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Title: ⍟ Office of Caduceo ⍟
Post by: Caduceo on April 17, 2020, 10:04:57 am
The Honourable Caduceo
~ Seated Since November 20, 2019 ~

          Welcome to the office of The Honorable Caduceo, the center of operations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs during the current and future tenures of Caduceo. Found below are all of this Ministry's official directives, announcements, and news.

IA-001 (,374.msg2581.html#new)Formal Establishment17/04/2020
Title: Re: ⍟ Office of Caduceo ⍟
Post by: Caduceo on April 17, 2020, 10:26:16 am

Official Telegram from the Office of Caduceo

I, Caduceo, in accordance to my powers as defined in Article D, Clause 5 of the Constitution as Minister of Internal Affairs, hereby enact the following, to be known as Internal Affairs Directive no. IA-001, into law this 17th of April, 2020, directing the following:

IA-001: Formal Establishment

          I hereby direct the establishment of this office for myself and my Ministry. All future Ministers may establish their own offices elsewhere as this shall be reserved for myself and the Directives instructed during my tenure(s). All Directives signed and stamped by myself during my tenure(s) shall be established as formal law.

          Furthermore, use of Caduceo's Signature and Stamp on formal or informal documents and occasions - if not Caduceo - shall be considered illegal and may be used as grounds for treason or malfeasance accordingly.

          This Directive shall be effective immediately.

Signed and stamped, Caduceo