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The East Pacific / EPNS 14th Edition
« on: February 03, 2021, 08:07:06 pm »
Good day! The 14th Edition of the EPNS has been released! Enjoy!

The East Pacific / The East Pacific News Service - NOVEMBER 2020 Issue
« on: December 04, 2020, 02:18:21 am »

The East Pacific News Service
December 1, 2020

A Message From The Editor
By Tretrid

It’s been a while since I last wrote one of these personal messages for the readers of the Eastern Pacific News Service. The last time I wrote something like this was the April Fools edition, where I jokingly resigned my post.

Well, the last time I wrote a serious message was the November 2019 Issue, the first issue of a revitalized EPNS. It’s been a while since then, and I have now been at the helm of the News Service for about a year.

A lot has happened in that year, for sure. The EPNS has grown and has been given a life on its own. The November 2019 issue, which I considered long at the time, is dwarfed by more recent issues. The September issue was so long that the version prepared for the NS forums had to be submitted in two parts to accommodate character limits.

While the volume of EPNS articles has been growing, I find my personal contribution shrinking. After all, I used to consistently write two articles nearly every issue, but recently my main contribution has been editing together the articles into an issue and making sure the code works.

After all, I’ve been getting less and less time to work on the EPNS, and doing the same thing every month for an entire year can get pretty stale. As such, this will be the last issue I will be producing, as well as the last issue with me leading the EPNS.

You shouldn’t worry about the EPNS’s future, however. I made sure to inform Delegate Libertanny about my intentions well in advance, and the Ministry of News and Records is at the tail end of a transition of power by the time I write this.

The new EPNS editor, Eunopiar, is quite qualified to replace me. After all, Eunopiar (also known as Aga) is the current Editor-in-Chief of The Rejected Times, and has already given a comprehensive plan for the future of EPNS. He has largely learned the ropes of his new position, and was largely behind the production of the October issue. He has already produced a rather ambitious plan for the EPNS, so expect some significant changes to how the News Service is run.

I would like to thank everyone who has allowed EPNS to become what it is today. I’d like to thank Marrabuk for appointing me Minister and allowing me to rebuild the News Service, Atlae for creating, owning and running the Easter Pacific News Service nation, Em for producing the Midnight Star Magazine (which unfortunately stopped production after he became Chief Minister of Regional Affairs), Serge for being so helpful with the transition, and Eunopiar for ensuring that the future of the EPNS is bright. I’d also like to thank every contributor who took time out of their day to write an article, and I’d like to thank you, the reader, for investing your time and energy into reading these articles. I really can’t state enough how important all of you are.

[size=36]Three Things to Expect from the Eastern Pacific News Service[/size]
By Eunopiar

Not long ago, I was appointed as the Minister of News and Records by Serge, with a promise to execute a plan which will revitalize the Eastern Pacific News Service (EPNS). Some of these things have been tried and tested with other news organizations, and some of these things will take the EPNS into completely new territory. Anyway, here are three things you can expect from the News Service in the near future.

One: Article by Article Publication

Article-by-Article publication will be a key part of the future of the EPNS, and will be the largest change brought to the newsletter. Issues will still remain, however, and as opposed to compiling articles for the entire month to be published by the final deadline, any author can write an article whenever, and it will be published as soon as it is written and edited on our “live articles” dispatch, which will be created at a later date.

This is beneficial as it allows authors to start writing articles whenever, without being tied to a monthly schedule, and it spreads the editing work throughout the month.

Two: A New Magazine

The EPNS Editorial team are excited to announce the re-birth of the EPNS Magazine. Compared to previous editions, this will contain all articles that have been published by EPNS in the previous month. It will be published at the start of each month, and will hopefully bring some articles to life.

Three: More Writing Events

I believe that newsletters should do more to make themselves open. Therefore, the Eastern Pacific News Service will run many contests within the next few months to make writing for the newsletter of a Game Created Region easier.

I hope that all readers will join me in congratulating Tretrid for publishing twelve successful editions last year, and will also wish the News Service the best for the future.

Interview with Tretrid
By Wille-Harlia

This month, I sat down with TEP’s very own Minister of News and Records, the illustrious Tretrid, to ask him a few things. Tretrid’s job mainly pertains running the EPNS, which you, dear reader, are currently reading. Let’s get down to it, here’s the interview. Note: None of this interview has been edited, it is as it was when I asked him these questions in a Discord DM.

Wille-Harlia: First off, how did you discover NationStates?

Tretrid: There was an xkcd webcomic, I noticed NS on it, and I got curious and checked it out.

Wille-Harlia: Interesting. Was your first nation founded in TEP, or did you move to TEP sometime after you first started playing?

Tretrid: There's actually quite an interesting story behind that. My nation was founded in TEP, but I ended up moving to some random UCR that died out, so I moved back to TEP. I then lost interest in NS and let it CTE, and then I rejoined a few months later and rejoined TEP.

Wille-Harlia: Very cool. When was this? And have you been in TEP ever since?

Tretrid: Well, I rejoined TEP around late summer of 2016, and I became a citizen in fall of 2016. I've been part of TEP ever since, except for an absence from late 2018 to October of 2019.

Wille-Harlia: And when exactly did you become the Minister of News and Records?

Tretrid: I applied to join the Executive almost as soon as I got my citizenship again in 2019. I applied to join the Ministry of Information and Communications, among other things, because I had written several articles for the EPNS back in 2018. Anyway, after then-Minister Mecovy resigned, Delegate Marrabuk appointed me to be Minister. Oddly enough, this was only a couple of weeks after I rejoined TEP.

Wille-Harlia: Now that's a quick rise if ever seen one. Do you think that your appointment was a result of your articles for the EPNS, anything you did in TEP from 2016-2018, a combination of both, or something else entirely?

Tretrid: I believe my appointment was largely a result of my experience in the Executive, especially the EPNS. Throughout 2017 and 2018, I worked in multiple ministries in the Executive, and one of the things I did was help revive the EPNS in November 2017 (why is it always November). I ended up serving under then-Ministers Serge and Mecovy, and I contributed plenty of articles to it. When I rejoined the Executive in 2019, one of the things I really wanted to do was to help revive the EPNS again. Then-Minister Mecovy had the same goal and had made the first steps, and since my main goal of reviving the EPNS was the same (combined with my previous experience writing both articles and publishing issues), it seems like Marrabuk thought me the most suitable choice to replace Mecovy.

Wille-Harlia: Reviving EPNS sounds like a monumental task. How exactly did you go about doing that?

Tretrid: Well, I had created certain bbcode templates for formatting EPNS back in those days of 2017-18, and my first thought was to just copy over those templates. Of course, since the way Tapatalk implements forum code is different from the old forum system, Zetaboards, we had to make some changes. In the end, there were some changes in the ways we handled headers, and we also changed the heading banner of the EPNS to incorporate the new compass symbol of the new flag of TEP.

Wille-Harlia: And after that, it was merely a matter of recruiting writers?

Tretrid: Well, since I was appointed Minister around mid-late October, I decided that there was no way I could be producing an article in time for the end of the month, so I decided to aim to produce the first EPNS issue in November. This gave me quite a bit of wiggle room, and after some effort and recruitment I had enough articles to create an EPNS issue. However, I have to say that in the first several months, the most difficult part of running the EPNS was getting enough people to write enough articles.

Wille-Harlia: So, seeing how the EPNS has reached a decent activity level, with monthly issues containing 3-4+ articles, do you have any other plans for the Ministry?

Tretrid: Well, I'm actually going to be stepping down from my position as Minister at the end of the month, so if you want future plans, you should probably ask Aga.

Wille-Harlia: Interesting. I suspected as much, given how on the EPNS nation, the leader recently changed from yourself to Aga. Given that, what do you see yourself doing next in TEP, if anything?

Tretrid: I'll probably step back and be doing less things in NS for now, though I plan on still serving as Vizier. Of course, I will probably continue participating in TEP Forum RP.

Wille-Harlia: Nice. Just two more questions. First, what is your favorite part of TEP? Second, it seems to be a custom that TEP leaders are represented by animals. Marrabuk is a horse, Libertanny is a parrot, and Zukchiva is a duck. What animal do you think you would be?

Tretrid: A few months ago, I would probably say the Executive, but right now, I think my favorite part of TEP is forum RP. There's something special about creating a realistic, internally consistent world and being very much a part of it. Also, if I were an animal I would probably be some sort of bird of prey. Though I have no intentions on adopting an animal persona anytime soon.

Thank you Tretrid for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions, and thank you for your insight into your history in NationStates and your job!

Kidnappings and Executions: A Primer To The Second Alksearian-Balistrian War
By SirShadow

The year 2020 has been an interesting time for the nations on Urth, and no country is safe from the curse. Alksearia and Balistria are no exceptions. In the RP thread, Of Bears and Elves, we see the Council of Viziers in Balistria holding a vote on what to do about Alksearia. As Balistria is a fanatic democracy nation, they saw the dual role of the monarchy and the Parliament of Alksearia as a threat to democracy. As the story unfolded, we see the King of Alksearia, Eldras VI, be contacted by a mysterious source where he goes to the Asendavian embassy and gets kidnapped.

From there, the world itself turned it’s eyes and attention on Alksearia and Asendavia. Most nations assume Asendavia kidnapped the King, while Balistria tried to maneuver the king out of Alksearia. Soon enough, we are introduced to the Asendavian diplomat to Alksearia and the leader of the conservative party in Balistria. The King learns of the plans that Balistria has while he is still held captive. Meanwhile, Princess Dorothea starts to run the country while acting like a regent. The Prime Minister of Alksearia tries to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, and ends up being a suspect in all of this.

In the climatic ending, we find out that the Prime Minister helped Balistria kidnap the King while also taking money from Balistria. We also soon learn that the captors of the King are Asendavians, but being paid by the Balistrian government. The Asendavian Diplomat and the Conservative leader are found dead in a ditch, leading Dorothea to finally call Balistria and to call their bluff. In an act of desperation, we see the Grand Vizier hol;d the King for “crimes against democracy” and executed.

With the execution of the King, the gloves were off. The UCA (Union of Commonwealth Alliance) has shown an outpour of support for Alksearia, with the majority of them declaring war on Balistria. Asendavia, outraged by the death of their diplomat and the actions of the Balistrians, have joined in on the war. Volunteers from Meagharia are also coming to help out, as Eldras Vi started a non-profit organization that sought to help the veterans of Meagharia. Princess-Regent Dorothea, now Queen Dorothea, now finds herself as the monarch of Alksearia with a war on her hands. With the world’s attention on the Balistrian-Alksearian conflict, the world watches as Balistria will burn. What will rise from the ashes? WIll we see a new regime, or the destruction of a rogue nation? This roleplay has continued into a new one called From the Ashes… alluding to there being more at play after the war is over.

[size=36]Why I stuck the East Pacific - reasons that I remained on NationStates[/size]
By Catiania

I joined nationstates almost six years ago. I saw a friend playing a political simulator and, along with much of my irl group, decided to join in.
Over the next few years, all the nations but mine would find their way to the great pile of forgotten nations that is the boneyard. This is nothing to do with me, they died of entirely natural causes. Don’t look at me like that.

Anyway, I spawned, as I’m sure did many of you, in the one and only TEP. Rameus would have just entered the delegacy, but at that point I didn’t really understand the whole region thing, and focused on answering issues and sending telegrams to people physically a meter away from me. When I eventually noticed there were some mechanics outside, it was due to a zombie apocalypse, which no doubt concerned me greatly. My first post on the RMB, beautifully, is quoting someone saying ‘there is a zombie problem!’ with ‘we noticed.’
In my defense, it is hard not to notice being eaten by zombies.
My next post is ‘what are cure missiles’ which is a very practical response, and I am very proud of my past self. McStooley responded to this with
“Cure missiles are a despicable tool made by the living against the Undead Hordes of the Master. There exist much better ways than using dangerous missiles.”
Which presumably wasn’t particularly helpful, but I assume someone else told me what they actually are. It’s hard to tell, since it looks like McStooley was suppressing all pro-cure RMB messages (smh).
After this, my panic builds, culminating with ‘HElP I AM ALL DYING’. Which, fair enough. But I digress.
The point here, which I seem to have lost in the RMB history somewhere, is that despite not knowing anything about NS mechanics and talking only through the RMB, people in TEP cured me, showed me what was going on, and then I could help them. This, I think, was an early display of the cooperative, helpful and generally nice attitude that TEPers have towards each other, and especially newcomers. This is probably the most important factor that kept me in TEP.

I continued to answer issues and nothing else for five years, apart from the occasional event. How did I manage to avoid getting bored during this time? It’s… it’s hard to tell. I do not know what was going on in my head. About a year ago, there was a bit of a kerfuffle with the delegacy. You may have noticed. This was pretty confusing for someone who had never really noticed that there were politics, or even communities, on the website. But it was a lot of fun, and during this time when I first met some of the people I’d now call my friends. After Marrabuk drew a pentagram around the body of EPSA, chanted in Horse, and raised it from the dead, I was summoned to join a new EPSA server, and at this point I began to get sucked into TEP government. Sakana was the OO of EPSA, and the first person in TEP I really interacted with. This only continued my good experiences in TEP. Everyone who’s done R/D knows that it’s hard to be new and foolish, but the positivity was just as prominent in EPSA as I had found in other parts of the region, so that instead of it being hard and overwhelming to learn all the moving parts of R/D, I had a lot of fun!

After this, I was sucked into the black hole (a warm, fluffy black hole? Like being consumed by an alligator in a sort of affectionate way) of the TEP executive. Lo and behold, here too I was taken in by TEP’s community spirit, finding that the leaders of TEP were just as friendly as the citizens. Since then, I’ve only continued by the levels of niceness at all levels of TEP. TEAPOT, our cards organisation (and really, the cards community as a whole) encourages cooperation and sharing of information, turning what could have been a competitive and cutthroat part of the game into something wholesome and supportive. Our foreign affairs department is essentially an entire section of the government dedicated to making friends and memes, which are sometimes the same thing.

[size=36]Factionalism and the Three East Pacifics: Bridging Gaps Between Communities[/size]
By Tretrid

(Disclaimer: This is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Eastern Pacific News Service as a whole.)

There is a problem with the East Pacific that has been plaguing the region for years. One that made the region vulnerable to a coup, one that poses such a problem that multiple delegate campaigns have been run over it.

This problem is factionalism.

Of course, simply naming the problem won’t explain how or why it is dangerous. After all, there is a lot of context and history that needs to be understood to properly grasp the scope of the problem.

It is worth asking this question: what is the East Pacific? Yes, TEP is a feeder and one of the largest regions in NationStates, but beyond that there is not that much cohesive identity. Sure, TEP generally has a sense of humor and a love of memes, but if you ask two random TEPers what they think is the most distinctive part of the East Pacific, you’re unlikely to get the same answer.

This reflects how TEP’s regional identity is not particularly cohesive; TEP can just be thought up as three separate yet closely affiliated communities.

The Three East Pacifics

The first of the three communities was Forum RP, also sometimes called TEP Evolved. It found its origin in the formative days of The East Pacific, when the region was under the Delegacy of 1 Infinite Loop. At the time, it was perhaps the one distinguishing thing about the East Pacific.

Of course, TEP Evolved has, well, evolved significantly since those early years of the 2000s. The map evolved from a map of Asia split into plots to an entire world, dubbed “Urth.” Though for most of its history Evolved used mainly PMT and FT, there was a change in 2015 that lead to Urth being strictly MT.

Forum RP is mainly centered around the Urth map, and the vast majority of Forum RP happens there. Since the community shares a planet, much effort is made to make a consistent, coherent, shared history, and worldbuilding is highly emphasized. There are AUs that have other technology levels and such, but they are significantly less popular than Urth RP.

The use of the forums as a platform for RP has also largely shaped the community. Threads allow people to focus on one RP at a time. The posts are generally long, but they often take a long time to write.

The Forum RP community is also highly centralized. The community itself largely revolves around its own Discord server, the “TEP Roleplay Centre.” The centralization of Forum RP can be seen through the use of Cartographers, who add nations to the Urth map, and the RP Moderator, who can forcibly retcon RPs and make administrative decisions relating to RP in unusual circumstances like godmodding.

Roleplay tends to be coordinated, and if they’re not an RP within one nation or between two nations run by the same user, the people running nations participating in Forum RP tend to coordinate and plan the RP ahead of time. This can be seen through the existence of “closed” RPs, where only certain people (decided ahead of time) can get involved, and the existence of “open” RPs, where anyone is free to join. Historical RPs are also somewhat common in TEP Evolved, as a result of the effort put into worldbuilding. Even if the results of these historical RPs tend to be predetermined, the specifics of what happens are usually written on the fly.

Forum RP also often uses the website TEPWiki, which, as the name may indicate, is a wiki for TEP. Most of the content on TEPWiki focuses on Forum RP, though there is a not insignificant amount of government content on there. TEPWiki implements the MediaWiki software, which is most notably the wiki engine used by Wikipedia. As such, articles are written in “wiki markup” (though there is an option of a WYSIWYG “Visual Editor”), which is incredibly versatile but somewhat difficult to learn.

The second of these three communities is the government. Much like TEP Evolved, the TEP Government finds its roots in 1 Infinite Loop, who created the first framework of TEP in 2003. Dubbed the “Articles of Confederation,” it refers to the members of TEP as “States,” showing how RP was basically intertwined with the government and how what we would call Gameplay (GP) had not been fully established yet.

The 2008 coup by the Empire, and the subsequent liberation headed by A Slanted Black Stripe permanently changed the course of TEP’s government. After that, TEP created a democratic government (as contrasted with the totalitarian rule before then) under the Concordat, which established 3 branches of government: The Executive (then largely just the Delegate and a few advisors), the Magisterium (the legislative body), and the Conclave (the court). The Concordat also established the office of Vizier, and the Viziers were expected to see to the security of The East Pacific against future coups.

Things have changed since the first democratic elections in TEP in 2009. After all, under Mexregiona, the Executive was largely overhauled and became much more than just the Delegate and advisors. This new Executive consisted of Ministries led by Ministers appointed by the Delegate.

The infamous failed coup d’état led by Delegate Fedele in October 2019 once again changed things. TEP relooked the way its government was run and saw many vulnerabilities, things that allowed the coupers to gain power in the first place and soften TEP for their eventual coup. As a result, the Concordat was revamped, most notably involving the creation of the Praesidium, the fourth branch of TEP’s government. In doing so, the Viziers were given some more powers, and they were given a formal power structure under the Grand Vizier and EPPS Commissioner. The Praesidium consisted of these Viziers and also ran the Eastern Pacific Police Service (EPPS).

The Executive is where most of TEP’s government activity happens. It is headed by the Delegate, and is split into the EPSA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Regional Affairs. Regional Affairs is further split (at the time of writing) into the Ministries of Culture, Education, Immigration, News and Records, Publishing, and Virtual Enhancement.

Each one of these Ministries has their own purpose, and is overseen by one Minister each. Under the Minister is (usually) at least one Deputy Minister, and they oversee the staffers.

