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Roleplay / leaving
« on: February 05, 2019, 05:07:51 pm »
Glorious Warszawa I slavia would like to leave, is great things you progammed here nonetheless, stay cheekibreeki!

Archive / Re: Official RP Registration
« on: January 19, 2019, 04:07:33 am »
Nation Name: Warszawa I Slavia

Type of Government: Empire

Estimated Population: 7 million

History Description: At first, all of the Slavic nations where independent, weak and had corrupt and terrible governments.
That all changed when a young Polish man called "Iwan" discovered his royal ancestry. He sought to unite the weak Slavic nations and a great war unleashed upon the Slavic countries and Iwan had the support from the Polish, Lithinan, Ungarian and Yugranic nations. At first they where badly bloodied and almost lost the war, but an event occured on the last stand (11.11.1436) from Iwan and his supporters wich we call "The Great Intervention of Perun" in wich a great Tempest cut off the enemy pursuance and Iwan and his army went over the Góra mountains into their capital where they would regroup and amass all their strength for the final march into victory.
"The uprising in the White City" is the day where Iwan reached the capital of the traitoruos Slavs wich stood against the unification of the Slavic nations, the Slavs loyal to Iwan rose up against their supressors in the White City and Iwan saved all of the Slavs in the greatest civil war of all time.
After the war was over Iwan was crowned by the Pope as Tsar of the Great Empire of Slavia but he also granted the City of Warszawa for their support great autonomy wich is why our empire is called Warszawa i Slavia.
Iwan indoctrinated Panslavism into our empire and banned all of the other "religions" except Catholic Christianity and the old Slavic faith.
Our first emperor was welcomed by the Gods into heaven on the 22.04.1530 on that day the Gods crowned our new Emperor "Kacper" and a great tomb was built in honor of Iwan.
Since then the lineage of Iwan our first and greatest emperor ruled over our empire.
Politics Description:The Emperor decides everything as he and his lineage are our God-given protectors and rulers.
The Emperor has a small council too wich can advise him on certain decisions.

Policies Description: Has high esteemed admirality, generality and aristocracy. A powerful navy and good soldiers. Tries to expand its borders to the non inhabitat parts of the north. Warszawa I Slavia prootes Panslavism and nationalism and is eager to cooperate with the Vanguard Reich. It sees other races as inferior but still is interested in trade and cooperation.

Current Conflicts (if any): None

Main Exports: Gold and Gas

Natural Resources: Natural gas, coal, petrol, gold and several other metals (Iron, aluminzm etc.)
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 4

Archive / Re: Force Map
« on: January 17, 2019, 03:45:58 pm »
I would like to claim the encircled area if possible, if not just the red filled one for the empire of "Warszawa I Slavia"

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