I am also a Director in CAD for Regional events and its Deputy Director of Communications. I am also the Consul of Culture in Hyperion and have worked in TNK, CAD and Hyperion for most of my Union career so I know the territories very well.

4. Do you think any changes should be made to existing House Procedures? If so, what changes should be made and why?
5. If elected, do you plan on running for Speaker? If so, what makes you a good candidate for this position and if not, who do you think would be a better candidate?
No I do not plan on running for speaker but I definetly think Sir Salibiac would be a good choice for speaker due to his impartial views and the fact he is always willing to listen.

6. How do you plan to ensure the voices of your constituents are heard while in office?
I plan on holding town halls with the populace every week or two depending on the activity and meetings between the local government and the Union government will definetlely help make sure the populaces demands are heard

7. How do you feel about the influence parties have on the House and electoral process, and should it be more or less? Explain your answer fully.
While it definetely is a issue we can't have people in parties make a new system for parties as it will lead to the majority party making all the rules and the minority feeling cheated. Parties have a place as its part of what can be called the Force Legal Roleplay as it adds culture to the region and its always excited seeing shake ups

8. The House of Representatives is the sole legal body with the ability to remove a Prime Minister from office with citizens vote after confirming it. Under what circumstances would you support the removal of one and what constitutes 'going too far'? Cite specific legal passages if necessary and ensure that your answer is sufficiently detailed.

I wouldve definetly supported a removal of the Prime Minister under the TSSU debacle alot sooner as Force is not a offensive raider region. If anything it should only act in defense. Since we where not raided by them there was no reason to raid and try to refound as it just lead to more probelms. If the PM tries to use the postion to gain power in territories or God forbid a foriegn power then thats the PM going to far.

Nation:New Glaceon
Region:The New Kingdom
Political Party: Union Peoples Party
Position Seeking: (House Representative)

Roleplay / [ ⚖ ] UN Security Committee
« on: September 22, 2021, 04:40:08 am »
    [ APPLY ]
    [ MAP ]
    [ WARS ]

    The Security Committee is responsible for the UN's policies regarding peacekeeping missions, war interventions, and enforcing military requirements on nations. It is overseen by the Committee President, Spirit Glaceons, and this channel shall be used to record the results of war, including any and all costs and border changes.

    War shall work as follows:

    • A Declaration of War must be posted below to start a war. It will initially cost $25 Billion UND and it must contain the following information:
      • who the attacker is (there can only be one per declaration, but other nations may 'assist' in the war later on)
      • who the target nation is (there can only be one per declaration, but other nations may 'assist' in the war later on)
      • the name of the war (e.g. Second War of East Kronisia)
      • the reason for declaring the war
      • the Military Strength of each of the both sides at the time of declaration
      • a photo indicating which provinces they wish to attack. This cannot be changed later on. Each province selected will add additional costs to the declaration of war depending on how much and which ones are selected:
        • $5 Billion UND for each connected province targeted. Connected provinces are provinces owned by the other nation that directly land-border a province of yours.
        • $10 Billion UND for each disconnected province targeted. Disconnected provinces are provinces owned by the other nation that are beside their "connected provinces"
        • $20 Billion UND for each distant province targeted. Distant provinces are provinces owned by the other nation that are neither of the above or require distant seafaring or air transportation.
        • Capital provinces and their surrounding provinces cannot be targeted unless they are connected provinces.
      • The proposed Declaration of War will be reviewed by the Committee President. If it is rejected, no costs or changes will incur. If it is approved, the cost is deducted from your account and the war officially begins.
      • No offensive actions can be issued by a nation until they have an active declaration of war.
    • Warposts will dictate what happens in a war and they will be sent on the CAD Regional Message Board with the appropriate tag. It is not a warpost if it does not have the proper tag.
      • the tag must be included in every warpost. It should be on the top of every warpost and indicates the name of the war with the following format:
          Insert warpost here
      • Here's an example of a proper warpost:
          Captain Kirk says hello to the enemy. Gets shot in the thigh.
      • Warposts can declare the actions of the enemy if reasonable ("the tank launched a round and four soldiers were killed in the blast") or in response to earlier posts ("their port blew up when they failed to find the bomb which was planted last warpost")
      • The manpower, weapons, and technology you can use in warposts is determined by your Military Strength. Try to keep within the bounds of your Military Strength.
      • Improper, overpowered, or otherwise illegal warposts will be suppressed by the RP Moderators, nullifying it in the story