The Ministers and the Delegate’s Advisors, as part of TEP’s Cabinet, are privy to sensitive information and classified discussions that are best not disclosed here. A certain subset of TEP’s Cabinet is also part of FA’s “Inner Circle,” where even more sensitive discussions take place about TEP’s FA policy and TEP’s relation to the wider GP community.

The Magisterium is also extremely active, and is often the location of legal debates and discussion on the best way to legislate. Pings in Discord to remind people to vote and discuss are so common that the Magisterium has been nicknamed the “Pingisterium.”

The third and most recent of the three communities is RMB RP. While early forms of attempted RP have taken place on the RMB for years, RMB RP didn’t truly take off until the creation of TAMDEG in 2017. These early RMB RPs were based off of sci-fi and were fraught with godmodding.

RMB RP saw a new increase in activity in early 2018, set in a world more like Earth. While it still used futuristic tech levels, it didn’t reach the sci-fi levels that TAMDEG used. The year also saw the creation of its first maps and the solidification of RMB RP into a proper roleplaying community.

RMB RP is highly decentralized, and uses more than one setting. One of the main worlds in RMB RP is Valsora, which is set in MT and sees a large portion of RMB RP activity. However, other people can set up other maps, and these other settings tend to see plenty of activity.

In 2019, the RMB RP community had a somewhat central Discord server, but nowadays most RMB RPers do the vast majority of their chatting on the RMB itself.

The RMB itself is very active, and for non-RMBers, it is better thought of as something more akin to an extremely active Discord server than the forum-like aspects of the RMB may indicate.

Why is Factionalism a Problem?

Factionalism appears to be a relatively recent thing. The renovation of the Executive in mid-2017 into a much larger bureaucracy led to more TEPers focusing exclusively on government and nothing else. Meanwhile, as the RMB became increasingly popular, more and more RMBers focused exclusively on the RMB and didn’t touch the forums, where a lot of government and Forum RP functions are. The result of this was a certain lack of communication between the three communities, but most pronounced around the RMB. This allowed for misunderstandings and such to happen.

Around this time, a very prominent government official (who was close to the Delegate at the time) antagonized the RMB, setting the government’s opinion (and Forum RP’s opinion to a lesser extent) against the community. This only served to aggravate an increasingly serious problem. When Fedele was Delegate, he tried to make those cracks in TEP worse, trying to make the region more divided and as a result more vulnerable. After all, if the three communities were busy hating each other, then who would be around to oppose the Delegate’s plans?

Fedele’s infamous failed coup proved something however. It showed that the communities were more united than they seemed, even if there were some differences. They all united behind the Delegate-Elect at the time, Marrabuk, and unseated the coup.

Even though it failed, the coup shows just how dangerous factionalism is. It is no fluke that Fedele and his co-conspirators did all the work they did to stir up animosity within the region. Factionalism makes TEPer hate TEPer, and can make TEPers distrustful of the government, which makes it vulnerable. While a united TEP is very formidable, a divided TEP is much more susceptible to attack.

Mending the Divides

Naturally, as factionalism was one of the main problems that led up to the coup, efforts have been made since then to try to end factionalism. Marrabuk used a slogan throughout his Delegacy: “Our TEP, our region, our home, our family,” which essentially became TEP’s motto in the Marrabuk Delegacy. It’s easy to see why, as its words ring true for all TEPers, be it Forum RPer, government worker, or RMBer. They emphasize how there is one East Pacific, and that we are all on the same side.

This motto mirrors Marrabuk’s efforts to make TEP more united. He introduced cabinet dialogue sessions to try making the inner workings of the cabinet more understandable to normal TEPers. Despite being Delegate, he showed up fairly often in the RMB to chat.

However, words can only get us so far. Though the results of the coup largely ended a lot of the open animosity between the communities, the underlying problems that caused it remain. There is a lack of communication between the three communities, and a lot of users stick to only one community due to how much goes on in each one of them. It is rare for any user to be active in all three at once.

The result of this is that the three communities are still rather separate. After all, they share very few people, and a lot of people are disinterested in joining another part of TEP.

At the beginning of November, Delegate Libertanny held a conference with representatives from these three communities to discuss the lingering divides. The representatives all found common ground, and all agreed that a lack of communication was the main factor in factionalism.

The conference also provided some insight into the perspectives of the other communities. It was here that we discussed how the government seems opaque and inaccessible to the RMB, how forum RP and government rarely interact with the RMB, and how RMBers tend to dislike the forums.

A lot of healing can be done if we simply take the time to understand the other communities, and take the time to interact with them. And it’s quite simple, too. It could be as simple as going to the RMB and chatting for a few minutes every day. It could be as simple as joining the Forum RP server and partaking in some of the discussion or even some of the memeing. It could be as simple as popping into the Executive Discord Server and asking around.

And with these steps, we can truly move forward to a stronger, more united TEP.

A Region Undivided
By Zukchiva

In October 2019, the East Pacific was radically changed forever. The out-going Delegate, Fedele, attempted to coup the region. Anyone who was there could tell you about how various East Pacificans fought against the coup, serving as symbols of patriotism, or how the East Pacific’s allies worked hard to liberate the region.

However, how specific East Pacifican communities reacted to the coup is never examined. So what did each “group” in the East Pacific (government, Regional Message Board Roleplay, Forum Roleplay) do to fight against the coup? And just how deep did resistance against the coup actually run?


One of the largest fonts for resistance was led by government-members. There were two “government” groups who helped fight off the coup.

One was the Small Magisterium Cafeterium. It was originally founded by Libertanny as a discussion place for legislative matters; however, it would soon turn into a group that actively discussed and fought against Fedele. The Cafeterium also managed to sow suspicion against Fedele, ensuring that more and more people became aware of what was really going on behind the scenes.

The second “government” group was the Viziers. The Viziers played important roles throughout the coup, advising both East Pacificans and foreign allies in their fight against Fedele and Company. By running interference, the Viziers also sowed distrust against Fedele, which spurred many East Pacificans to eventually condemn the coup when it happened. The Viziers also proved vital in terms of securing the Region from Fedele. Without them, it is doubtful that the East Pacific would have ever regained its sovereignty.


The Regional Message Board also played an important role in fighting against the coup.

The first part of the “fight” was when many nations who mainly did RMB RP became Magisters (TEP’s legislators), at the encouragement of Libertanny and Marrabuk. These Magisters would help balance against a Magisterium  heavily influenced by the coupers. These RMB Magisters were also a voice of reason and calm during the week preceding the coup as Fedele and Co. began to purposely increase tension in the East Pacific.

The second contribution of the RMB was to run heavy unendorsement campaigns against Fedele, and endorsement campaigns of loyal East Pacificans. The constant spirit of patriotism shown by the RMB played an important part in moving many World-Assembly residents to action, which led to Fedele losing nearly 200 endorsements in a single day.

Forum Roleplay

The Forum Roleplay community played a heavy role in fighting against Fedele as well.

One of the most important roles the Forum community played during the coup was its constant voice-chats on Discord. Through these voice-chats, roleplayers actively discussed the coup, helped the government plan against Fedele, and offered advice to many citizens. All of this helped raise distrust of Fedele within the East Pacific, which meant that over time the coup grew less and less effective.

Forum RP would also hold a massive voice-chat during the coup itself, providing a safe haven for many East Pacificans, away from the main server where Fedele and Co. were actively posting. In short, Forum RP helped to coordinate many citizens in fighting the coup, which further helped the East Pacific fight the coup game-side.


Each sub-community within the East Pacific fought hard and valiantly against the coup in their own way. However, one of the most important aspects to note about the coup was that it united the East Pacific under one banner. No matter what sub-community they belonged to, each citizen and resident fought for their region.

The importance of this concept is simple: every East Pacifican was (and still is) willing to fight for their home. The differences between each other did not matter, only securing the region did. The day of the coup showed that despite all the divides that still exist today, the East Pacific is one united region. A coup could not change that. Because at the end of the day, every one of us loves our home. And that love is greater than any dividing force.

The Postmodern Diplomat: Cultures of The East Pacific
By Cassie

I’ve had a long and lurky history with NationStates; I originally made an account about a decade ago when I was still in high school, and promptly forgot the password a few months later. But a few months into the pandemic lockdown, one of my guilty YouTube favorites—you know who—made an account on NationStates, and the subsequent rush crashed the website’s server. I didn’t even get halfway through his video before feeling the rush of nostalgia and being one of the hundreds making a new account. To my delight, my new nation spawned in The East Pacific, where Drew was located.

I was so happy to see not much about NationStates had changed over the last decade. There’s a newish trading card mechanic and Max Barry has written a few more books, but the navigation and nation pages are almost exactly the same.

To me, NS has always simply been about answering issues and seeing what kind of government I’d get. While I knew there was roleplay and nation factbooks and wikis, I really thought the meat of the game was answering issues. Why would I bother thinking about my nation's culture when I’m just playing a politics simulator? For example, my nation name is literally my real-life name, plus “New” for my new nation, plus “Greater” because why the heck not. I’ve tried writing a factbook, but the results were meh.

As more time passed and the more issues I answered, I didn’t feel like I really belonged in the RP community. I’d been on the game for several months, and I was so nervous that people would be judgmental of the awkward lady in the corner. Until Libertanny finally convinced me to join Discord, another program I hadn’t used in a couple years, and I realized…

Well, crud. NationStates is way, WAY more than just issues and trading cards. There’s writing and friendship and magic...okay, maybe just the first two...and people here really get into world-building.

Which brings me to the point of my column: culture and The East Pacific. Enter Dylan and Great Morstaybishlia.

This is a nation (or, more accurately, a group of nations including Staynes) with a wiki that puts most irl countries’ Wikipedia pages to shame. In researching the culture of TEP, Great Mortstaybishlia was incredibly helpful in understanding just how deep culture, including cuisine, in our fine region runs. It’s much more than TEAPOTs and caek, for sure!

For example, Great Morstaybishlia has a long, tasty history. Ancient cuisine has been refined over the centuries by colonialism and trading, and further refined by wars and rations. Notably, the cultures of Acronis and New Leganes have heavily influenced Morst cooking; squid baguettes involve imported ingredients from New Leganes, which heavily evolved from simple roast meats and vegetables from ancient Morst societies. And of course, there are still the traditional dishes still beloved in Great Morstaybishlia today: hobstiberry pie is probably the most beloved Morst dessert, prepared from berries cultivated in South Staynes.

It’s clear much care went into Dylan’s worldbuilding of Great Morstaybishlia, but collaboration among other members of TEP have had a great influence. Like America and apple pie, it’s clear nothing can beat a patriotically prepared hobstiberry pie for the Morst. A national cuisine is more than the brainchild of one role-player; it represents a cultural identity and history, and unity and collaboration among TEP-ers. A collection of TEP cuisine, and even culture like literature, philosophy, radio, and much more, defines a community, something I was sorely missing when I originally rode the Drew-wave back onto NationStates.

I might’ve restarted NationStates because of Drew, but I stayed for Dylan, Libertanny/Serge, Aga, and all the friendly faces, erm, avatars? that have warmly welcomed me into their community.

While much of this article has been more about my personal existential musings rather than specifically the culture of The East Pacific, I would like to spend more time investigating the culture of The East Pacific. If TEP-ers are willing, I’d like to introduce a new monthly column to the EPNS highlighting national cuisines, highliving, literature and the arts, and perhaps a bit of role-played celebrity drama mixed in. PM me on Discord @Owltea, or shoot me a NS telegram, or send a carrier pigeon to Colorado, your choice. I’d like your nations’ recipes, or top tourist destinations, or heck, set up a time with me to interview your nation’s most beloved pop star. Whatever your nation does best, let’s build together the culture and faces of The East Pacific, and learn more about the people behind the politics.

And if you don’t PM me, I’ll probably be harassing you for more info myself.

Pinkies Out,
President Cassie Celeste
of Greater New Cassandra

The East Pacific / The East Pacific News Service - OCTOBER 2020 Issue
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A Production of the Ministry of News and Records

The East Pacific News Service
October, 2020

Foreign Affairs In the East Pacific
By Eunopiar

The East Pacific’s Foreign Affairs belief has caused controversy among many circles around NationStates. Many have expressed disdain around the Foreign Affairs style, with prominent players doing things from writing long posts to criticise the Foreign Affairs stance to stating “LOL TEP.”

Now of course, there obviously is a reason why The East’s foreign affairs stance has aroused so much controversy and criticism. This was an object of curiosity for me - I have disagreed with the East Pacific’s Foreign Affairs decisions before, because they seemed erratic and a little discombobulated. However, this does beg the question: is there a method behind the madness?

I interviewed the current delegate of the East Pacific, Serge (also known as Libertanny), and here’s what I found out.


When I asked Serge how he would describe TEP’s Foreign Affairs stance, he replied:

“[...] my main approach was that, we [sic. are making friends, not strategical [sic.] allies. Because strategic interests change, and strategic allies fade away, whilst friends stay with you no matter what. And we can see it working - TSP, NPO, Thaecia or Free Nations Region. That's examples of where we went for friendship, and that's examples of perfect relations. So our stance in nutshell? Treat UCRs equally with GCRs, make friends, not allies & give a chance to promising regions, even if they aren't big.”

This makes the Foreign Affairs Stance of the East unique, to say the least. The “Friends Not Allies” philosophy is particularly prevalent in many Foreign Affairs decisions of the East Pacific an indeed regionwide - the regional government has passed many treaties and Non Aggression Pacts (such as the treaty with the Free Nations Region and The New Pacific Order) that seem to be wanting to find genuine “friends” over “strategical allies.”

The government of the East Pacific seems want to continue prioritising these long term “friends” alliances as well - in our interview, Serge has made it clear that they preferred mutually beneficial alliances, where both regions remain loyal and faithful to each other over a long period of time, with a sense of collaboration built up with , over short-term strategic allies where regions are purely  in a treaty to prevent a short term occurrence (such as a coup), or a treaty where regions are exploiting the other region through some way, shape or form.

Simply put, the government of the East Pacific prefers meaningful alliances over short term, pointless alliances.


When I asked Serge about what the characteristics of a good treaty are, he stated:

“(A) characteristic is obviously (a) cooperative and active government willing to participate in different activities with us.”

This isn’t a new or groundbreaking idea, however, it is an important one.

Often, alliances in NationStates now become either political symbols of a region’s alignment or just simply fall inactive and don’t signify anything.

The delegate seems to be committed to ensure that treaties remain active, and mandated for several events to be organised as well, such as the three renditions of Paradoxical (the most recent one being the Viking Edition, that was organised with the South Pacific and the Rejected Realms).

Three: Quality > Quantity

Serge was insistent that he would seek to ensure that all allies are fostered and are in a good state before seeking new ones.

They stated:

“It's about quality, not quantity. We first have to take care of all relations we have, and then, we can talk about new friends. Once I feel like the situation is good enough, I will then consider making more friends.”

Four: GCRs are equal to UCRs

Again, this isn’t a new, groundbreaking or revolutionary idea, but Serge stated that they would like to ensure that all allies are treated equally, without any discrimination due to the nature of the region. Libertanny re-iterated that he would like to stay away from the elitist mindset that some Game Created Regions currently have, and do everything in his power to ensure that all allies are treated in a similar way.

In Conclusion

This Foreign Affairs modus operandi isn’t a new or revolutionary idea, however, it does provide an insight into the East Pacific’s stances on how they conduct Foreign Affairs: they value long-term, mutually beneficial relations.

Delegate Election Rundown
By Art

The Delegate election of The East Pacific (TEP) has concluded with Libertanny winning another term in office. They ran against many other contenders, some of which ran on what could be considered joke platforms. Among Libertanny’s opponents were some familiar faces, including his predecessor Marrabuk, as well as Zukchiva (the former Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs and a cabinet advisor); SirShadow (the current director of the Bureau of Public Affairs); and Lerasi (a former Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Culture and current Vice-Delegate).

Libertanny’s campaign mainly focused on continuing the work and projects that he had worked on in his previous term. During his first term, Libertanny changed the whole structure of the TEP government: Libertanny split the Ministry of Information and Communication into the Ministry of News and Records (BnR), and the Ministry of Publishing (MoP), and also introduced the Ministry of Virtual Enhancement and the Bureau of Public Affairs. Libertanny was also a driving force in the establishment of ‘The Consortium,’ a military and diplomatic co-operative between the East Pacific and five other regions. He steered TEP towards making alliances. For the future of TEP, he plans to enact several projects like creating a World Assembly Development Program, which is a program similar to The South Pacific’s SWAN, developing stronger relations with allied regions, translating regional dispatches into multiple languages to make the East Pacific more accessible and ensuring the improvement and continuation of Paradoxical, a multi-regional event organized by the East Pacific. Libertanny also plans to cultivate an active TEP, not just in government but in the region as a whole.

Marrabuk’s campaign was straight to the point. The former delegate was coming out of retirement “to set a clear path of direction for the region with consistent guidance that will bring out future leaders with decision-making skills and qualities”. Marrabuk felt that despite Libertanny helping increase the activity in the region, the activity wasn’t headed in a proper, solid direction. Marrabuk pledged to close down ministries that he deemed were unnecessary and attempt to trim the current government structure.

Zukchiva, who has been consistently running for the delegate position since 2019, advocates for the development of the MoP’s TEP Podcast, the creation of recruitment drives, the addition of more consulates, further development of Raising Eastern World Assembly Recognition and Development (REWARD), and many more projects. In the last election, Zukchiva and Libertanny had a very close race as the region was relatively split between the two.

Aivintis/Lerasi, an active member of the community who has served in almost all of the ministries of TEP, wishes to bring about ideas and projects that they see will help the TEP community.  Lersi presents the idea of transparency and accountability through Cabinet Dialogue Sessions and Monthly Goals/Reports, published and accessible to everyone. Leasi e also pledged  to get rid of the position of the Vice Delegate, stating:  “ I will not be continuing the tradition, because I believe it to be a potential liability in the event of another coup.” For the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (EPSA), Lerasi promised to introduce bookkeeping, a system of recording EPSA operations, and encouraging war games with allies to strengthen relations with our allies.

The last candidate is Eastern Alksearia, also known as SirShadow, who’s an up and coming member of the community. Joining TEP in May 2020, SirShadowalready has a distinguished history of service for TEP. SirShadowwas the first Minister of the newly established Bureau of Public Affairs. They pushed to not only bring the Forum Roleplay (RP) and RMB RP closer but also TEP and the government itself. For their plans for TEP’s future, they plan to work on a lot of projects but mainly a rework of the Bureau of Public Affairs. He stated: “I see BPA as a Ministry that could have a poll on government approval published once or twice a month, at tops.”

Perhaps the most debated topic during the election concerned the executive branch, with many criticizing its bureaucratic structure for lacking usefulness, including departments such as the Ministry of Virtual Enhancement, the Bureau of Public Affairs, and the Ministry of Publishing. Another common concern among citizens was TEP’s relations with its former allies, The West Pacific and Osiris. Libertanny was particularly pressed on whether or not their administration handled the situation as well as they could.

Voting for the election ended on October 16, 2020. The election tallied a total of 51 votes and ended with Libertanny overwhelmingly winning 32 (63%) of the 51 ballots voting in his favor while Zukchiva was able to garner 7 votes (14%).

