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Prime Minister / Executive Order: Executive Restructure
« on: August 05, 2022, 03:30:01 pm »
I hereby mandate the following changes to the federal government:


Internal Affairs Ministry - in charge of welcoming, information, history, etc
Foreign Affairs Ministry - in charge of diplomacy
WA Affairs Ministry - in charge of WA policy and coordinating votes
Immigration Ministry - in charge of recruitment

Each Ministry will have a permanent secretary who works with the Minister to implement and carry out policy, this includes the abolition of directories

Culture Commission - a separate body in charge of capital events and intra-Union events, when they do happen
Roleplay Commission - a separate body in charge of the Union Roleplay and RP policy
Media Commission - a separate body in charge of the production of the Force Flyer

The commissions shall each be led by a chair appointed by the Prime Minister with the culture commission being made up of the club leaders and the roleplay and media commissions being made up of hired staff

In my capacity as Federalist leader, I hereby appoint Sidervida to one of the vacancies for Federalist granted House Seats for the Union.

I hereby order the closure of embassies between The Great Experiment and all Union States and Territories.

Announcements / Appointment of Sumeka as a Union Representative
« on: July 30, 2022, 03:46:22 pm »
In my capacity as Federalist leader, I hereby appoint Sir Sumeka to one of the vacancies for Federalist granted House Seats for the Union.

I hereby mandate that control over all intelligence and foreign affairs matters be transferred from the States and Territories back to the federal government.

Cabinet News / The Sixth Sir Salibaic Administration
« on: July 15, 2022, 06:20:45 pm »

The Cabinet

Prime Minister Sir Salibaic with undue authority hereby authorizes all individuals sited in this list to fulfil the duties of their respective offices and to carry out the powers and privileges given to them by those offices. Prime Minister Sir Salibaic affirms total trust in these individuals to complete their assigned tasks and believes in their integrity and competence to be capable of giving the people of the Union of Force a functioning government.

Sir Salibaic - Prime Minister of the Union of Force
Sir Lashnakia - Deputy Prime Minister of the Union of Force (current deputy)

Gumeus - Minister of Internal Affairs
Sir Lashnakia - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bertilistan - Minister of Immigration
Sir Azerubia - Minister of Culture
Battadia - Minister of World Assembly Affairs
Sir Sumeka- Minister of Roleplay

The Directorates

Prime Minister Sir Salibaic's Directors, as listed below,

Sidervida - Director of Union Events

Tigslarlowducken - Director of Roleplay Development[/center]

Administration Goals

- My administration will work on growing and retaining our population in our great Union.

- My administration will work on encouraging more pan-union WA engagement.

- My administration shall continue the work on repairing our image in the wider NS community

- My administration shall work on expanding our Foreign Relations, bringing more regional embassies in.

- My administration shall work on developing the territories of the Union, so that they may expand and become stronger, larger regions, perhaps even more states.

Name('s) of the proposer(s): Sir Salibaic and Founder Renegalle on behalf of the Government of the Union of Force

Link to the following document(s):

Main Doc:
Rights of Citizens:
Penal Code:
Transitional Provision:

Additional comments: This constitution contains two documents, the Main Document and the Rights of Citizens. The Penal Code shall be passed later using the tabled transitional provision stating this and several key factors following the passage of this new constitution.

As per a simple house majority in favour of calling a constitutional convention, the convention shall be formally held and shall end in exactly one week's time at 10:30 pm BST on the 22nd of July 2022. Any citizen may table a proposal for consideration but one proposal may go ahead to vote once the convention concludes for the final vote.

Please post below the proposals using the following format:

Name('s) of the proposer(s):
Link to following document(s):
Addtional comments:

Past Elections / Re: Debate: Union General Election, July 2022
« on: July 06, 2022, 09:37:40 am »
1. What makes you the best candidate for Prime Minister? What do you bring to the office that your opponent does not and why do you think you are better positioned to succeed in whatever you undertake?

As the sole candidate in this election, I am the only one committed to serving the Union and defending its interests. I am the longest-serving and most experienced Prime Minister ever before in our history. I have been a member of this community for four years and I am dedicated to this great place. Despite differences with many and the landscape changing all the time, I have remained the Union's and my Founder's most loyal servant.

2. How do you plan to address the current recruitment issues facing not just the capital but the Union as a whole, what steps will you take and how will this be brought about?

I would like to introduce radical reform through the already existing Ministry of Immigration by establishing greater centralisation and proper activity that has been lacking. We need to be tough and hard on this point and only through dedicated leadership and recruitment can we turn the tide.

3. Who would you appoint to your ideal Cabinet (ex-members, people who would be ineligible, and people not necessarily willing to serve can be included)? Why would you choose these people and what specific things would they bring to each office that you consider being most important?

I would like to shake up several ministries and overhaul the whole system as part of a wider constitutional change. Reform will be key and more will be published later.

4. If elected, how do you plan (if at all) to change the structure of the existing Ministries? Would you consider abolishing, creating, or merging any of them? Why?

I would like to review the duties of each one and replace them with more efficient structures. We need radical reform for activity and I will deliver that.

5. What will be on your legislative agenda? What reforms would you like to make to existing laws and how will you lobby the House to pass these reforms?

Alongside the Founder, I will be formally proposing a brand new constitution that will seek to radically reform government to be more efficient and transparent.

6. What plans do you have to tackle inactivity in the World Assembly, what will you do to address this issue? Please provide a detailed plan.

