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Roleplay / Re: RP Registration Area
« on: February 05, 2020, 02:43:32 am »
Nation Name: Revvak
The spot on the map you have claimed: 19
Estimated Population: 11 Million
Estimated GDP per Capita: 39K.
Industries: Fishing, Oil Mining, Bioengineering, Mining, Arms Manufacturing, Nuclear Energy.
Type of Economy: Capitalism
Culture: The Teachings of Luck, Reva and with minor fellowship of the ways of Mark.
A brief history: With the founder "Monarch" dead the original Elites split and split again into various factions with similar but different beliefs with our leader "Reva" believing capitalism, corporations and a strong government is the way forward in this cruel world.   
Some outlined goals so we know your intent: "We must unite and evolve together to rebuild after what we have lost, for a brighter day!" -Grand Commander Reva on his address to the people.
A color you want on the map: Orange or black would be nice
Discord ID: Outta_Luck_Panda#2830

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