Interview with Fedele
By Aivintis

It is worth noting that the following interview was more of a structured dialogue with Fedele, and that it took place back in June. The following account has been edited to preserve the flow and manage grammar, but the information itself remains the same. The contents of this interview are not necessarily objectively truthful, so readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt.

Lerasi: So I wanted to ask a few questions about the Rahl Family and hear what you had to say about the coup. When you're free, would you be willing to answer some questions?

Fedele: I can answer your specific questions if you have any.

Lerasi: So, generally, how would you describe the Rahl Family? Precoup and Postcoup?

Fedele: Well, the Rahl family no longer exists.

Lerasi: I'd like to know how it disbanded if it's not too much trouble.

Fedele: Rahl disbanded, I think, because there were differing opinions on what it was as a "family". Was it a bunch of friends? Was it people who always wanted to be in the same region as each other and working together? I think it started as the former and organically started becoming the latter. Rahls kept making Rahls pharaoh in Osiris, for example. I think Altino was the last person to become Pharaoh while in Rahl. Rigel used to be in Rahl. So was Lynxi. So it wasn't this ominous conspiratorial thing, but there was an obvious natural inclination to act on the trust and familiarity you have with the people that you spend a lot of time with. Then, you had members of Rahl who didn't want the friendship to affect the meta-game in NationStates. At least that is my take on it.

Lerasi: When did it disband? I hadn't known about it until last night.

Fedele: It never officially disbanded, per se, it just isn't around anymore. l'm still in the server, for example, but I don't see any activity since October. It had people dropping out here and there for a while. One person leaked details of a conversation into a chat with raider orgs. It had become obvious that you couldn't create a clear separation between friends speaking candidly with each other and the NationStates meta-game.

Lerasi: Are any of you guys still working together at all? Any successor groups or anything?

Fedele: For example, I didn't know Davelands before I joined Rahl. There's no successor groups but many people who were in Rahl were former members of LWU and still hang out in the #Baby_Seal_Club. Some are in the Sportsbook. Badger has a friend server where some are. We still keep in touch but there's nothing cohesive. Why? What's this about?

Lerasi: I'm just interested in learning more about it. For example, do you think you would be in control of TEP right now, if Tim Stark had stayed and Aleister and Funk left?

Fedele: Well, me staying in power long term wasn't the goal. A transition to a more inclusive government was the goal with on-site voting and a government more firmly grounded in the realities of site mechanics, keeping much of the concordat but borrowing aspects from TSP's elections and TWP's guardian system. Aleister and Funk are wildcards but Tim only left when he saw it wasn't working out.

Lerasi: But it could be argued that, since you guys basically controlled the Executive and Legislative branch, you could have made the region better yourselves.

Fedele: If we change your question a bit:

"Do you think the reimagined government of TEP would have worked out if Tim Stark had stayed and Aleister and Funk left?"

It wasn't necessarily dependant on Tim or really even Aleister or Funk or Dave. But, again, if I go into more detail, I'm going to start pulling in people who haven't been pulled in to the discussion.

Lerasi: I was mostly referring to how his large amounts of influence could have been used.

Fedele: Influence was not a limiting factor.

Lerasi: Interesting. I believe you still raid with LWU right? I'm sure I've seen you in Imperium of the Wolf.

Fedele: Imperium of the Wolf is one of those knock-off groups that seem to pop up and disappear once couple of years. I founded LWU in 2005. I don't have any official role there but I still hang around and I enjoy raiding with them.

Lerasi: Have you ever considered trying other aspects of NS like Defending or RP?

Fedele: I dabbled in RP in the East. I suck at it but I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the culture. In fact, I enjoyed the role-play community and culture in the East more than l actually enjoyed trying to RP myself because my work schedule and the responsibilities of being delegate made it hard to keep up.

Lerasi: Interesting. I've joined our forum rp but l'm mostly inactive because it's just so much culture and history etc. and l don't know where to even start.

How about defenderism? Have you ever seriously considered that?

Fedele: Nope. I'm old-school crasher and I keep the old prejudices. Crossing the river back then was anathema.

Lerasi: I've read Twobagger's speech about how fendas a while ago made out raiders to be ruthless game-ruiners and I don't know how much that opinion has changed, especially when I see people say that "Raiders ruin people's regions" and stuff like that. I see why you wouldn't want to try joining them.

Fedele: You seem to have picked up on a lot of things that other people have largely overlooked, even if your aim is a bit off like with the question about Tim. I've been impressed with your questions.

Lerasi: Why thank you.

Fedele: In fact, Tim was really inactive and wasn't much of a factor around that time. Crashers are the Leviathan that churns the waters of NationStates. Without them, the game becomes stagnant.

Lerasi: I've heard that before I think. I'm inclined to agree. To an extent.

Fedele: Probably from me.

Lerasi: Yeah probably lol. People have heavily memed the whole Cthulhu thing. Why was it that you trusted him with BC?

Fedele: It wasn't that I trusted him, it was that there was 0 stakes at that point. Someone who had been involved for a long time had gotten cold feet.

Lerasi: Did you laugh when you were ejected?

Fedele: Yeah, I did. I thought that was pretty damn funny.

Lerasi: I did too lol. You've been in this game for a long time. What was your favorite operation?

Fedele: My favorite operation was when we invaded Hell many years ago, because the natives were an absolute blast to interact with. Instead of complaining or whining about having been invaded, they mocked and ridiculed us. It turned out over the course of the invasion that their culture and the culture of LWU had a lot in common. One of the LWU members in the Raider Hall of Fame, Ditzie Freaks, was a native of Hell that joined LWU after we left.

Lerasi: Oh that's cool.

It's well known that your "Cabal", as we call it back in TEP, considered their actions to be beneficial. Do you think you actually helped the East in the end?

Fedele: Well, it seems like it's an active and vibrant community now and it looks like some positive changes have been made but that's mostly side effects that I can't try to take credit for. We were working toward changes that would have been beneficial but they didn't work out. Overall, I would certainly say the East is in an indisputably better condition now than when I was first elected.

Lerasi: So why did you guys get into the public power struggle that we now call "the coup" in October instead of trying to get Davelands elected at a later date?

Fedele: Look at how Aelitia was treated during his delegacy. Where is he now? Look at what happened to McStooley.

When you say "the cabal" and "you guys", keep in mind that the people involved with me were not in communication with each other for the most part Aleister and Funk talked with each other a lot. They rarely spoke with Tim. Davelands spoke with Tim some but not very much. If I remember correctly, that's about the extent to which any of them spoke with each other. My idea was to keep it compartmentalized so that not everyone got burned if it didn't work out.

Lerasi: Yeah that's a strong tactic. I never really learned what happened to cause a stigma around Aelitia and I hadn't even heard of such a thing happening to McStooley. ‡

Fedele: So, at the end, I chose to make the transition then because felt Marrabuk was actually a good choice to lead a newly established government. Davelands couldn't win an election to save his life. He is plenty capable as delegate but has all of the charm of a Pax Fruit. Literally none of them save one unnamed person informed my decision.

Lerasi: I have to ask: What do you think about Libertanny as our new Delegate?

Fedele: That's a difficult question to answer because I'm not up to date on how the roles and responsibility of the delegacy have changed since I was delegate and I hope they've gone through quite a few changes.

Lerasi: There have been some changes as far as I am aware, but I didn't get interested in government until the October Elections began so I don't know much about how it was before. Looking through the archives I see there have been a lot of different stuff.

If you could redo the whole power struggle thing, what would you do differently? Asking for a friend [emoji unicode-emoji="1f440"]1f440[/emoji]

Fedele: That's a good question. Knowing what I know now, I would have just let the normal course of politics play out. There was no way at the time to know that people who were resolute would get cold feet. In fact, I might even say I was a bit naive to think that certain people had the stomach for anything more than status quo, despite their stated intentions.


"Once upon a time, there was a man with a pet dodo bird. This dodo bird would ride on the man's shoulder and talk to him throughout the day, giving him words of comfort and encouragement. Every day, as he went about his life, the dodo bird was someone he relied on. One day, he met a pretty girl and introduced himself. They began talking and it was obvious that the pretty girl liked him. After a while, he realized he had forgotten to introduce his pet dodo bird and, when he did, she pointed out there was nothing there. Of course there was. This was the sole companion he had relied upon for years. She insisted that there was nothing there. He argued fervently until the pretty girl waved her hand over his shoulder where the pet dodo bird was and he suddenly realized the pretty girl was right. There was no dodo bird. It had been a figment of his imagination all along. A delusion. Angrily, he accused her of killing his pet. But the pet had never existed. It was one of the last dodo birds. But it wasn't real. Frightened and confused, he struck the pretty girl in the face and clawed at her neck until she was dead."‡‡

So what was this?

Fedele: I think it speaks for itself.

Lerasi: Interesting... When did you decide you wanted your group to hold power in TEP?

Fedele: You keep using the word "group" but it was really not a clearly defined group.

Lerasi: I just don't know what else to call it, to be honest.

Fedele: If you look at the people in my cabinet, the intention was for a lot of continuity in the transition period.

Lerasi: So when did the whole thing actually start being planned? Like what's the original timeline of how it all when down?

Fedele: I can't answer that question.

Lerasi: Okay. Interesting. Did you think the people that opposed marsupial purges were threats to your power?

Fedele: No, That was just a riff on obvious inadequacies in the Concordat That certain people did not want being discussed even though they had been exploited in the past and far more sinister ways Such as throwing people out that you didn't want before they had a chance to become citizen Also, it became a fun theme There were a lot of those intentional loopholes and ambiguities in the Concordat.

Lerasi: The Marsupial Purges are actually why I endotarted in the first place. Unfortunately, by the time I reached 200 endorsements l realized that it's not a very nice thing to do :/

Did you think it succeeded more than a WA Development program would? And do you think it promoted unity against a common enemy?

Fedele: Meh. It was specifically designed to only affect the people who typically create a nation and never sign into it again. I think it fostered a sense of community from people who liked it and people who opposed it and that it was mostly just a fun gimmick.

It did get quite a few people to start trading

Lerasi: Since that, there's been this new law that requires regional officers to record all bans with evidence and sufficient reasoning, and a law that says the Magisterium has to approve all RO appointments.‡‡‡ If these existed during your time, how much of a hindrance would it have been?

Fedele: It would have negated the whole reason that it started.

Lerasi: I think I'm running out of questions. There's still a lot I wish to know but there's not much I have in the form of tangible questions.

What's next for you? Do you have big plans or will you just stick with what you're doing? Then again, if you have big plans, can I really trust that you'll be able to answer the question truthfully?

Fedele: That's a good last question. Why would I tell you? I'm not sure that I have big plans in the meta-game sense other than to continue helping JoWhatup in any way he wants my help, but he's a really good leader. I have irons in the fire and just looking for where I can get involved. Nothing really stands out right now that l'd commit to.

Lerasi: Well I wish you luck in every region that I am not in.

Fedele: Hahaha. Thanks.

Lerasi: I do believe that's all I have to ask, unless there is something you want to say, like any opinion, advise, idea, or fact that I might want to know. Thanks for being so receptive to my questions. It's been enlightening.

Fedele: Sure. It was good talking with you. You've always been pretty thoughtful and level headed, even in disagreement. That doesn't go unnoticed.

Lerasi: Thank you.

‡: Since the interview, I have learned about Aelitia's accidental coup, which recent evidence has been revealed to be not-so-accidental at all.

‡‡: This is referring to a poll hosted by Fedele in the later stages of his delegacy. Marrabuk and Dreamersistan notably interpreted it as a piece of Rahl propaganda in which Fedele is the one telling The East Pacific that are practices are ineffectual, which The East Pacific responds to by opposing his attempts at reform.

‡‡‡: This law has since been amended, and now Regional Officers can be appointed as long as there is no objection from the Magisterium.

The Vice-Delegacy - is it harming the East Pacific?
By Zukchiva

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article is not meant to insult the performance of our Delegates nor Vice-Delegates current or past. Instead, this is an opinion article from a writer focusing on why the position of Vice-Delegate itself harms the East Pacific.

The Vice-Delegacy is one of the most controversial positions in the East Pacific. Many believe its very existence to be prejudicial to the region's long term safety. So, what is a Vice-Delegate and why is the position so controversial?   


In general, the Vice-Delegate is the Second-In-Command to the Delegate, with the position’s specific duties varying every Delegate’s term..

During Marrabuk’s term, the Vice-Delegacy was not that well defined. However, what we do know is that the position served as an obvious Second-In-Command position. During Marrabuk’s first term, the Vice-Delegate assisted Marrabuk in doing various tasks like dealing with Foreign Affairs. As Marrabuk’s Delegacy progressed to its second term, the Vice-Delegate began to pick up more and more of the Delegate’s work.

Under Libertanny, the Vice-Delegacy’s position is more clearly defined: the Vice-Delegate holds the power of the Delegate when Libertanny is offline. This continues the idea of the Vice-Delegacy being Second-In-Command, but now it also gives a better justification for the position’s existence.

It is obvious from the past year that the Vice-Delegacy is a malleable office. What its job description specifically is is subject to change, but in general a Vice-Delegate is a Delegate’s right hand man. The position is obviously helpful for the Delegate by providing them someone who can be trusted to take over the Delegacy at any moment, who they can lean on, and who they can seek advice from. Additionally, due to its proximity to the Delegate’s daily tasks, the Vice-Delegacy is the perfect position to train future Delegates. This idea of the position of the Vice-Delegacy being a position for training is the exact problem.


The Vice-Delegacy is one of the most influential positions within the East Pacific. Vice-Delegates feature prominently game-side as one of the Region’s primary Regional Officers and they are the Delegate’s “right hand man”.

The problem with this is that it gives a serious advantage to Vice-Delegates within Delegate elections, compared with other candidates.

Think about it. The Vice-Delegacy is usually given to one or, at most, two nations within the duration of someone’s Delegacy. The Vice-Delegate is now prominently featured on TEP’s in-game page (one of the places citizens who don't use the regional forums notice ). It also has built in experience from performing some of the Delegate’s day-to-day duties, giving them an edge over all other candidates. The Vice-Delegate also is probably the only person (besides former Delegates) to know exactly what the job of Delegate entails.

This advantage is not beneficial to our region’s democratic elections. The reason is that it gives a candidate an advantage few other nations have: experience in being Delegate. Sure, Ministers do some of the Delegate’s duties, but the Vice-Delegacy is usually only given to one person every term while there are multiple Ministerial leadership positions. While Ministers may display their leadership skills during their term, an active Vice-Delegate will have the supreme example of authority: literally doing some of the Delegate’s regular job. No Minister can really say their job lets them handle some of the Delegate’s day-to-day tasks, but the Vice-Delegate can.

This advantage of experience shows itself within elections where candidates have equally valid campaigns. More experienced/involved voters will probably choose the candidate who was a former Vice-Delegate since that candidate simply has more experience. For those voters less interested in regional governance, they will probably vote for the Vice-Delegate since they naturally assume that the Vice-Delegate is more prepared to take the Delegacy.

But there is a danger far greater than just making it harder for some people to win elections. The Vice-Delegacy can be used as a tool to train new heirs to the Delegacy, or in other words, allow a Delegate to select a “successor”. A monarchy hiding in the folds of a democracy.

It is true that Vice-Delegates still need to win elections, which does not always happen. Voters may sometimes prefer another candidate. However, the chances for not being elected are not that high, due to the aforementioned advantages a Vice-Delegate has: more widespread recognition and experience. This means that, while a Delegate cannot expect with a one-hundred percent  guarantee that their Vice-Delegate will be elected, the odds are in their favor.

Some people will argue that the simple act of voting makes electing a Vice-Delegate as Delegate a democratic choice.

But is it?

Delegate Incumbents win an election for a second or third time around sixty percent of the time, due to their know-how as Delegate and familiarity with voters. Both advantages which the Vice-Delegate also enjoys, leading it to be more likely for a Vice-Delegate to be elected.

This limits who the voters would reasonably choose, because of course most people will vote for the candidate with the most experience and a great campaign. In other words, the Delegate is hand-picking and artificially creating the best candidate possible and placing them in front of the voters’ hands. So voters are more likely to pick the Vice-Delegate. And this cycle repeats over time until it's common sense to (usually) elect the Vice-Delegate, just like nowadays it is common sense to (usually) elect the incumbent.

We have seen this type of succession be tried during the Fedele coup, with Davelands. While the Vice-Delegate did not exist back then, the Chief Minister of Regional Affairs was somewhat similar in influence (although limited to dealing with regional projects). Davelands was appointed as Chief Minister by Fedele, and subsequently failed to do anything in the position besides writing a daily news report.

Despite this, Davelands received a startling 34% of votes in the October 2019 Delegate elections, despite being highly inactive within the Executive. This number becomes more impressive when you consider that many people revealed that Davelands had broken the law multiple times right before the election. There may have been many reasons why Davelands received so many votes, but no one can deny that his position of Chief Minister of Regional Affairs most likely helped him out by a large margin.

While Fedele’s plans ultimately failed, his actions prove the idea that people will use high-level positions to gain popularity within elections. Given how much more respected the Vice-Delegacy is, we can be sure that the Vice-Delegate will get many more votes than an inactive Chief Minister would ever get.

In a nutshell: the Vice-Delegacy is detrimental to the fairness and openness of TEP’s Delegate elections. At best, it can break what would otherwise be a close Delegate election between comparable candidates if one was not Vice-Delegate. At worst, it can serve as a useful tool for those wishing to subvert TEP’s democracy.



Instead of having one Vice-Delegate, Delegates could perhaps switch the Vice-Delegacy between 4-8 nations during their terms as Delegate. While the advantage of Vice-Delegacy still exists, at least it is spread out between more people who are likely to run in next elections.


Another solution; elect the Vice-Delegate. Presumably, we would need a separate election and legislated duties for the Vice-Delegate. But this way, we can ensure that all the benefits of the Vice-Delegacy are secured (someone to rely on, a back-up, training future Delegates) all the while avoiding the negatives.


Make the Vice-Delegate a Vizier. This has some problems on its own, (like Viziers do sometimes run in Delegate elections, thus they still gain an advantage), but at least this way we can be sure they are trusted. Afterall, if the Viziers fall, the East Pacific is sure to fall soon after, so not much use going after the idea of an untrustworthy Vizier.


Another equal solution is to just abolish the position. Solves all the problems, but on the inverse we lose all the benefits the Delegate gains from having a Vice-Delegate.

It is undeniable that the Vice-Delegacy serves a purpose. However, it is a part of our elections that threatens to change if not harm our Delegacy. Ultimately, it is up to every citizen to ask themselves whether the Vice-Delegacy is worth it. Are the benefits worth the risks? Is a right hand person worth an altered democracy?

An Overview of Libertanny's Term
By Wille-Harlia

Ever since being elected in June following the end of Marrabuk’s second term, TEP’s regional parrot, Libertanny, has accomplished a lot as Delegate. In June, Libertanny established the Bureau of Public Affairs, naming Zukchiva as the director. On June 24, the Consortium was finally implemented, after being discussed extensively during Marrabuk’s term. Towards the end of the month, the Cabinet, in a VC, discussed future policies and actions regarding the World Assembly Development Program, or the WADP.