    • War Reports are compilations of all prior warposts once the war officially ends. They are posted below this post by the Committee President and can be found by searching the tag on the RMB

      • A war can end in one of the following ways:
        • One side surrenders and the other side receives a normal victory
        • No offensive actions are taken by anyone within a week of inactivity will result to "border skirmishes and diplomatic hostilities leading to nowhere"
        • Thirty days pass since the declaration of war and the UN will intervene to end hostilities. The Moderators will then decide who won the war based on the war report and give them a normal victory
        • A treaty, ceasefire, or peace talks are conducted between the two nations and they agree on their own terms. This is an abnormal victory and the results and changes (who pays reparations, who gets provinces, etc.) will depend on the two nations. The results will then have to be approved by Moderators. The UN cannot pay reparations in an abnormal victory.
        • Either side of the war may petition the UN Security Committee to intervene for $30 Billion UND. This immediately ends the war and the Moderators decide who won the war with a normal victory
        • No matter how a war is ended, the losing nation loses 25 Military Strength and the winning nation loses 50 Military Strength

        • Here's what happens if the attacker wins in a normal victory:
          • The attacker gains all the targeted provinces
          • The target loses the targeted provinces and are given reparations by the UN. The reparations they receive are equivalent to half of the Declaration of War cost. They also become immune to being targeted for the next three days or if they decide to start a war.

        • Here's what happens if the target nation wins in a normal victory:
          • The attacker gains no provinces and are given $10 Billion UND
          • The target keeps the targeted provinces and are given reparations by the UN. The reparations they receive are equivalent to half of the Declaration of War cost.

        • Here are some additional guidelines:
          • The Moderators have the right to void a declaration of war if they believe the action was unmotivated or to take advantage of a player's out-of-character situation.

        Elections / Re: CAD July 2021 Election
        « on: July 28, 2021, 12:49:12 pm »
        Nation within CAD: Spirit Glaceons
        West Kronisia: < 1 >
        Unified Columbia: < 2 >
        Burgermond: <  3 >

        Parties / Re: The Federalist Party
        « on: May 01, 2021, 09:35:16 am »
        I hereby quit and resign from the federalist party

        The New Kingdom / Pyroar Times Forum Archive
        « on: April 23, 2021, 09:13:03 pm »
        For the Pyroar Times a Independant New Source based out of The New Kingdom and Canterbury!

        Editor: New Glaceon

        Zoological/Pokemon Reporter: Absolinia

        Parties / Re: The Union People's Party
        « on: April 23, 2021, 03:59:07 pm »
        Left UPP

        Parties / Re: The Federalist Party
        « on: April 23, 2021, 03:57:26 pm »
        New Glaceon

        The New Kingdom

        High Commission / High Commission
        « on: April 13, 2021, 04:59:48 pm »
        Region(s): Citizens Alliance of Democracy and The New Kingdom
        Issue Name: Plea for Recruitment
        Issue Description: The issue is recruitment as their level according to my  High Commission report is Fragile which means population is either decreasing or very fragile and small and next to no activity is going on -These leaders should check in with government to get immediate help. As the High Commissioner I formally ask that the Federal government take over recruitment  (for both regions) to help the population grow while also helping nurture the growing population by helping their activity level along (Which could be done by simply going along with the events or answering the Question of the Day. As people will follow the leaders so to speak)

        Parties / Re: The Union People's Party
        « on: March 25, 2021, 05:29:47 pm »
        Nation in the Union: New Glaceon
        Region: The New Kingdom
        Discord: Moon#9758

        Archive / Re: Civil Service Registration
        « on: January 19, 2021, 11:05:07 am »
        Ministry:Ministry of Media and Culture
        Position: Thinker

        Clubs / Re: The Force Culinary Association
        « on: January 19, 2021, 10:55:21 am »
        May I join

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