I would like to introduce engagement by creating incentives to be a member of the world assembly. We could do this in many ways such as a card program or creating requirements for the civil service. All are important for the overall functioning of government.

7. The Union in recent history has had an image problem when it comes to foreign affairs, how do you plan to address this?

One of the biggest steps is to isolate the issues foreign regions are picking upon preventing us from growth within the sector. I would isolate the Founder from all FA happenings as well as place pressure for OOC Moderation Reform. By targeting both from an IC and OOC perspective we can combat the criticism. I would follow this up with a large PR campaign to promote our Union abroad.

8. Do you plan on restoring the Union Armed Forces? If so, what do you plan for it?

I would bring it back as a form of reserve defence. I think the overthrowing of our delegates previously shows a need for this and I also believe it could be a great boon to activity. We must always consider all possible options though as committing to a path too early may result in a large-scale mess.

9. As Prime Minister of the Union, it is your job to ensure the voices of every state and territory is heard and not just the capital. What plans do you have to address the lack of inter-union participation?

I'd be happy to set up a joint ministerial council to talk through matters.

10. The Union Roleplay has suffered from serious inactivity issues. What are your plans to address this?

I would like to bring in new staff that are willing to help out and engage. I feel one of the biggest reasons we suffer is that we lack constant and consistent updates preventing new players from joining and older players from taking part. As well a big problem is that a lot of the way the RP functions can feel lacklustre and we should bring in new stuff as well reform current systems to establish a more active system. Our Roleplay used to be a massive reason for people to join, we should return that and expand upon the success of the past.

11. The Union has suffered from a lack of voter turnout in recent months. What are your plans to address this?

Just by campaigning and getting people political involved. We need to not be afraid to challenge the status quo nor should we be afraid to challenge those who are incompetent and unable to govern. Every voice, every vote, and every citizen is important to the political system and we should not be beholden to the political machine that breeds inactivity. We need to reform the party system and create reform of the electoral system to encourage those disenchanted by the system to vote.

12. Any other comments you would like to add?

I would like to say that I stand for every citizen across the Union who wants a future for our great Union. I stand for our people, our flag, our traditions, and most of all I stand here to ensure that carry on. We no matter the struggle always survive even in the darkest of times. We can do that again and we shall. I will lead us to our next golden age no matter the toll, the pain, and suffering we must endure to make it. We will stand for every citizen and bring us forward. We are stronger united together, not split apart into endless inactivity.

1. Which House Bills do you plan to pass and/or repeal? Why?

I have a few in mind but I will work to see what is required at the time.

2. In what ways should the Constitution be amended, if at all? Explain how the changes would improve the current system of governance.

It needs to be replaced entirely and a new more functional document put in place to ensure this.

3. What qualifies you to serve in the House? What makes this qualifying?

I have served continually in the House since March 2021 and I am the best person to represent my people in my home of Heart in my belief.

4. Do you think any changes should be made to existing House Procedures? If so, what changes should be made and why?

Not of current, no.

5. If elected, do you plan on running for Speaker? If so, what makes you a good candidate for this position and if not, who do you think would be a better candidate?

No. I will consider future candidates as I see them stand and vote for who I feel is most competent

6. How do you plan to ensure the voices of your constituents are heard while in office?

I will always keep my metaphorical door to all. I am always happy to hear people tell me their concerns.

7. How do you feel about the influence parties have on the House and electoral process, and should it be more or less? Explain your answer fully.

I am fine with the current system. I think there could be room for improvement but I often feel the system is fine. The only thing I would want is for other parties not just the federalists to stand on the list.

8. The House of Representatives is the sole legal body with the ability to remove a Prime Minister from office. Under what circumstances would you support the removal of one and what constitutes 'going too far'? Cite specific legal passages if necessary and ensure that your answer is sufficiently detailed.

I would remove a PM if I felt they were a danger to the Union

Political Party (or if an independent, say so): Federalist Party
List Candidates (if you are filing as a political party (leaders), otherwise disregard): 1. Sir Suter, 2. Sir The Scottish Republic
Region(s): RGBN, Heart
Position Sought: House Representative

Nation: Salibaic
Region: Force
Political Party: Federalist Party
Position Seeking: Prime Minister

Nation: The Scottish Republic
Region: Heart
Political Party: Federalist Party
Position Seeking: House Representative

Defunct Executive Orders / Executive Order: Union Ideology
« on: May 14, 2022, 04:11:51 pm »
I hereby declare the national ideology of the Union shall subscribe to Hootism and its teachings.

I hereby enact that all Ministers, federal Civil Servants, and Territorial/State Leaders must have a nation in the World Assembly within the Union or shall face criminal prosecution. A written exception from the Prime Minister may exclude a federal Civil Servant or Minister and a written exception from the Founder may exclude a state or territorial leader from these requirements.

The punishment if found guilty after a criminal prosecution shall be forfeiture of that office.

Cabinet News / Appointment of Minister of Internal Affairs
« on: May 06, 2022, 07:06:49 pm »
Dear Sir Salibaic,

Reposing confidence in your integrity, I hereby assign you to the position of Minister of Internal Affairs and authorize you to execute and fulfil the duties of that office with due diligence.

Yours Sincerely,
Sir Salibaic

Announcements / Appointment of Federalist Representative Sidervida
« on: May 06, 2022, 06:47:22 pm »
I hereby appoint Sidervida to serve as a Union Representative on behalf of the Federalist Party.

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