In July, Libertanny reopened the University of The East Pacific, a place where people from all around the region can go and learn something new. This time however, the University, along with a forum board, also now has its own Discord server, where more casual discussion can take place. Castle Federation (also known as Wondoress) was appointed Chancellor.

In August, Libertanny continued Marrabuk’s work in making great overtures to the region of Thaecia, ending in a unique treaty between the two regions, as they shared many interests, such as democracy.

In September, Libertanny sided TEP with the faction of ATOMIC for N-Day, as the UPPERCUT GCR faction was not happening on N-Day 5. After nuclear obliteration, Libertanny awarded the Order of the Golden Ocelot, the highest distinction in TEP to eight individuals: Asendavia, The Atlae Isles, Dragons Blood, Marrabuk, Nova-Columbia, Tretrid, Tulvatastan, and Zukchiva. Lastly in September, three amendments to the Concordat, TEP’s constitution, were brought before the Magisterium. The first was a proposed rewrite of Article F, which guarantees the rights of citizens and residents, while the amendment simplifies the article. The second proposed amendment is to Article B, which details how the Magisterium works. The amendment will go into further detail to avoid potential abuse of the vaguely defined powers of the Magisterium laid out in the Concordat. The third amendment proposes a new Article A, which will lay out things that pertain to TEP’s identity, such as the compass being the logo of TEP, and green and yellow its colors. Libertanny has been exceedingly active in his first term as Delegate, and only time will tell where he goes next.

The East Pacific / The East Pacific News Service - SEPTEMBER 2020 Issue
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The East Pacific News Service
October 3, 2020

Thermonuclear War Occurs, AA Victorious
By Tretrid

That time of year was coming up again. Specifically, the time when thousands of nations would obliterate each other in thermonuclear warfare.

A lot of regions were preparing for it beforehand. However, things were a bit different this time around. The old feeder alliance, UPPERCUT, was no more, and the feeders went their own separate ways.

The North Pacific and the South Pacific joined up with the Potato Alliance, which also included most of the regions of Canopy from the previous N-Day. In full, the Potato Alliance had the North Pacific, the South Pacific, the Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, Forest, Spiritus, Europe, The Leftest Assembly, The Union of Democratic States, International Democratic Union, Yggdrasil, Autropolis, Sonindia, The Hold to Hide In, New West Indies, Warzone Asia, Warzone Sandbox, India, European Union, Union of Democrats, Democratic Socialist Assembly, 00000 A World Power, The Communist Bloc, Big Farma, and South Pacific.

So, summed up, Potato had a lot of regions, and was looking to be one of the largest factions in the game. And they didn’t bother hiding it, as Potato was being promoted about a month before the actual event.

Meanwhile, the Pacific, the West Pacific, Balder, and United Kingdom joined together to form CRAB, or Crustaceans Repelling Atomic Bombardment. And as for the sinkers? Osiris, Lazarus, The Black Hawks, Refugia, Lone Wolves United, Caer Sidi, Thalassia, Europeia, and Social Technocratic Union formed the faction Ba Sing Se.

Where does that leave the East Pacific? They approached the other regions of the Consortium (a bloc of sorts with a few UCRs) to form a faction, and they agreed. Several other UCRs joined this faction, and then we have ATOMIC, or Alliance To Obliterate Many Inferior Contenders. They consisted of 21st Century Rome, Force, the Iwakusphere (The Glorious Nations of Iwaku and Eientei Gensokyo), The Labyrinth, Loranium, Lorania, Southfield, Phoenix Partners, Thaecia, The Democatic Republic, The East Pacific, The Free Nations Region, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Wintercrest, and Wintreath.

Meanwhile, the Augustin Alliance, consisting of Cape of Good Hope, Conch Kingdom, Lands End, and Ridgefield, as well as Anteria, Karma, Hartfelden, The United Ascendancy, The Great Experiment, Krasnaya, Scotia, Hive, The Global Democratic Union, URA, and Southern Africa, was back. Having traditionally done well in N-Day (with the exception of N-Day 3), they were once again looking to do very well in the coming nuclear armageddon.

The reigning champions, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, had returned. Like last time, they included Hell, Underworld, Glass Gallows, Middle Earth, Hippy Haven, Citadel of Ricks, The Order of the Grey Wardens, and Lily. The involvement of TGW and Lily is notable here, as it was the sheer amount of puppets wielded by the two R/D orgs that propelled the Horsemen to victory in the previous N-Day.

And so N-Day started, on 6 AM UTC, September 26. Well, it started on 6 AM, instead of the more usual 9 PM, because of an error made by [violet]. This lead to concerns that N-Day would coincide with Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism.

The large factions initially focused on taking out smaller factions to get some easy points. For example, ATOMIC completely obliterated the Layem Defense Coalition.

After some rather easy victories for each of the large factions, they then proceeded to attack each other. By around 8 AM UTC, the Horsemen started attacking the Potato Alliance with several ten thousands of nukes. The attack, though in part dampened by the amount of shields Potato had stockpiled, was devastating, and sent the Potatoes into a rather deep negative score.

Around the same time, all of the large non-horsemen factions sent all their nukes flying at the Horsemen. This wasn’t very effective, though it did consume some of the Horsemen’s shields.

With Potato out of the way, ATOMIC was next. The Horsemen once again attacked with thousands of nukes. ATOMIC was able to weather the initial wave of nukes, but eventually ran out of shields, and was irradiated with around 50k Radiation.

ATOMIC briefly attempted to do guerrilla warfare, much like what Potato was doing now. However, they gave up, and eventually decided to merge with a faction. After considering merging with Ba Sing Se and Augustin Alliance, they decided to merge with Augustin Alliance.

Potato never really gave up, even if their region was very devastated. And their determination paid off for them in the end. Meanwhile, the Horsemen were set on all sides by several very large factions. They were outnumbered, and their main hope was taking out the other factions early. But eventually they ran out of shields, and the onslaught of the other factions caused them to plummet to the bottom of the leaderboard. Potato had also managed to get a positive score again, and was quickly rising up. Their comeback was massive, going from several tens of thousand points below to about 285K points by the end of the event.

While all this chaos was happening, Noahs Second Country founded the faction Second Best Test, which mainly included Noah himself and his card farming puppets. Another card farmer, Evrigenis, who had fought in ATOMIC and became disillusioned with the Augustin Alliance, decided to join forces with him. They did pretty well, mainly because they had other puppets create factions so they could nuke them, while trying their best to prevent the other factions from finding out and messing with what they were doing. And so, in playing N-Day in such an unconventional way, they managed to end up 6th place on the leaderboard.

The Augustin Alliance, like most of the other factions, were focusing on Horsemen. After the Horsemen were defeated, they eventually got into a fight with CRAB, despite both factions supposedly having Non-Aggression Pacts with each other. This irritated several people from ATOMIC, causing them to leave AA and rejoin the old faction. Some remnants of ATOMIC went through the effort of trying to make a comeback, and by the end, they once again had a positive score, with 1627 points and 18th place.

And so the Augustin Alliance ended in 1st place, Potato ended in 2nd place (only barely behind the AA), and Ba Sing Se ended 3rd while managing to avoid getting any sort of radiation.

Discussing Nuclear Strategy with a Parrot
By Tretrid

Libertanny is the current Delegate of The East Pacific, and was also heavily involved in the creation of ATOMIC and was part of its High Command through N-Day. He is also a parrot.

Tretrid: If I told myself from one year ago that I would be discussing thermonuclear war with a parrot, he would probably think I was on mind-altering substances. What circumstances have lead me to discuss nuclear war with a parrot?

Libertanny: You see. My reply won't bring any rationale to the conversation. You are talking to a Parrot about nuclear war. The Parrot, that competed against the Goose in democratic elections. The Parrot that is now successor to the Horse. The Parrot, that stands in the hall of Delegates - next to Puffin, Fox... or Ocelot that is currently a Senator of an autocratic region in a game, that lives its own life and was supposed to be an advertisement for a book written by a human in real life. The Parrot, that leads a region, where Arbiters (judges) represent different types of nature (f.e. desert) and the same region, that was almost couped by a memer.  I don't know what circumstances led you to that - I'll just say "The East Pacific" swallows sunflower seeds.

Tretrid: Anyway, what led to the creation of ATOMIC as a faction?

Libertanny: Now that's a question I am capable of replying to! Well. Since Marrabuk was the Delegate, we were working on a project called The Consortium. We managed to gather quite a nice band there - The East Pacific, Free Nations Region, Force, Thaecia, Kingdom Great Britain and Iwakusphere. One day we were simply talking about cooperation and what we could do. We went through 4 of 6 member regions participating in Liberation of South Pacific and unanimous vote against Commend Altino. Our next idea was "something bigger" - and we did it. We decided to create our own faction for NDay to strengthen bond between government officials (who led ATOMIC), warm relations between our residents and simply have fun together. However, hearing about Potato, we decided to go further - we decided to reach out to our friends to create ATOMIC with us. It worked - we managed to get some regions to join and we strengthened relations with them. From top of my head - Wintercrest and The Labyrinth. But there was more. So again, ATOMIC was simply supposed to be first bigger cooperation of Consortium, and it worked much more better than we expected. We got new friends and the world heard about us.

Tretrid: Oh, since you just mentioned the Consortium, can you briefly describe what it is?

Libertanny: Indeed, I can. Consortium is a bloc for cooperation between The East Pacific and our friends. Whilst in history, some were bringing ideas to make it "momma TEP & its UCR children" that's totally not the idea I went for. Whilst it doesn't seem popular between us, GCRs, I treat UCRs equally with GCRs. And that is what we went for - a bloc made out of equal partners. Our main goal was bringing communities together, strengthening diplomatic relations and doing cultural cooperation - or simply, making friends. But with the time, it went further - like mentioned WA or R/D cooperation. Upon this, we had second meeting of High Council and Grand Founders, which was open to all Consortium Residents. We agreed to convert Consortium into something "bigger". We included technological cooperation (we have quite a nice IT team, that f.e. developed us a tool for NDay), we included voluntary R/D cooperation and we included WA cooperation, which does not require all Delegates to vote in certain way, but the decision of WA Council is shared as WA recommendation to all Consortium Residents. As of current, we are in the middle of formation of Military Council and WA Council. Our next step is legislating the founding treaty (Convention of Lausanne).

Tretrid: So what were your general plans for ATOMIC this N-Day?

Libertanny: Well. Our general plans were survival and destruction of Horsemen of Apocalypse. We were doing rather fine until second offensive of HoTA (we survived first offensive with no loses - around 15k nukes incoming). When second offensive started, we rapidly noticed, that HoTA's goal is not desruction of ATOMIC immediately, but destruction of our shields. HoTA were sending up to 1,5k nukes at one nation. So it was rather easy to notice their strategy. Upon this, we decided to do Guerilla Warfare (idea stolen from Potato), but at the end of the day, we decided to merge with Augustin Alliance. However, when AA made decision our command did not like, many ATOMIC members moved back to our faction. They managed to bring us from last place (-50k points) to 18th place. So we achieved both of our goals, at the end of the day - destruction of HoTA and rather nice "survival".

Tretrid: How did ATOMIC make decisions and choose who to attack?

Libertanny: We had our command split into two levels. Low Command - which was basically leaders of member regions and High Command - which was the most experienced individuals from different timezones. Most of our decisions were made based on fast votes - we were pinging command, voting with reactions, if either option was having much support rapidly, we were executing that - you know, there's not too much time to decide during nuclear apocalypse. If it was needed be - High Command had authority to make any decision they wish to at any time. Our attacks were focused on HoTA - so it was really just "attack HoTA". We were, however, coordinating our attacks with other factions. I was in constant contact with Sakana (Ba Sing Se), August (Augusting Alliance) and Xoriet (Crab) and I was forwarding all agreements to the command.  I cannot tell you on how command made decisions whom to attack after they moved out of Augustin Alliance - I was asleep. But it was probably like before merge - common decision of the Command.

Tretrid: What led ATOMIC to do its all-out attack on Horsemen?

Libertanny: Rationalism, I would say. It was known from the very beginning, that if all factions don't cooperate against HoTA, we would be all eaten by them. Although it took Ba Sing Se and Augustin Alliance long to notice that, they joined the fight too. And frankly, imho at least, BSS and AA were best coordinated factions. But yeah, it was really about rationalism.

Tretrid: What lead to ATOMIC deciding to merge with AA, instead of trying to make a comeback like Potato did?

Libertanny: I think there was no decisive event, that made us choose merge over guerilla warfare. We talked both, we tried to go with guerilla warfare, but we then decided that it's either destruction of ATOMIC or merging with someone else. We considered both Ba Sing Se and Augustin Aliance, but we decided to go for AA by simple vote.

Tretrid: What were the reasons that ATOMIC merged with AA specifically?

Libertanny: Well. Obviously, our first thought would have been Potato - but they rejected merge proposal before the Nday. So we did not even consider it. Speaking of Crab, I think they were somewhat neutral party, that our command had no feelings about. Ba Sing Se and Augustin Alliance, however, impressed us with perfect coordination and attacks they launched on Horsemen. So when it came to proposal to merge, we either considered AA or BSS. It then happened through simple vote. Although at first it was head to head vote, the time was rushing, so commanders changed their votes to AA to reach majority rapidly (which actually ended up in unanimous vote).

Tretrid: In hindsight, what would you have changed about what ATOMIC did?

Libertanny: Frankly, I don't think I would have changed anything. To me NDay was perfect. We had a chance to do something bigger with our friends - Consortium. We achieved the goal of destroying Horsemen. We all had fun. Consortium made its first IT project. To me, it was really perfect and I would not have changed anything.

Tretrid: What do you look forward to in the next N-Day?

Libertanny: Firstly, I for sure look forward to do it alongside Consortium and other regions, that created ATOMIC with us. I'm also hoping, that Crab, AA and BSS (or any other substitutes of them) will join fight against Horsemen earlier, than they did this year. But most importantly - I look forward to having as much fun as we had this year :)

TEP's Finest: The Order of the Golden Ocelot
By Pledonia

[size=175]"[/size]The Order of the Golden Ocelot shall be dictated as the highest civilian award to be given within the East Pacific.
The Order must be given only to those who hold the following traits:
The recipient must have had a long-lasting impact upon the East Pacific.
The recipient’s impacts must be consistent with the values of the East Pacific.
The recipient must have served the East Pacific with distinction and honor.[size=175]"

On September 23, 2020, for the first time since January 2017, the highest civilian award within the East Pacific was awarded to eight of TEP's finest individuals. The Order of the Golden Ocelot. "These eight individuals are the very shining stars of our region, they are the very beating heart of The East Pacific, and they have brought change and impact to our Region, " says Libertany, our delegate. Listed below are the eight who were awarded the Order of the Golden Ocelot.

Asendavia - for playing one of the most important roles in fighting the coup - spreading awareness about Rahls and Fedele before the coup, and bringing interest of Forum Roleplayers to Gameplay, and spreading patriotism within Forum Roleplay, and being, per se, anti-coup leader of Forum Roleplay; for active membership in Petit Comité (Small Magisterium Cafeterium) - the (partially legislative) resistance body before the coup; for service as Vizier, Magister, Arbiter and Cabinet Advisor; for promotion of Forum Roleplay and actively helping newcomers with getting started; for helping Roleplayers with improving their roleplay and advising them on matters

The Atlae Isles - for revival of Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army post-coup; for developing EPSA to the stage it has not seen for years; for incredible job done within news service both before and after the coup; for service as Magister; for service as Senior Diplomat (and member of Inner Circle of FA) and help with revival of Foreign Affairs of The East Pacific post-coup; for general contribution to all of the Executive as Staffer

Dragons Blood (McStooley) - for help in rebuilding The East Pacific post-coup as the Vice-Delegate during Libertanny’s Administration; for tirelessly working on improving The East Pacific, especially in the “hard” eras; for service as Magister, Vizier, Grand Vizier and Delegate

Marrabuk - for doing an awesome job as the first post-coup Delegate; for uniting all of The East Pacific’s communities and bringing regional integrity to a new level; for playing one of the most important roles before and during the coup; for service as Vizier, Magister, Cabinet Advisor and  Minister of Foreign Affairs; for creation of several meaningful diplomatic relations and alliances

Nova-Columbia / Krionik - for tirelessly working on introducing first release of Valsora as member of RMB Mapmakers Team; for reviving the project of Valsora and developing it to the point, Valsora became mainstream RMB Roleplay; for tirelessly working as creator of second release of Valsora since 2018; for working on currently used RMB RP Rules, that brought Roleplay on RMB into a new level; for working on increasing standard of Roleplay on RMB; for creation of one of the best dispatches within The East Pacific, that inspired several other RPers

Tretrid - for bringing EPNS from the grave post-coup; for long and active contribution to news service before coup; for working on conversion of EPNS into Ministry of Information, alongside Libertanny and The Atlae Isles; for help with revival of Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army; for active membership in Inner Circle of FA as an Advisor; for service as Minister, Vizier and Magister; for tirelessly working on improving the Executive; for contribution to Forum Roleplay, and help with recruitment of new Roleplayers, and help with getting started with TEP Wiki, and for bringing new and unique ideas to the realm of Urth

Tuvaltastan (Tuva) - for active contribution to Forum Roleplay as “one of the most brilliant souls of the whole 16 years of history of EP Forum RP”; for activity and tireless work on managing and improving the realm of Urth as Cartographer and Cartography Moderator; for helping newcomers with getting started in Forum Roleplay; for service as Magister and Staffer of the Executive

Zukchiva - for active membership in Petit Comité (Small Magisterium Cafeterium) - the (partially legislative) resistance body before the coup; for working on rewriting and improving both laws and the Concordat; for contribution to RMB Roleplay as member of first RMB Mapmakers Team (first release of Valsora); for contribution to RMB Roleplay as creator of Dibergia RMB Roleplay;  for setting up the Bureau of Public Affairs and service as first Director of Public Affairs; for service as Magister, Deputy Provost, Arbiter, Viceroy, Minister, Acting Chief Minister, Director and Vizier

Congratulations to all who received this illustrious award. Hail pacificum Orientale!

Shattering Diplomacy; Roleplay's Spiciest
By Dylan

(Editor’s note: This was written to promote the roleplay “Shattering Diplomacy,” which takes place on the Forum Roleplay setting of Urth. It may be read here.)

Shattering Diplomacy plunges the reader straight into the second volume of Clauzia Sarohart. Readers may remember her humble beginnings in the roleplay Ethalria Will Never Rise Again, from the wounded remains of a hospitalised soldier during the Auroran-Pacific War to her rise in politics over 2018 and 2019 to become Prime Minister of Vothetria, a nation forcibly broken apart as part of Ethalria’s terms of surrender to Morstaybishlia. Whilst at first Shattering Diplomacy focuses on the deep web of political identity in the outcast Morstaybishlian Province of Nocturne, the reader will soon come to realise there’s a shadow of deception surrounding the thousand year rivalry of Great Morstaybishlia and Ethalria, with two Ethalrian rivals secretly manipulating the outcome of an independent Nocturne; the now-President of the right-wing North Ethalrian Confederacy Clauzia Sarohart and the recently new Premier Lenski Sarinn of communist Thalria. With political attacks just around the corner and cunning twists and turns in the shadow of politics, it’s a Roleplay filled with such uncertainty and spiciness that in every post the reader will be wanting to read the next. But the civil unrest, mass demonstrations and revived independence identity that surrounds Nocturne isn’t the only problem that looms over Morstaybishlia, something big stirs in its colonies, and on the other half of the fatherland...

The shadow of Morstaybishlian greed is something that has long loomed over the Auroran continent and by extension the world; what will happen as the roleplay progresses? There are subtle hints laid across the chapters, it’s up to the reader to figure it out before it becomes a reality. Which politician, Sarohart or Sarinn, will be the one to thrive in the crumbling of Morstaybishlia? Or will Prime Minister Franklin Barvata pull the reigns and prevent disaster from toppling over the thousand year wall of rivalry? After all, no Morstaybishlian Prime Minister wants to be known as the prime minister who saw decline...

Stay tuned for the unraveling of Chapter 3, and hopefully I will see you through the rest of the roleplay through as much as 8 or 9 planned chapters. After Roleplaying in The East Pacific for four years now, this is by far my favourite, most spicy and planned out roleplay. After it has finished I plan on novelising it, and if you read it, let me know what you think of the characters, of the plot, of the narrative! Thank you, and happy reading.

Constitutional Reforms: What's Going On???
By Zukchiva

Regional constitutions are the foundation for the vast majority of regional governments. A constitution serves as the baseline of regional law and day-to-day governance. It is no joke to say that if you want to get to know a region, you should look at their constitution. For besides dictating lawful procedures, constitutions often establish the basic themes and beliefs of a region.

It is a common practice to amend constitutions as time plunges forward and the game itself changes. New game features are added, regional social dynamics are changed, new beliefs and viewpoints are shared. A constitution is not just the baseline of a region, but a living document. No region can have a perfect constitution, so if a constitution is not kept up-to-date, then a region is sure to fail.

So it was no surprise to anyone when the East Pacific undertook a rigorous rewrite of the Concordat (The East Pacific’s constitution) following the infamous 2019 October coup. The rewrite, headed by Aelitia and later taken over by Bachtendekuppen, fixed many prevalent issues within the Concordat. One of the most noteworthy changes of the rewrite was the formation of the Viziers as a new branch of security, helping to consolidate the East Pacific’s security to the responsibilities of one body.

On February 3rd, the Magisterium passed the rewrite with a 100% majority, and was further confirmed by 100% of citizens voting in favor during the subsequent referendum. Thus, the Concordat was rewritten into a much clearer document.



In the following months after the rewrite, more issues began to be raised regarding the Concordat. Some issues included how the Concordat still did not prevent the infamous marsupial purges and how unregulated the Magisterium’s (The East Pacific’s legislature) internal procedures were. The Magisterium held too much power over how it legislated its own internal processes.

In the span of a short few months following the rewrite, three Concordat amendments were passed. The three amendments provided clarification on the legislative process, allowed the Conclave (The East Pacific’s court) to process non-citizen resident appeals, and raised the majority vote requirement for Arbiter (Conclave Justice) nominations from ½ of the Magisterium to ⅔ voting in favor. While these amendments were important fixes to the Concordat, they did not do much to fix the most glaring issues prevalent from the Fedele coup. Therefore, it was in August and September that the Magisterium decided to finally start reforming the Concordat. Again.


The first large-scale amendment proposed was a rewrite of Article F in late August. Article F guarantees the rights of citizens and residents within the East Pacific. The amendment simplifies the current Article as well as establishes new rights and procedures regarding Resident bans, in hopes of stopping future mass-scale purges of residents.

The second amendment proposed was a rewrite of Article B, the Article dealing with the East Pacific’s legislative branch. The Article focuses on enshrining many of the Magisterium’s procedures within the Concordat to cut down the potential abuse of the Magisterium maliciously changing its internal procedures. Among these newly added procedures includes how Citizens can join the Magisterium, Provost (the Magisterium’s Speaker) elections and terms lengths, and Provost removal procedures.

The third large-scale amendment proposed was a new Article A, which will go before the first Article currently present in the Concordat. This new Article seeks to legislate The East Pacific’s core identity: the compass is declared as the East Pacific’s official symbol, green and yellow as the East Pacific’s official colors, and any form of In-Character Fascism/Nazism is banned from the region.

All the aforementioned amendments are still being debated in the Magisterium and have not yet gone to citizen vote. However, should they pass the Magisterium’s vote as well as the citizen vote, then the East Pacific can rest assured that many, if not all of the issues with the Concordat, will be finally fixed for a while.

Interview with Altys: A Newcomer's Perspective
By Zukchiva

Altys is the East Pacific’s current Minister of Culture. Having joined the East Pacific earlier this year, he quickly made a name for himself and revitalized the Ministry of Culture. Additionally, he serves in various positions in Thaecia such as Senator. As such, this interview was held to see what his perspectives of TEP were, as an experienced player just getting involved in the region.

This interview took place on Discord from September 12th, 2020 to September 29th, 2020.

Minor edits were made to correct typos and ensure flow of the interview.

Zukchiva: Hello, Altys! Thank you for doing this interview, how are you doing?

Altys: I'm doing good & you? :p

Zukchiva: Doing alright although I wanna eat some chips soon :x

Altys: nuuu, dont

Zukchiva: :9

Zukchiva: Alright, while I grab some chips because I'm still hungry (eep), would you mind giving a brief history on your time in NationStates? Regions that impacted you, major positions you've held, that kinda thing.

Altys: Alright so

I've arrived on NS on August 2018 and didn't do anything GP-side until March/April 2019 when I joined Thaecia. I quickly became a RP Admin(due to being good at mapping) and an OOC admin on the main server(I became admin during an incident where someone who had just joined tried to spam). In Late May/Early June I became Associate Justice, in early July I became Roleplay Minister, and was at the time staff in all Thaecian ministries.

Then Rayekka's administration came and I got kicked out of most ministries, except FA where I became one of the first members of the FA Council (FA Inner Council equivalent in TEP). Nothing much happened during this term, I got re-confirmed as Roleplay Minister and stayed Associate Justice.

Fast forward to February 2020, I ran for President and lost by 15 points (15%), I however became Deputy Prime Minister (mainly an advisory role and something comparable to the Chief Minister of RA in TEP, except DPM does not legally exist) and assisted Korsinia during his first term. I stayed Roleplay Secretary (changed name in the meantime) and Associate Justice.
In May Paradoxical '2.0 happened and Serge & I were known as the AFK admins on the Minecraft server; always online, but always AFK. After the festival ended Serge spammed me to join TEP; so I did. I became a citizen, joined the executive (MoC & MoFA at the time).

Back to Thaecia, right before the end of the term,  the general election happened and I decided to run for the Senate and won a seat. Korsinia won a second term as PM and it was already known I wasn't going to be his top advisor anymore. I however stayed staffer in all of the ministries and was made head of recruitment. The Bigtopia (our MoFA) then proposed to the diplomats & the culture staff to organise an event led by Thaecia; and that's how LNF was born. :p

I organised most of the stuff for the festival, but got really precious help from Lemonadia for the planning, and the people who volunteered to host activities. During the festival planning, Aivintis had offered me the position of DMoC in TEP, which I accepted as you all know it. On the last day of the festival, August 16th, Serge proposed to me to become TEP's new MoC as Aivintis was resigning, I wasn't sure at first, but I do not regret accepting the position at all! I really love my time in TEP.

On the same day as I was offered the Ministry of Culture, I got fired from Thaecia's FA Council (arguably the job I loved the most in the region, not directly because of the position itself, but because I really like FA). This wasn't the best of times for me, and my activity in the region simply dropped to almost nothing like before. I recently resigned as Head of Recruitment, and keep thinking of resigning as a Senator since Late August. To you this might not be important, but I also moved my WA from Thaecia to TEP on September 18th. The next day I would be reinstated as a member of the FA Council.

It's safe to say I've forgotten lots of things, and emphasized too much on the most recent ones, but these obviously are the first ones that come to mind, and 2020 really was the year where I started doing a lot of things (thanks to the lockdown as well ehe).

Zukchiva: Well, that's interesting to hear. Annnd you answered two of my next questions. XP

It seems you've done a lot in Thaecia, before becoming involved in TEP. I also did notice you moving your WA and thought it was important, but didn't think to ask. It's nice to hear about your NS story, you've done... alot!

So I think the question we have now is:

Why are you starting to do more in TEP rather than Thaecia? What brought along said change?

Altys: For now I am, but thanks to this interview I decided to relaunch my projects for Thaecia. As for what brought along the said changes, one was already explained above (August 16th) and the second simply is school.

Zukchiva: Glad to know this interview has had some impact! And glad to see that you're focusing more on real life.

Now, to turn our questions to more the abstract:

How would you describe TEP in one word? And why?

Altys: Friendly

Simply because peeps are always nice to each other and toxicity is almost (never say it completely is) nonexistent here.

Oh and of course - when Thaecia got in controversy with the NS community and got yelled at from all parts, TEP came in and supported us - actually trying to help Thaecia understand NS Geopolitics more, instead of simply bashing it like the others did.

Zukchiva: It's nice to hear you say that, I've always considered TEP to be a friendly region (although IG I have a bias. :p)

Now, TEP and Thaecia are different regions with different qualities. As someone who's been a part of both regions, what would be the single greatest difference between each region, and how do they differ in that respect?

Altys: Unity

In TEP it's flagrant when you join: the region's different communities are really split up. Forum RP stays on their server, RMB Peeps keep themselves to the RMB, and only the GP community seems to be a bit everywhere.
Of course if you ask them to do something on another place than their core one, they might come depending on what it is (ie game nights), but they won't do it naturally.

In Thaecia absolutely everyone is in the main server and is part of the same big community. Sometimes the Roleplay may or may not become a bit more separate, but the majority of its roleplayers are part of the bigger Thaecian community anyway.

This 'unity' thing really shocked me when I learned Thaecia had 2x 3x more voters in general elections that TEP had in Delegate elections.

Zukchiva: Yeah, I can see the truth in what you're saying. I hope that TEP can be united as Thaecia is! I feel like Marrabuk and Lib have done some work in that regard, but we definitely have some work to do in TEP. XP

So on a similar thread, what is one thing you like about TEP as a region?

Altys: It's old. :P

Being in Thaecia which is a fairly young region, long-term experience is limited to her lifespan. But with TEP being a GCR, there's a lot of old NS players who have been here for a very long time and have lots of experience in GP, which is always nice to have when you have questions.

^ Due to that, TEP is also pretty big, meaning you are less likely to be in a situation where you lack man/brainpower for a project or attendees during an event, and especially as minister of culture, it really is a comforting feeling.

Zukchiva: LOL, that's one way to put it! Yeah, TEP is old and quite large, which makes sense for a GCR.

So what is the #1 top thing do you believe TEP needs to improve on?

Altys: Unity :p

Zukchiva: Should've expected that. XP

Alright, now we're pretty much done. However, I do want to ask: would it be possible for you to share some of your future plans as Minister of Culture, assuming Libertanny wins the upcoming elections?

Altys: Oh well, first I will have to lose the Thaecian General Elections as I'm running for PM over here :P

But if I indeed stay MoC, you can expect more game nights, more permanent activities (like radio culture), and hopefully a higher culture score on The Rejected Times' GCR rankings

Zukchiva: LOL, got that reference XD

Anyways, good luck to ya in Thaecia! And yayayay game nights and radio culture are both awesome things!!! You've done a great job as MoC and I'm very sure you'll be capable as Thaecia's PM.

It was nice interviewing you, Altys! Have a great day. :p

Altys: It's not certain I am to be PM yet. 5(or more) candidates are running, and some of them (me included) are pretty strong. :P

And thanks! You too.

Zukchiva: :p

Septeamber’s Biggest Partea: Tea House of Cards
By y0

Since its introduction to NationStates as an April Fools event in 2018, trading cards has grown to prominence as a subgame with its own community. Several regions including The East Pacific (TEP), 10000 Islands (XKI), and Lazarus (Laz) have each created programmes devoted to cards as regional organizations. Like similar pursuits in Ministries of Culture, however, the cards game is even more fun when it is played interregionally.

TEAPOT, XKI’s Cards Co-op, and Laz’s Cards Guild came together to put on the Tea House of Cards festival with three main goals:
  • We aimed to bring everyone from our respective regions together - whether it was to increase involvement from members already in our associations or to introduce non-cards players to the subgame - we wanted to ensure everyone could parteacipate. The main competeations and events, although cards-oriented, did not require any prior experience of NS Cards.
  • We focused on three themes: excitement, experience, and community. Without these essential elements, the card game would not be the fun it is.
  • And of course, we wanted tea bring the tea puns tea the table. No tea partea would be complete without them!

These objectives culminated in Tea House of Cards (THoC), a dozen day tea party that took place from the 9-12 September on Discord and on the NS region sharing the same name. It consisted of three major competitions, cards related games and events, and lectures which you can still read today.

THoC’s Final Schedule

All times in that image are EST.

The final day’s pull event introduced eleven players to pull events and helped bring more copies of S1 Hesperonis, S1 Mexregionia, S2 Ramaeus, S1 Improving Wordiness, S1 Testlandia, and S2 Testlandia to the world. Congratulations to Virgolia, Fuentana, The Cosmic Mainframe, Noahs Second Country, The Atlae Isles, Pluvie, Constantinolia, Oofery, Catiania, Free Las Pinas for pulling cards during the event.
A big thanks goes to Feu de Glace and the Atlae Isles for lending some of their cards and Noahs Second Country, Grea Kriopia, and Debussy for co-hosting!

We loved seeing everyone’s excitement and creating this shared experiences with the community. If you missed out, THoC is only the first of many. so we hope to see you again in S3!

Chasing our own tails
By Cat and Atlae

You know the feeling. You’re curled up by the fire, and suddenly, you see something small and furry twitch at the edge of your vision. Immediately, your predator instincts rise, and you are on full alert. You remain perfectly motionless, so as not to disturb the prey. Again, the flicker. You leap up and hare after it. It’s a devious quarry, constantly escaping to your side, always just out of reach, leading you in an endless circle. Not one to be discouraged, you pour yourself into the chase, forcing yourself to move ever faster. The thrill of the chase fills you, exhilarated, adrenaline rushing, instincts screaming. But your soon-to-be victim remains just beyond your grasp, never quite letting you seize it. Finally, exhausted, you collapse on your side, panting. Now, you admit to yourself - all along, you were chasing your own tail. But this does not diminish your enjoyment, oh no. Testing yourself is a worthy pursuit, and you are fully satisfied with the efforts of both you and yourself.

Hearing this report from their second, Atlae, Overseeing Officer of EPSA, decided that perhaps it would be a good exercise to collectively chase our own tail. How does EPSA, an organisation, chase its tail you ask? Do organisations even have tails, you say? What stupid questions. I decline to answer.

Separating into two groups, one called ‘Cat’ and the other ‘Mouse’, because one cat related R/D metaphor wasn’t enough, we prepared for battle on the night of the 7th..

Cats - Acronis, Loreintor, Philville2

Mice - Catiania, Virgolia

Despite much of the Cat team having little to no chasing experience, they performed admirably, never giving up despite a lack of success. The Mouse team, thoroughly enjoying the uneven playing field, happily collected several hits.

Hits = 21

After cheerfully chasing ourselves for a while, our game was rudely interrupted by some Grey Wardens and co. Our pivot to a normal tag raid was not as successful as we might have hoped, the tricksy Grey Wardens putting an end to our romp through NationStates.

The joys of this game did not go unnoticed by the rest of NationStates. The NPA came to us with a proposal: a multi-org version, switching who was chasing who halfway through major on the 12th.

EPSA participants + bobberino = Atlae, Philville, Virgolia, Bobberino (NPA)

NPA participants =  ROM, Konar, Nimarya, Palutenia

What followed was a highly enjoyable competition between friends. The finish was tight, with the night eventually going to EPSA by a close margin.

EPSA hits + defenses


NPA hits + defenses


Of course, these escapades were not the only things EPSA has been getting up to! Here are the rest of the missions completed over these this past month:

September 3rd, 2020 (13)

CatBot, Atlae, Catiania, Virgolia, Philville2

September 5th, 2020 (33)
CatBot, Virgolia, Atlae, Catiania, Philville2, Loreintor

September 6th, 2020

Atlae, Catiania, Songaria, Virgolia, Loreintor + Libcord

September 7th, 2020 - already listed above

September 8th, 2020 (24)
CatBot, Philville2, Acronis, Eastern Alksearia, Atlae, Virgolia, Loreintor

September 9, 2020 (11)
Atlae, Catiania, Loreintor, Philville2 + Libcord

September 12, 2020 - already listed above

September 13, 2020
Philville2, Virgolia

September 14, 2020 (36)
Atlae, Virgolia, Catiania, CatBot

September 16, 2020
Atlae, Catiania, Virgolia, Loreintor, Philville2, Vorztovia, Arkantis, Acronis + ERN

September 19, 2020 minor
Liberated: The Writing Nook
Atlae, Virgolia, Philville2, Acronis, Arkantis, Aivintis, Eastern Alksearia, Sokala, Vorztovia

September 19, 2020 major
Liberated: Asia
Atlae, Arkantis, Loreintor, Virgolia, Philville2

September 21, 2020
Liberation: Syria
Atlae, Virgolia + Libcord

September 22, 2020
Virgolia, Philville2

Smol Fur Empire
Smol Fur Empire is a founderless region that due to its late status, has been home to many tag raids. Even the EPSA visited the small, furry region.

But it soon emerged that Smol Fur Empire was being occupied by the large, furry raiders of Lone Wolves United, Social Technocratic Union, and others! Out of sympathy for their small, furry brethren (and totally not because the embassy with Frozen Circle was withdrawn), the EPSA joined the relief effort.

The occupation was large, being the second time since South Pacific when a large group of civilians were recruited for a liberation. The past few updates have been incredibly tight, with defender victory seeming inevitable, while the occupiers stick it out with numerous banjections. As of publication, the battle still wages on.

Either way, it was a fun occasion for both sides to flaunt their power and numbers.

An Epiphany on Democracy
By Inquisitive Examinations

The easy thing to write about would be the massive craters that have dotted The East Pacific and many of its allies and the radiation spread throughout. But Tretrid did a fine job and wrote two articles about the catastrophe we call N-Day already, so we won’t be inquisitively examining any further on that subject.

While we pull ourselves out of the rubble, we must consider whether we stay with our current leadership or look to lift up new leadership to blame for our troubles. That’s right - delegate elections.

An unprecedented TWELVE individuals have accepted their nominations to run for Delegate. In order to be a fair, balanced, and very very objective news source, we will inquisitively examine each and every candidate.

In their campaign, they promised to “take a break” and keep The East Pacific in a state of status quo or stasis. Following their election as Provost, however, Acronis withdrew his campaign.

Eastern Alksearia
In their campaign, they listed what direction they would take each Ministry.

In their campaign, they progressed the merger of The East Pacific into the AI hivemind by creating election.exe. Top scientists have yet to decipher what secrets it may contain.

Great Algerstonia
In their campaign, they adopted much of EnnEssGeePee’s rhetoric of hating The East Pacific and promised to destroy it through various methods and ultimately, a “Great Purge.”

In Aivintis’s campaign, Mangegneithe creates a catchy hashtag and offered “potential solutions to issues” in TEP.

In their campaign], the parrot also creates a catchy hashtag while running for re-election.

In their campaign, they come out of retirement to offer a different vision for TEP.

New Leganes
In their campaign, they offer an inspiring story of how their time in TEP and their ideas forward.

In their campaign, they railed against heresy against Ademar, starting with the doubleposters on the RMB.

In their campaign, they promised to convert TEP to raiderism and Violetism, as well as banning many things.

The Atlae Isles
In their campaign, they note they had written a campaign but it had been stolen. Any rumors of military dictatorship have remained unconfirmed.

In their campaign, the primary challenger to Libertanny last election honked into a tape recorder.and made a campaign.

First thing to note is that a lot of these campaigns were long. Zukchiva noted that his campaign was 11 pages long, down from last election, when it was 19. But the length only serves to hide a casual mindset that serves to doom TEP in the long run.

Every. Single. Candidate. (apart from Taduwe) is part of the government. Acronis is a Deputy Minister and the newly-elected Provost. Eastern Alksearia is also a Deputy Minister and Director of Public Affairs. Evrigenis is a Deputy Minister and the Minister of Virtual Enhancement, aka the person who does coding for the region. Algerstonia’s a Magister. Atlae’s a Deputy Minister and the Overseeing Officer of the EPSA. Lerasi is a Deputy Minister and the former Minister of Culture. Libertanny is the Delegate. (duh) Marrabuk is the former Delegate and is a Cabinet Advisor. New Leganes is a Deputy Minister. Pakitsk is an Arbiter and Cabinet Advisor. Zukchiva is an Arbiter and Deputy Minister.

So we have seven Deputy Ministers jockeying for Delegate. Great. But wait. Out of those 10, FIVE are Viziers (or Delegate), and SIX are EPSA (Zuk is actually a Vizier and an EPSA soldier). Over half of the candidates are on the map of the elitist TEP Evolved group, whose high-quality roleplays are the envy of all NationStates. Quite a few others are or formerly active in RMB roleplay sects, which are also quite vibrant and elitist. Six are also current Magisters, which are also quite an elitist group, with its membership numbers record-shattering as people try to better their reputations. Taduwe is the only true outsider in this race, but alas, they’re a Hawk, and may even be of the same ilk as them.

What we see here is the formation of an oligarchy. So many are appointed Deputy Minister to assure their place in government. One might even call this meritocracy. The East Pacific has 9000+ nations, yet only these forum elites and their cabal?

The East Pacific may claim to be vibrant and bursting with activity. But we all know that something is rotten within. Stagnation is the natural state of TEP, and the activity is just a ploy to lure in unsuspecting nations and kill their creativity and capability for self-thought as they mindlessly bow towards their avian overlords and its allies.

How dare TEP have candidates who deign to be active? How dare these fools take TEP into a completely new direction, invigorating it with new life instead of wallowing in its pit like the good little region it is? How dare TEP have new friends with all these...lesser regions? The East Pacific has debased itself, preferring to play in a lower level than the rest.

And where’s Todd McCloud in all this? The quintessential TEP figure. He and the older generations have been pushed out in favor of the new. Such is the folly of democracy. They push out the old, wise figures who have lead the region for years who are always right. The better system is to dawdle in the Delegate seat for a bit and eventually choose a successor in your immediate circle to appear as if you’re changing. Because change is bad, and The East Pacific should always be Todd’s Pacific.

Don’t be giving any lies about how Todd is busy or he’s writing books. These young whippersnappers have exploded the size of the government to absolutely bloated proportions. The Executive, which for much of TEP’s history has consisted of the Delegate and his or her closest personal advisors, has ballooned into a giant, closed-off Discord server with so many Ministries focused on things TEP has never focused on before. The Magisterium has set a new record in the number of participants in its legislature, a pathetic attempt at vote-stacking by A mean old man, of course. And the Conclave!? Still 4 Arbiters. We have some hope as of yet.

Don’t take these numbers and go thinking that TEP is active, nooooo. It’s a parasite. You see all those laws that the Magisterium passed in the last term? Probably not, because it was cut from this edition from the last minute! Apparently it wasn’t comprehensive enough to list all the things that the Provost AMOM has pushed through at breakneck speed to subvert TEP! That’s the fickle thing with democracy, you see. You need activity from people, of course, but once there are too many people they start to think for themselves.

Look at the EPSA for another example! The EPSA was dead for many years after the Golden Age under Xoriet. A true shining example of what an unaligned, defender-leaning GCR military could look like. And now look at what that Atlae kid is doing. Tagging, liberating, building an army from scratch, pathetic. He’s exploiting the people and conscripting them for the political whims of the elite. And look who’s in the EPSA! A lot of government and roleplay people. It all fits togehter.

Remember that these were the same people who forced out Fedele nary a year ago. Funkadelia published a visionary tract called the “45 Theses” about why the oligarchy was bad, and they called it sedition. When Fedele tried to consolidate power and hand it over to Davelands peacefully, they revolted and banned him from the region, backstabbing him through a Regional Officer namedThe Cult of the Great Cthulhu.

Fedele was one of the best Delegates The East Pacific ever had. He was not afraid to show TEP what it should be, a region slowly simmering over a dying fire, and point out the oligarchy that opposed him. Alas, forces of other NationStates regions rushed in to jockey their ideas.

The anniversary of that day, October 14th, approaches. When we bow our heads in remembrance, we must remember not only those we have lost on that day, but also The East Pacific that could have been. For as much hate as we can pile on them from EnnEssGeePee, they will choose their own direction.

That does not mean we should not fight.

If we can subvert their democracy, one final time, we can bring The East Pacific to its true place. Maybe they’ll even shed their pesky governance system. Prevent the commons from the gateway of citizenship and we can shape The East into what we know best for them.

The East Pacific / The East Pacific News Service - AUGUST 2020 Issue
« on: September 01, 2020, 07:51:29 pm »

The East Pacific News Service
August 31, 2020

An Analysis of the Rejected Time's Survey Rankings of The East Pacific
By Zukchiva
For anyone who stalks the NationStates Gameplay Forums, you are probably aware of the recent survey results released by The Rejected Times (TRT), the Rejected Realm’s most prominent newspaper. This survey has been posted every two years since 2014, and addresses how people view certain aspects of the larger Game-Created Regions.

With the opinions of 53 people having been recorded and analyzed, TRT released a detailed analysis of their 2020 survey, with various categories being used to assess regions. Some of the categories included Overall Perceptions, Diplomacy, Activity, Culture, and Stability.

I, in this article, will set out to explain why the East Pacific’s scores in the categories of Culture, Military Presence, and Stability, have fallen so far compared to most of the other categories. Only three categories will be covered for the sake of keeping this article simple!


One of the greatest hit categories for the survey was Culture, with the East Pacific losing a large margin of -16% of its score compared to 2018. The East Pacific is one of the lowest ranking regions on the list, only barely scraping by the Sinkers.

To the average East Pacifican, this may seem confusing as the East Pacific is traditionally a region steeped with inside jokes and history, some common examples being fridge owls, caek, and pax fruit. However, one should not view this category as assessing a region’s cultural history, but rather how publicly viewable and invested is a region in developing its culture.

An examination of all the other Pacifics, and the Rejected Realms, show a large variety of public events both big and small constantly being hosted. Examples of such events include Democracy Day within the North Pacific, Thinksame in the Pacific, and Punday Mondays in the West Pacific. It is no coincidence that the North & South Pacifics are some of the top regions in this category, while the West Pacific surpasses the East Pacific by a hefty .39 points.

The above facts reinforce the idea that the East Pacific, whilst having a strong cultural identity, does not do much to grow and encourage participation of the community in cultural festivals and games. This should not be blamed upon anyone specifically, but rather how focused the Ministry of Culture has been on hosting interregional events rather than East Pacifican-only events.

It is obvious that the East Pacific therefore needs to take a step forward in terms of hosting cultural events and activities solely, or at least focused upon, the East Pacific. Only then will the East Pacific be able to increase its own cultural values and heighten community involvement to the level of the other Game-Created Regions.


Another hard-hit category for the East Pacific, with a 13% drop from the results of the 2018 survey. Similarly to Culture, the East Pacific is barely scraping by the Sinkers and is below all the other regions within the survey.

That being said, this is not much of a surprising category.

The Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (or EPSA) has not always been the most active military. Infact, EPSA had not really done many updates and mainly acted as a glorified piler force for the better part of 2015 until recently. Updates were so minimal during this period that having participated in even one update was all it took for a soldier to be considered “experienced”.

While the Army is now facing a revival by Overseeing Officer Atlae, it still has a long way to go before it becomes the organization it once was. Especially considering both the small scale of operations the Army is undertaking as well as just how recently Atlae became Overseeing Officer, and it’s plausible to see why The East Pacific was ranked so low.

One way in which the East Pacific can raise this perception is to post update reports on NationStates Gameplay forums. While this is not necessarily important nor necessary, considering the Army already posts its updates on the East Pacific forums, posting such reports will show just how active and present the Army is compared to the military organizations of the other Game-Created Regions.


Stability was one of the categories in which the East Pacific hit hardest, with a gigantic drop of -25% since the last survey. The East Pacific only scores above Lazarus, and barely above at that.

It is not too much of a surprise as to why the drop occurred. Once a region gets couped, the systems it had in place get questioned and the region is seen as vulnerable when it once seemed strong. This drop of perceptions occurred to the East Pacific mainly due to the Fedele coup of 2018.

However, the reason for this drop can be further explained than just the coup. One reason why so many people may have perceptions of instability within the East Pacific is the government’s recent actions, such as the recent situation with the West Pacific, the inclusion of A Mean Old Man within Army Command (although that was later reversed), amongst other choices.

NSGP in general seems to view the East Pacific as a region that, while active and friendly, is not the most stable with a lot of changes coming into the region’s lifestyle and traditions.


It is ultimately clear that the East Pacific has heavily dropped in NSGP’s general perceptions since 2018. And while it is plausible for the East Pacific to work its way back up to the good graces of the interregional community, it remains up to the government on whether or not it will decide to do as such.

But for now, while perceptions may say one thing, it is true that the East Pacific is a thriving and active region. Whilst many improvements can be made, at the end of the day the East Pacific is still chugging along. Ultimately, that is what matters most.

The Ebil Rick-Rolling Goose of TEP
By TechTag
Zukchiva, also known as Zuk, Zukkini, Zukchiva Yura, ZUKHOMINGMISSLE, MOMMY I’M TERRIFIED, derp derp it’s a zuk, derp, Gooseastley, Resident Goose Overlord, let us coup the east pacific, EPSA Cheerleader, and many more one of TEP’s influential and important person/nation up until this day, starting his government work on Marrabuk’s delegation has helped TEP to recover from its knees today. And many people of TEP look up at him as a good person/nation that gives fun to everyone.

TechTag: Ok now we’re on the river where Zukchiva currently lives on and I can also hear some “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley in the distance so it means he’s nearby here.

<proceeds to make honking sounds>

Zukchiva: Stoopid hooman, don’t speak in my language, I can’t literally understand you. And you suck at honking lol. Anyways, why did you decided to visit me in my rick-rolling river?

TechTag: I came here to interview you for our EPNS Issue for this month! Would like you like to spare a bit of time for a few questions, please?

Zukchiva: Eh sure, why not? I have some time for it.

TechTag: Thank you very much! Okay, here is the first question. Why did you decide to be a goose? Is there any particular reason or anything that led you to be a goose? What was the reason that made you make it canon if it was accidentally mentioned by someone?

Zukchiva: There was no particular reason. I was watching some videos of the game known as “Untitled Goose Game”, which for the uninitiated is a game where a goose causes trouble in a small village in Europe. And I felt that it was a cool character so I became a “goose”.

And when people began calling me a goose, I began reacting to them in a way I find slightly annoying and sometimes slightly funny. And over time, this cycle of people calling me a goose and my reactions to them solidified my goosey persona. :D

TechTag: What was your first experience when you joined The East Pacific?

Zukchiva: My first experience was just one of uncomfortableness. I received the welcome telegram from Queen Yuno (our Delegate of the time), and I think I decided to stay in TEP based on that. But I found the game to be weird in general, and I didn’t really like all the telegrams being spammed onto me from recruiters.

After that, I began roleplaying on the RMB and things went up from there.

TechTag: What does it feel like being an important person in TEP and being a meme at the same time?

Zukchiva: To be honest, I don’t think my memeness and importance conflict with each other. TEP is all about memes and if you look into TEP’s important people, you’ll find that each has a lot of personal mottos and jokes. One I particularly remember but don’t understand is Bach’s tendency to eat children.

That being said, I don’t feel that important. I’m just chilling here and trying to have fun, so being a meme just means I’m enjoying myself in TEP!

TechTag: Is Bach going to eat me?

Zukchiva: Yes.

TechTag: What is your opinion on TEP as a whole?

Zukchiva: I feel like we are doing well as a region. The Magisterium is full of Magisters who vote and debate on stuff. Roleplay is chugging new stories at a rapid pace. The government is no longer a dead fish in the water, compared to a few months before the coup.

So I think TEP is doing well, considering it hasn’t even been a year since the coup. :P

TechTag: What’s your say on the government of TEP?

Zukchiva: I think our government is active enough. But I feel like we have a LOT of legal problems that I believe we should seek to fix. Some of them include our citizenship process, resident rights, and how our legislature functions.

As such, I have been pushing for Concordat “reform” in order to fix our most basic set of laws, in the hopes that we can fix all of the Concordat's major flaws!

TechTag: What does it feel when you ran for the delegacy and lost? Are you somewhat expecting to lose or some sort?

Zukchiva: Honestly, it didn’t really feel that good. I definitely felt some form of disappointment and some other mixed emotions. However, within the next few months, I would get over it and focus my efforts more on TEP!

I honestly was expecting to lose the moment the first votes came in. Libertanny always had a slight lead ahead of me. So while I did try to remain hopeful, I also did some-what expect to lose elections. :p

TechTag: Let’s say in an alternate universe, that you win the delegacy, what would you rather do in general?

Zukchiva: Work for the East Pacific’s best interests. In other words, host more cultural events, set up a WA program, expand our news capabilities, and forge new relations with new regions. Those are the main things I would’ve done if I was Delegate!

TechTag: What’s your opinion in Libertanny running the TEP Government?

Zukchiva: Libertanny has done extremely well in running our government. He’s handled so many situations and issues in ways I would have never even thought of. It’s almost to the point where I wonder if I would have done nearly as well as Libertanny is doing now if I had become Delegate.

One thing I do love about Libertanny is his balance with his goals and the views of his cabinet. Libertanny has set goals and definitions for his term, but he also listens to his advisors and Ministers and adjusts his plans according to their input. His ability to listen and not be too stubborn has led the way to a diverse, active, and really well-functioning Executive in my opinion.

TechTag: What do you think about the people of TEP?

Zukchiva: I think everyone in TEP is awesome. We have the capabilities of being serious and being funny/crazy/insane on a dime, which I really love.

I do feel like we shitpost too much, but besides that, we’re pretty awesome as a community.

TechTag: Did you enjoy life here in the Nation States as one of the oldest nations?

Zukchiva: While I do enjoy life in NationStates, I do have to say that in terms of age I am a very young nation. In fact, I am what most would consider a toddler. :P

TechTag: If new nations were to join and interested in working here in TEP, what would be the best advice you can give to them?

Zukchiva: Have fun. Don’t feel obligated to do anything. Ask for help. Join the Magisterium and vote, so that you can learn about our laws. Don’t feel awkward about sharing your opinion, and don’t apologize for it. And in everything you do, try to do it both for yourself and for the betterment of TEP.

TechTag: Lastly, if you haven’t encountered the Nation-States game, what would you think your roleplaying life would be? Does it stay the same?

Zukchiva: Frankly, I probably wouldn’t be roleplaying at all. xD Not sure what I would be doing, but roleplay outside of NS doesn’t really interest me.

TechTag: wHaT dO thInK AbOuT mE? (ofc we would not let go a memey question cause this is Zuk peeps.)

Zukchiva: A very cool person who seems to be working hard at his goals, and a person I consider a friend! You kinda remind me of well… me. Yes, that sounds weird, but it’s a fact. Whether that’s cool or not is up to you. :P

TechTag: Thank you very much for your time Mr.Goose! I hope you have a good day and life ahead of you! Here’s a loaf of bread by the way as a gift!

Also, Zukchiva hates Grammarly and other grammar checkers. -TechTag

Thaecia and the East Pacific; Friends & Comrades
By Zukchiva
Under the guidance of Delegate Marrabuk and Delegate Libertanny, the East Pacific has made great strides in recovering its strength and rebuilding itself. One important aspect both Delegates have focused on is foreign affairs. During both Delegate’s administrations, the East Pacific made a strong focus to form new meaningful relations with a multitude of regions, as well as to solidify and expand long-standing relations. One of the regions whom the East Pacific chose to form bonds with is a User-Created Region known as Thaecia.

Marrabuk initially reached out to Thaecia to establish relations sometime in October, right after the coup occurred. Negotiations were favorable Thaecia and the East Pacific had established consulates with each other by Janurary. In March, relations were furthered when an in-game embassy was established between both regions.

While the building of relationships was certainly fast, it was not without merit. Both communities share various similarities, such as having a love of memes, being democratic, and being generally inclusive communities. With their similarities to each other, the outpour of support each region has for each other is to be expected!

Given the region’s strong relations, as well as how close the region’s communities are, it was no surprise when both regions eventually began thinking of entering into a treaty. Negotiations began in early June, and the treaty was brought before the Magisterium in late July. Eventually, the treaty would be ratified by the East Pacific in early August, with a 94% majority of Magisters in favor of ratification.

In order to specify the special bond between the East Pacific and Thaecia, a poem named “Poem of the Greats” was included as the treaty’s preamble. In addition, the treaty avoided the use of treaty templates often utilized by regions ironing out treaties, with The East Pacific and Thaecia opting to write their own unique treaty instead. With these two facts in mind, it is obvious both regions sought to build a special treaty for their unique friendship.

While time will tell if the bond between the East Pacific and Thaecia will hold, it is obvious that both regions are hoping to build a more fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with each other, to last for years to come.

EPSA Mission Reports
By Catiana
(Editor’s note: These reports detail EPSA’s activity in the past couple of weeks. They are written in a different style than the usual articles.)

Actual picture of a dark and stormy night

It was a dark and stormy night.
The wind was biting, the temperature frigid, the rain sheeting down. It was not a night to be out raiding. But Lieutenant Catiania was insistent. He had something to show his commanding officer.
Catiania led Atlae through the gales to a shed behind the EPSA barracks. He had a frantic, fevered look about him. Atlae didn’t like it one bit. Catiania paused by the doors to the shed.
‘Prepare yourself,’ he said, ‘For nothing will be the same again.’
He threw open the doors, revealing, in the weak light of the sun in a storm, a small, furry, undeniably cute form in the center of the dilapidated building.


Actual picture of CatBot

‘It’s… it’s a cat’ said Atlae, doubtfully. Had Catiania finally cracked?
‘No, no, not just a cat.’ Catiania ‘My invention... my creation... it can sniff out the defenceless, the weak, the cowardly. It can lead us right to them. It is a machine unparalleled, an unflinching, unrelenting weapon of war.’
Catiania thrust the small bundle of fur into Atlae’s arms. It nuzzled it’s nose into his armpit and curled itself up in his arms, purring contentedly. It didn’t seem so much a weapon of war as a very tired kitten. Atlae was skeptical. But yet, Catiania had never been wont to conjure up wild imaginings. So Atlae agreed to let the kitten loose with some of his trusted soldiers.

Trial participants
The Atlae Isles
Refuge Isle

The soldiers assembled, watching Catiania apprehensively. Standing in the rain, the wind flapping the grey, dramatically frayed cloak that had suddenly appeared on his shoulders, Catiania threw his arms wide, and declared:
The kitten, still curled in Atlae’s arms, suddenly straightened, its limbs ramrod straight, its eyes glowing red. It shot off into the distance, leaving behind only the ghost of a low growl. Atlae and the soldiers exchanged glances, shrugged, and charged off after CatBot.
What followed was an extremely successful night, as the increasingly exhausted members of EPSA struggled to keep up with CatBot’s boundless enthusiasm and sheer effectiveness. So effective, indeed, that they conquered their own barracks.

Victims of the cat 21/08/20

Due to CatBot’s preoccupation with bugs - it missed out on the minor updates and slept while the defenders went rampant - the second test was a little less effective.

Solitary Victim 22/08/20 minor
The Atlae Isles
Refuge Isle

After CatBot was given some catnip and some scratches behind the ears, it leaped off and liberated many regions of their vermin problem.

Vermin cleared 22/08/20 major

Allowing CatBot some rest after it’s exhausting couple of outings, EPSA joined up with some of our friends to occupy Calefacta Aquas Piscinae for a little while. The official report can be found here

By the next major CatBot was ready for action once more, and indeed hit so many targets that it started forgetting them.

victims 25-08-20 major Organization

victims 26-08-20 major

victims 27-08-20 major

victims 28-08-20 major

Previous mission reports may be found here.

Roleplaying with Music: Urthvision
By Sammy and Blueacia
Back in 2018, when I (Sammy) wasn’t really involved in any TEP stuff, I used to spend a lot of time on our old Skype server. Blue was one of the people around there, and as soon as he realised I knew some stuff about Eurovision, he suggested me to join a contest he had been making for Forum Roleplay for some months. It was called “Urthvision”, and was an attempt to emulate Eurovision on Urth. I made New Leganés join then in the third edition of it, and since then Urthvision has reached an incredible number of 12 editions. In the seventh edition, there was a tie between Blueacia and New Leganés on the first position, so we both won and hosted the next edition. It was a really nice time, but people might have some questions… So let the expert talk!!

First of all what is the Urthvision Songfestival?
Simply said it’s Urth’s version of the Eurovision Songcontest.

How did it come to existence?
Few years back I (Blueacia) asked on the old Skype server if people knew Eurovision and if they would join a RP when it would be on the forums. After some questions from people I knew I had to think some more about it. In november 2017 I dared to really start it and asked a few people who I talked a lot with to join. Since then we had 12 editions, the last edition just ended.

How is it RP’ed?
Well, if I may say so, it’s quite an easy roleplay. People pick whatever song they like, come up with RP names and write a bit about the song and/or about the performers. The host collects all the info and makes it into 1 post and can write a bit bit around it. when the post is up all the participating countries can vote on the songs with the Eurovision rules (so no voting for your own song). The winner will host the next edition just like Eurovision.

How many editions and winners are there?
The 12th edition just finished. And because of a tie in one of the editions there are 13 different winners, we’re still waiting for the first nation to win it a second time. Some of them are no longer on Urth, but the winners are:
1 - Caltharus
2 - Hama
3 - Free Syllvin
4 - Furnifold
5 - East Cerdani
6 - Absurdistan
7 - New Leganés & Blueacia
8 - Kuthernburg
9 - Tivot
10 - Shango
11 - Norgsveldet
12 - Acronis

How many participants are in Urthvision?
The total of different nations joining Urthvision is 55. The record of participants in 1 Urthvision is 18, this happened twice. 1 time was when people were allowed to join with multiple nations and the second time it was 18 different people joining.

Anything else?

(Sammy) Before ending, we must also mention the extraordinary roleplayers that now make the hall of fame: Dylan, Oan, Furni, Arramall, Rico, Tuva, Todd, Norgs and Ben, as well as we both. The contest has seen how people have come and gone, and the history of Forum Roleplay and Urth itself during these 3 years, making it one of the oldest events still going on and part of Urth’s essence. It brings hype and activity to the roleplaying, and also a diversity of music tastes, styles and culture of each nation and even each roleplayer. It is a real honor to have participated in it for such a long time, and we hope it continues along with both the old and new generations of roleplayers.

N-Day 4 - A Flying Disaster
By Aga
(Editor’s note: This article is a work of satire. None of these views represent that of the Eastern Pacific News Service.)

Right from the very beginning, UPPERCUT knew it wasn't going well. They already sounded like a shady butchery, and battling with fake factions with the same of similar names wasn't going to do any wonders for their bad naming situation. Seeing that the name "UPPERCUT" was taken, they rushed to create a newer faction: "UPPERCUTS". That didn't only make them sound like the butchery, but made them sound like a shady slaughterhouse, which uses terrible karate to dispose of cattle. However, it soon emerged that UPPERCUT(s) has much larger problems than cows. They had to face genocidal jockeys- The Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Death; Pestilence and Famine.. The Short Tempered Horsemen (administered by Hell) rose through the ranks, as they added puppets upon puppets into their factions, some of them unfairly exploiting the fact that they are kind hearted and cute defenders who won't even do a fashbash.

Finally, you've got Canopy, a friendly and neutral faction that was powerful but largely irrelevant until it will one day be destroyed, much like the Amazon rainforest. Canopy always strove to maintain the friendly irrelevance, hoping that no bigger powers will betray them, and that their friendly yet strangely irritating apathy will eventually pay off.  Pay off it did. Second place was significantly better than they could hope for.

So, three powerful amigos (Jockeys, Canopy and the Slaughter-House) were off to war, armed with the illusion of peace, Slaughter-House moving bullishly; 'Fenda Jockeys with a short temper and Canopy being forgotten. However, we all knew that Harmony wouldn't last.  It's N-Day, after all - the only day when defenders can be violent.

The Horsemen attacked the butchers, not the forest. Jockeys, can unfortunately get away with anything. So they attacked, with their multiple satellite states, nuking UPPERCUT(S) to obliteration.  Then, that was it. The nasty defenders won. What more is there to say? I could ramble on about how the UPPERCUT(S) leadership structure was non-existent, how Canopy will remain irrelevant unless they become controversial, and how the usage of puppets should be curbed, but I won't. Partially because there is no point- N-Day will probably be changed by a team of mods hell-bent on changing everything to make it easier for them to win, but also because is there really a point horsing (geddit?) on about this? No. It’s once a year- enjoy it for Christ’s sake! Let’s  nuke each other to death without a care in the world! Pretend we’re not  maniacs playing a strange and infamous game, and enjoy nuking people who don’t agree with us. Because that is the true spirit of N-DAY.

The Puppetmaster
By Inquisitive Examinations

(Editor’s note: This article is a work of satire. None of these views represent that of the Eastern Pacific News Service.)

The East Pacific’s foreign affairs are in turmoil. If left unchecked, it would result in possibly irreparable damage to The East Pacific’s image and reputation among foreign regions.

The East Pacific has lost the #2 spot to Chicken Overlords.

On August 16, the WFE (World Factbook Entry, pronounced ‘woofie’) of Chicken Overlords proudly proclaimed “We Beat The East Pacific to become the 2nd largest region!“ right around when both regions were around the 8100 nations mark. Although The East Pacific quickly regained the #2 spot, with Chicken Overlords’ WFE saying “We temporarily Beat The East Pacific to be the 2nd largest region!”, it was all for naught, as Chicken Overlords steadily surpassed The East Pacific, which did not catch up. As of August 31, Chicken Overlords has about 9,687nations, set on exceeding The North Pacific’s population of 9,727 (only 50 away).

Now, what makes Chicken Overlords so special? It is currently the largest user-created region, so one would expect people in Gameplay to really care about it. However, its delegate, -The Chicken-, only has one endorsement. Including the delegate, there are 14 WA nations in Chicken Overlords. Assuming that they are goody-two-shoes, that means at least 14 natives, with some non-WA puppets here and there. However, that still accounts for... *checks notes* 9,713 nations unaccounted for. Aside from the fact that 0.1% of these nations are WA and only one of them is endorsing the delegate, that’s an absurd number of nations whose identities are otherwise unknown!

It soon becomes apparent that Chicken Overlords is stuffed with nations called “Womble” with a number affixed to it. Their most recent additions have been going closer and closer to five digits, which would be extremely less alarming if this “Womble” character counted in binary instead of base 10. This proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that this “Womble” persona is not a machine or a program, at least not 100%. It’s been speculated that this “Womble” person maintains the puppets with Auralia’s login script, and it has also been observed that this “Womble” individual really loves Anarchies, since all of the “Womble” nations are Anarchies. This has created a large anomaly in statistics, much to the consternation of WA Census Bureau statisticians and stats-lovers alike, who have clearly nothing better to do.

At first, this story may seem like a non-story. Who cares about this “Womble” being creating thousands of nations to hold the top spot in regional leaderboards anyway? Chicken Overlords is nothing but a bloated puppet storage and embassy collector region, with its activity generated by either talking to themselves or other puppets, right?

But there’s more than meets the eye.

Some have speculated that these “Womble” puppets serve a purpose. Some have speculated that they are to partake in ‘ardee’ (we at Inquisitive Examinations have been told that this is inaccurate due to Chicken Overlords being early to update and rather a nuisance to must ardeers) and others have suggested that they are card farmer puppets (which, while there have been many puppets of card farmers, Womble does not appear to be a very big one), but they seem to miss the true purpose here. There must be something more than creating the nations out of boredom and leaving them and counting up the numbers. There’s got to be an ulterior motive here to creating thousands of governments and billions of citizens out of thin air for.

It only takes a bit of digging.

An obvious solution would be N-Day or Z-Day, which, although unconfirmed, is rumored to take place in late September and Halloween, respectively. A nine or ten-thousand nation army would be formidable at N-Day, for example. But there may be more.

“Wombles,” according to a Chicken Overlords official, referred to those of the Wimbledon Common, which according to Wikipedia Britannica are little animals that love recycling. Could this be a message to those across NationStates to recycle? Is this “Womble” figure attempting to spread their recycling propaganda, during these times, across NationStates by flooding puppets to the point where no one can go anywhere without seeing them?

This is ghastly. This is nefarious. As a proud, freedom-loving investigative journalist team, we pride ourselves in exposing the inner doings of the elite and the corrupt and the mainstream media. We strongly advocate for national sovereignty and we will not stand for this explicit messaging poisoning the world with pro-recycling propaganda!

When we at Inquisitive Examinations examine inquisitively, we proudly assert the right to throw evidence and things we don’t agree with in the trash. No snowflake like this “Womble” fellow can make us change our mind. You will take this refuse from our cold, dead hands!

This explains everything. The collection of embassies. The race to the top of the leaderboard. They are trying to tell everyone. But we cannot let this stand. Look at The East Pacific. After Chicken Overlords overtook it, what color was TEP’s flag? Green! This is environmentalist advocacy at its finest.

In addition, around the 30th and the 31st, the so-called “servers” were going down for upgrading. This is a metaphor for the recycling lobby getting its way, as the number of nations were to blame. If this “Womble” bloke didn’t overtake The North Pacific by the time “downtime” occurred, they can at least be satisfied that they could slow down the world, temporarily, with their recycling protest. Only our lord and savior Drew Durnil can slow down time and space by supplying an influx of nations.

If only the “Womble” puppets were for the best and most dedicated ardeer or card farmer or nuke factory in existence. Don’t let this “Womble” personage indoctrinate you with their anti-trash agenda. It is time to eject/banject every nation possible into The Rejected Realms, the trash collector of regions, so that our mound of trash will surpass even that of the Wombles. It’s politically incorrect to call The Rejected Realms a trash heap, you say? Hmph.

We at Inquisitive Examinations are being told that telling everyone to empty their regions into TRR amounts to “Sedition” in the Conclave. We will not be censured by the corrupt East Pacifican government and its arcane and stupid legal system. Imagine democracy, anyway. We will continue to examine inquisitively the nefarious Chicken Overlords! These chickens will never be our overlords!

The East Pacific / The East Pacific News Service - JULY 2020 ISSUE
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The East Pacific News Service
July 31, 2020

Mindful Horizons: The University Reimagined
By Wonderess (Castle Federation)

Over the years, since 2011, I have spent in NationStates, I have realized that being here was never about the game. Of course, gameplay can be fun and fulfilling, but really NS gives us an opportunity to be a part of a community and contribute something we can be proud of. I am happy to be able to tell you here that yet another opportunity has blossomed in The East Pacific. The historic University of The East Pacific is open once again for everyone to enjoy and take part in. I am equally proud and humbled that I am the one that gets to speak to you about it. I am thankful to the Delegate for allowing me to become a new addition to the TEP community in such an amazing capacity as the Chancellor of the University.

You may be wondering what is in store for the University, so I hope I can paint a full picture for you. UTEP is first and foremost a community. I have decided on a motto for the University which is Veritas per civitatem which translates to “Truth through community.” It is all well and good to learn through Wikipedia pages or readings through books, but knowledge really comes alive when we approach it through discourse and speak about our loves with those who share our passion. Truth comes through the encounter of the other, and so UTEP fully revolves around this premise. We have both forums for in character topics such as NationStates subjects, role play, TEP history, along with real-world topics like science, the humanities, and subjects you would find at a real-world university. We provide goals to work towards such as the creation of a department which through effort can thrive into a sub-community focusing on a specific topic. You may even find yourself promoted to professor one day heading that department. The UTEP balance is between openness to provide spaces and resources for the topics you love to explore and also keeping the structure coherent so that there are not a bunch of empty channels or subforums forever.

The University mainly functions in two places. The forum is where academic works like papers go while the newly formed UTEP Discord is where conversations and casual learning take place. We are still getting things up and running, but I think the level of interest and excitement I have seen is very promising. I hope UTEP can be a place where all of NS can come and take part and actively bring growth to the TEP community as a prime intellectual hub of NationStates.
If anything here piques your interest, then I invite you to join us. If you would like to be a part of the inaugural UTEP staff and come join our ongoing conversations then you should join our Discord:

Then just petition the Chancellor for membership in the Chancellor Petition channel, and you are on your way. Details about the university can also be found on the Discord in the Quick Facts channel. No matter who you are, there is something you can bring to our community that no one else can. I hope to see you come to take part soon! Thank you for reading, and here’s to a long-lasting and successful University!

Wonderess (Castle Federation)
Chancellor of the University

TEP RMB: A Fantastic Place to Be
By Zukchiva

By now many readers of our awesome regional newspaper have seen articles on both RMB RP and forum RP. And many may be wondering… “Really? Another article on this roleplay stuff? How is this relevant to anything I care about?”

Well, consider this article as an opinion, by me, Zukchiva, on why RMB RP is an awesome place for roleplay for your average newbie. Or in other words… a sort of recruitment article? Whatever, let’s get to it.


Many roleplaying regions usually have one or two maps, in which people set their nations and roleplaying careers on. Maps are pivotal to most regional roleplay communities and rarely does roleplay exist in a region with no map to mark down land claims.

But here in TEP’s RMB, map limitations are nothing but a false construct. We’ve gone through multiple variations of maps and are still learning to this day what makes a jaw-dropping map and what makes a flop. In fact, you could consider the map environment of TEP RMB RP’s as something following Darwin’s theories of evolution; the maps that attract and keep roleplayers survive and thrive, those that fail to grab interest eventually die out and are forgotten.

But this world of tough love shouldn’t be discouraging to any intrepid cartographer! Roleplayers are forever seeking new opportunities to a) worldbuild, b) rule the world, or c) shitpost in new creative contexts. And what provides those very necessary opportunities? MAPS!

So the bulk of this reason is that TEP’s RMB RP is really a place for map experimentation. Roleplay in the (currently) three maps available, or maybe even make your own map and see what makes a good roleplay!


Not everyone wants to roleplay with only themselves for company. Most people really want to experience the joys of nation-making with other flesh-and-blood humans. At the risk of toxicity, headaches, drama, and angst, roleplaying with other people is something that can be an enlightening and fun experience!

And that’s what TEP’s RMB RP roleplay has. An active, dedicated community focused on roleplaying (at least, when they aren’t meme-posting or discussing politics when the ROs aren’t prowling). It’s a community that’s been established for over two years, and it has been extremely vibrant ever since. (It’s also kind of taken over the entire RMB, to the point where “RMB” is a stand-in for “RMB RP”, but don’t tell anyone that.)

If you don’t believe me, just look at those page numbers! From 2011-2017, the RMB only had around 3,000 pages (sad). But then when the spark of roleplay hit, the RMB churned out nearly 40k pages in the span of 2018-2020 (nice).


A lot of times, people often fear roleplaying/writing in general because they think they suck at doing it. The fact is, however, that RMB RP is full of “bad” roleplay. Plot lacking, shallow characters, and godmodding are as common to RMB RPers as seeing roleplay posts are.

So is your low-quality writing holding you back? Are those large beautifully-written textwalls scaring ya from trying your hand? Well, don’t let them. Because lemme tell you: I was here when all of these roleplayers began writing their first roleplays. And while they all write beautifully now, they sucked when they first started out in their writing diapers!

So TEP RMB RP is perfectly used to “bad” roleplays. So come and grow with us! We won’t do much (besides decimating your country and take over the world).


Roleplaying, in the end, is an awesome endeavor that occurs all throughout NationStates and the internet in general. But TEP’s RMB RP is one of the best places to begin your roleplaying career; whether it’s trying to get used to socializing with people on the Internet, improving your writing, or just wanting to talk about your nation to others.

You have to start somewhere, so why not start in a dedicated, experimenting, seen-it-all roleplay community? Because in the end, there really is no reason not to!

So come along down, old and newbie roleplayers alike, to TEP’s RMB RP. I promise we’ll take care of ya. Somewhat.

See you around! :D

Rewarding TEP
By y0 (Evrigenis)

Throughout my time in The East Pacific, I have found many aspects enjoyable—the region’s diverse RPs, lively government debates, and new trading cards organization have each been good reasons to start playing and keep staying. But I have found the best reason of all is its community. Our community is hard to define, but one of our core characteristics is that we are extremely inclusive and constantly improving. In the last month, we have initiated several region-wide programs to boost activity.

One major component of this suite of renovations is the World Assembly. If you’re not familiar with it yet, here are some pages that may help you get context. If you are familiar, that’s great! To encourage region-wide participation in the WA, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has launched Raising Eastern World Assembly Recognition and Development. Wallenburg, TEP’s MoWAA, stated his primary objective for the program succinctly: “As Minister for WA Affairs, I am chiefly interested in getting people to join the WA, take interest in its mechanics, and become part of the WA community.”
As a precursor to REWARD, TEP implemented an auto-updating dispatch to encourage WA members to endorse our Delegate, Libertanny. But that’s just the beginning. We have also begun discussion for a tiered reward system based on how many endorsements nations give and receive. But that’s not where REWARD ends. [nation]The World Assembly Development Program of TEP[/nation] has made strides to publish region-wide opinions on resolutions. We are also in the process of building a mentorship program that connects experienced authors with newer members of the community.
If you haven’t already, you should join the WA community! I hope you’ll find it as rewarding as I do.

Volinovia and Merlovich Talk About Each Other’s Maps!
By TechnocraticTagalog

Here in NationStates, every region has its own message board, or RMB for short, which is used for talking IC (In-Character) or OOC (Out-of-Character) stuff. But here in TEP, the RMB has another function, Roleplay!

But first, what is a roleplay? What is RMB? The Regional Message Board, or RMB for short, is a chat function visible in a region,( found by scrolling down on the region’s homepage). This aspect allows nations of that region or other people from other regions if they have an embassy there to communicate and displays their flag as well as allowing them to ‘like’ others’ messages and quote them. Roleplay is the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role.

Now we have RMB RPs where people role-play in the regional message board. But what do they roleplay? Of course, there are people who have made specific maps and specific eras to fit the nation/player’s taste on roleplay! In TEP we currently have 3 very active roleplays, Windsor by [nation]Volinovia[/nation], Valsora by [nation]Merlovich[/nation], and Courisla by me!

Windsor takes place in the World War I Era of the 1910s to 1920s; Valsora features modern technology roleplay that is slowly advancing into future tech, while Courisla is a renaissance role-play that is also advancing in technology. But since there are lots of Regional Message Board Role-plays sometimes bad things happen including on which RMB RP is better or such, and this is the purpose of this article, to ask the owners/cartographer’s opinion about other RMB RPs throughout the entire region of The East Pacific, starting with Volinovia, the Owner and the Lead Cartographer of Windsor!

TechTag: *barges in Volinovia’s room door* Hemlo Volinovia! How are you? Are you doing fine on your vacation? I hope you get a keyboard soon. Anyways I’m not here for that, But I think you already know why am I here right?

Volinovia: Hello! Doing fine here, thank you though. And yes I do know why you are here in the middle of night barging in at my big mansion is totally not creepy.

TechTag: Okay, okay I am sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep. I will only ask a few questions about the RMB RPs then I will leave you alone. Is that okay?

Volinovia: Fine then. Ask.

TechTag: So, what do you think about Valsora?

Volinovia: I love Valsora, it was the map I really made the image of my nation on through kicking the NUSSR’s butt back when he was fledgling. I have always liked it through Zuk, Nova, and now Merlo.

TechTag: Okay okay, what do you think about Merlovich and Valsoran roleplayers? Instead?

Volinovia: Valsoran Roleplayers have always been my friends, I have always kept tabs on Valsora and the movement of things in the TEP, although I may be biased in thinking Windsor is better, Valsora is certainly not far behind and is an important piece of the TEP’s history.

TechTag: Hmmmm, okay. Last question. Are there any circumstances that you have encountered saying that “Valsora is better than Windsor” or other things that basically make Windsor and Valsora somewhat rivals? If yes, what would you do to show that it’s not rivals of some sort, and if no, what would be your response to it if it happens?

Volinovia: I remember in the first version of Windsor had a small running with a Valsora v Windsor rivalry. I don’t think that either map is “better”. Each RPer needs to find the map based on their RP style. While Windsor may be a little more Game like and in-depth, Valsora has its own charms that make it unique as well and nobody should be judged based on their choice of map. If a Windsor RPer went around toting that Windsor is better than Valsora and started being toxic I’d clamp down on them, I would expect and hope that Merlo and the Valsora staff would do the same.

TechTag: Thank you for your amazingly grandiose answers Voli! I know this may be short and somehow quick as it’s my first article and *sigh* woooo. This is somehow nerve-cracking! Anyways I shall barge out of your room now! Until we meet again! Woop woop!

Woo! What an entertaining interview! Let’s go barge into Merlovich next! This will be enjoyable as well!

TechTag: *barges in Merlovich’s door* Hemlo Merlooooooooo! I mean no- Oi mate! howdy! What are you doing in this fine upside-down world today? Oh my god, it’s too hot here!

Merlovich: G’day m8, what brings you here in the middle of deserted Australia with lots of spiders, snakes, and emus?

TechTag: Ah yes, I came here to interview you! about…..*pants heavily* Windsor… Yes! Windsor.

Merlovich: About Windsor? Hm sure, go ahead!

TechTag: Okay then if you say so, first question -- so, what do you think about Windsor?

Merlovich: I think Windsor is great, it's always interesting to look at other maps as a map owner myself. I like Windsor both as a conventional map, and admire the loyalty it's members show to it. Despite it's quieter nature recently, Windsor still has a great load of potential, and I'm eager to see where it goes.

TechTag: What a wonderful answer: very nice, next question! What do you think about Volinovia and Windsorian roleplayers instead?

Merlovich: I don't know a huge amount about individual roleplayers on Windsor, but I know that they're quite strongly tied with the map, and they enjoy it. As for Volinovia, that only goes to show how much he cares for the map, and how well he's done at running it.

TechTag: *is jungshooked* Okay, questionne la finale~ Are there any circumstances that you have encountered saying that “Windsor is better than Valsora” or other things that basically make Windsor and Valsora somewhat rivals? If yes, what would you do to show that it isn't at all If no, what would be your response to it if it happens?

Merlovich: I've heard from a lot of people that Windsor is either being run better or is overtaking or has 'overtaken' Valsora as the RMB's main RP map. I've seen a lot of people place Windsor and Valsora as direct rivals, which I'm not a fan of, and neither is Voli. Both these maps can work and live in peace with one another, and they've done so recently quite well. I dispute the claim that Valsora is any lesser than Windsor, while I admire the work that Voli has put into Windsor, and am impressed with its longevity, I'm still confident that Valsora is the main map for RMB RP. Valsora goes through ups and downs, it always has and the cycle continues no different, sometimes there just needs to be a spark to keep the RMB alive and running smoothly. Valsora is still going strong and will continue to do so. I love this map and have the utmost faith in it's continued success as TEP's main RMB map.

TechTag: What a long answer, anyways thank you so much for your time and such, I hope you have a good day mate!

Merlovich: Yeah, you too!

There we go, we basically got each other’s opinions on their maps. Both Cartographers say each other’s map is awesome and unique in its own way, having different roleplay styles. Both maps have their own life and fandom and should not get hate, as they are one of TEP’s most influential RMB RP Maps, and their purpose is to shed happiness and fun to its roleplayers, not hate. -TechTag

Technocratic Tagalog Interview: RMB’s Rising Star
By Art (Sokala)

1. How long have you been in NationStates?

Around 96 Days! And Yep, I’m one of those peeps who joined during the infamous “Drew Wave”.

2. How long have you been in The East Pacific?

I started in TEP So lol! Same day as my nation founded above!

3. What was the first RP that you joined? What made you join that RP?

Windsor, I was pretty much got interested with it as I talked with some RMB Persons that are included in the map which are; [nation]Azureano[/nation], [nation]Volinovia[/nation], and [nation]Distro-Spartica[/nation].

4. Are there any other RPs you are part of? What are those RPs?

Yep! I am also a Part of Valsora, My own map, Courisla, and now the forum rp, Urth! And some Roblox RPs

5. What are you RPing as in those RPs respectively?

Ah, in Valsora I’m just a simple republic there who is slowly rebuilding from the ashes of its past, I decided to go into that way since I’m inactive in Valsora, In Windsor, I am a Kingdom bearing the name of Valhalla, a powerful Kingdom with a pretty much worldbuild related to some real-life nations. And in Urth, I’m an Absolute Monarchy focusing on Technology.

6. Prior to NationStates, did you have any other experiences in roleplay?

I have been to a lot, I have also experienced roleplaying in such games such as; Roblox, Minecraft and other games but not this time of roleplay as a nation of course hahaha. And some real-life roleplays that I’m sure I don’t wanna talk about.

7. What are your thoughts on your rapid ‘promotion’ from cartographer to one of the admins of Windsor, a relatively powerful position for someone who’s less than a year in NS?

It was a damn emotional rollercoaster. In just a span of three months, I have already got into this position? Man, this feels like yesterday when I joined, to be honest. I don’t even know how I went up into this position starting as a Helper, I just did my own thing and moved with the flow, It's pretty much amazing if you ask me.

8. With Volinovia moving on from Windsor, what are your future plans for it?

Currently, I am still planning the last update that Volinovia was going to make for Windsor before he decided to leave, the culture and religion update in which Culture is now released, planning for religion. But I guess for now I don’t have many future plans for it but I’m sure there is a plan that might come soon.

9. You recently joined the Urth RP of TEP. Any thoughts on why you joined Urth?

I am a man of curiosity. I like to check out things when I have extra time and have nothing to do, I saw the server invite in the main discord server and joined, There are a lot of supportive people there like Sammy ([nation]New Leganes[/nation]) and Dylan([nation]Staynes[/nation]) which really urged me to join Urth and here we are now, me having a fun time on Urth as well.

10. There are talks about you rebooting Courisla. Any comments on this?

Courisla just went from active to super dead when I lost my charger for 2-3 weeks, I started it as a joke as I am trying to hone my cartography skills without using a premade map by a generator and tried it. It turned at least pretty decent and joked about it on the server then, yeah some people do want the reboot. Who knows? Maybe in the near future if someone is still interested.

Looking through the Stained Glass Windows
By Inquisitive Nominations

Editor’s Note: The following is a work of satire and does not represent the views of The East Pacific.

As you know, we are currently in the middle of this [current world event], and no doubt it’s taken a big toll on people in this game and elsewhere. I’d just like to preface this with a reminder to stay safe and kind to each other at this time.

One of Delegate [nation]Libertanny[/nation]’s most prominent actions this month was the Windows Defender theme, which confused many interregional onlookers. The posting of blue flags and blatant advertisement of Microsoft’s anti-malware program seemed completely out-of-character for the previously-vibrant green tones of The East Pacific. The July 12th announcement, prefaced with “Statement on Defender Alignment,” no doubt alarmed many in the R/D-centric Gameplay community. Some individuals concluded that this couldn’t have meant a defender ideology, since TEP law currently forbid such a move.

Windows Defender Flag

Ultimately what was the Windows Defender theme and why did it take place? The earliest mention of Windows Defender seemed to take place a day previous, when Libertanny joked that The East Pacific was turning defender, shorty before complaining about setting up Windows 10. A connection between these two topics were soon made, with the Windows Defender joke being born.

[spoiler=Mysterious Device]
Libertanny’s arcane viewing device, which he uses to control TEP[/spoiler]

What turned Windows Defender from a throwaway joke in the General channel into a theme for the whole region? In his statement, Libertanny cited the “NSGP rumors” about TEP’s “guilty pleasure.” It would seem the conventional reason would be that Libertanny was shrugging off these rumors by declaring that TEP would turn defender - Windows Defender.

But...something doesn’t add up. Why would Libertanny do this? It’s clearly not very funny. If you look under the announcements at the comments, you get a true representation of feedback, because looking at the comment sections is always a valid method to gauging opinion. You get some less than stellar reviews.

Clearly, Libertanny was paid to do this. Like all the Raid: Shadow Legends commercials, only money could have convinced him to post something as unfunny and meme-worthy as Windows Defender. This thus implies that some higher power has paid off Libertanny to be unfunny. Could it be the Rahls, whose presence has similarly plagued TEP and NSGP with rumors for years? The Illuminati, like we at Inquisitive Examinations illuminated in a previous article?

(Artist’s Rendition: The Conjurer’s Ritual. We at Inquisitive Examinations called Libertanny’s election. :P)

I think it’s more than this. And before you ask what’s higher than the Rahls or the Illuminati, I need only remind you of the world’s richest man. He’s the one running all of this.

Bill Gates.

As taken from WeeKeePeeDeeA

Wait, I hear you saying. Isn’t the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos?

Yes, technically. But it’s all a front, you see, so he’d be less suspicious. And also possibly because it took a lot of money to pay Libertanny off.

Of course it would be Bill Gates who did this. Windows Defender is a thing developed by Microsoft, which -- not a lot of people know this, but -- Bill Gates runs! Well, until a few years ago. But he’s still the person people think of when they think Microsoft and has a lot of money.

People complain that TEP doesn’t take things as seriously. Maybe this is the true reason because they have no reason to while they are being paid off by Bill Gates to advertise Windows.

This is an affront to the broader NationStates community. You can’t have all this handed to you on a silver platter! Yes, you can be in charge of a GCR, yes, you can have a constant influx of new nations and people, yes, you can have a boatload of WA endorsements and influence, and yes, you can have a ridiculous presence in the World Assembly and no one will call you out.

But this is where it ends. We at Inquisitive Examinations have decided to take action. Today, we have filed a subpoena with the East Pacific Conclave in Rillanon, Christie Island. We wish to divulge something very important to the true people of NationStates. The East Pacific will call it leaking. We call it investigative journalism.

We need Libertanny’s tax returns. There is no way that his salary as Minister of Foreign Affairs or even as Delegate of the East Pacific justifies his lavish behavior. Even with the heavy pension that birds get in TEP because they have all the power and influence. We will find the root of all of this, whether it be Bill Gates or the New Pacific Order.

Join us in this noble and valiant fight, for the true people of NationStates. This will be long and grueling, and we will face many trials along the way. Legal challenges in the Conclave are very expensive, and as a newspaper, it is very hard to get funds as print media is dying. That is why we humbly request that you disable AdBlock and donate to Inquisitive Examination’s Patreon here. Your donation would be greatly appreciated.

The East Pacific / The East Pacific News Service - JUNE 2020 ISSUE
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The East Pacific News Service
June 30, 2020

Libertanny Elected Delegate, Horse Retires
By Tretrid

After the latest series of Delegate Elections, Libertanny has been elected Delegate of the East Pacific.

Vice Delegate Libertanny has run in both the February 2020 and the October 2019 elections, so it seemed natural that he should run again. It seemed like the path to the Delegacy would be clear for him, or at least it was until Viceroy Zukchiva entered the running.

Here is a list of all nominees, as well as those who accepted their candidacy:

Todd McCloudDeclined
Dragons BloodDeclined
East MalaysiaDeclined
Eastern AlkseariaAccepted
Danelaw ScandinaviaDeclined

Since Viceroy Zukchiva, who would otherwise have overseen the election, was himself running as a candidate, Viceroy Designee Pakitsk was instead administering the election. Also, it should be noted that Marrabuk had opted not to run for a third term as Delegate.

And so commenced the campaigns for the Delegacy. Libertanny focused mainly on foreign policy. Part of this was through the Consortium, an ambitious plan initially created under Marrabuk’s delegacy. Meanwhile, Zukchiva took a more general approach to improving TEP.

Not all of these campaigns were serious, however. In fact, two joke campaigns were run. Algerstonia based their campaign off of George Orwell’s celebrated novel, 1984. To be specific, they proposed basing TEP off of INGSOC and instituting the totalitarian government from the novel. And most importantly, they proposed ordering citizens to touch their toes without bending every morning.

Aivintis (or “Lerasi/Aivintis/Warris/Manganite Mangote Mangite Magnet Mangent Mangetithe/The Wolf/Oh My God Idiot Stop Changing Your Name”), on the other hand, proposed theming TEP after the Empire, the group that invaded TEP in 2008. Among other things, Aivintis also proposed making the founder of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, Jocospor, “Chief Minister of Laughing Affairs.”

Eventually, every candidate other than Zukchiva, Libertanny, and Algerstonia had dropped out of the race. It was a very competitive race, and for a lot of the time Libertanny and Zukchiva were either very close or tied.

However, eventually, Libertanny won the election with 30 votes to Zukchiva’s 24. The delegate transition quickly started. The Delegate-elect quickly started to create his own cabinet, nominate ROs, and start to institute his agenda. Meanwhile, outgoing Delegate Marrabuk has made a farewell statement, and has recently been confirmed as a Vizier by the Magisterium after his nomination by the Delegate-elect.

A Parrot's Platform of Promised Plans and Potential Policies
By Aivintis

Libertanny's campaign, called the #Libertanny4Delegate Program, promised to bring even more democracy, unity, and strength to The East Pacific. In case you weren't planning on reading through text wall that would put the Great Wall of China to shame, I reread it so you don't have to. Here's a little rundown of Serge's plans for The East Pacific and promised policies:

  • Approachability - Monthly forumside Cabinet meetings to be augmented by Voice Chat meetings on discord to answer questions
  • Cabinet Reform - Retainment of the Vice Delegate position, release of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs into its own Chief Ministry, transparent records and goals for all Ministries, new Chronicler office to maintain even more records, and concrete layout for all 12 Regional Officer positions
  • Bureau of Public Affairs - New department akin to a Ministry that consists of an appointed Director, and elected "Ambassadors" to represent RMB RP and Forum RP and to act as middle ground between the RP community and the government, and to promote RP within the greater TEP community, with the possibility of mentorship
  • Ministry Plans - Staffer of The Month program to boost morale, even more cultural events and activities, a focus on education and assimilation, simplification of the Ministry of Immigration, maintenance of current WA voting procedure, and new World Assembly Development and Education Program run by the CMoWAA
  • Foreign Policy - Maintenance of the current foreign policy, a focus on UCR-oriented affairs without compromising GCR relations, Statesmus+ as a form of foreign exchange akin to Erasmus+, a treaty with Thaecia, guarantees of independence, and official establishment of the Inner Circle as the FA leadership council
  • Consortium - Foreign Affairs project forming a Cultural-Military-WA-Diplomatic Bloc with a select number of active UCRs that maintain close relations with TEP promote equality and cooperation and to pay attention to TEP's UCR allies
These potential promised policies and plans (phonetically fun to say) are apparently indicative an ambitious delegacy in which the rebuilt government will be built upon even more in new ways. Minor points like "Spreading The East" to other games, and maintenance of the current EPSA policy augment this platform.

Although it hasn't even been an entire month since Libertanny was elected, this is what has been accomplished already:

  • June 15th marked the release of Libertanny's first statement as delegate, naming his cabinet. A lot of the Cabinet stayed the same, but some of the changes included the appointment of Dragons Blood to Vice Delegate, the naming of Zukchiva as Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs, the promotion of Wallenburg from Minister of World Assembly Affairs to Chief Minister of World Assembly Affairs, the appointment of Feu de Glace as Chief Minister of Regional Affairs, and the appointment of Virgolia as Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs while The Earth Systems Alliance goes on a Leave of Absence.
  • Bureau of Public Affairs - Zukchiva was named Director of The Bureau of Public Affairs, and has since worked relentlessly on sculpting the new organization. On June 23, Eastern Alksearia, better known as SirShadow, was elected Forum RP Officer by Evolved RPers, making them the official Forum RP Ambassador to the Bureau. RMB RP Ambassador elections are being held as of the writing of this article.
  • Independence - Our first guarantee of independence was offered up to a founderless UCR with close relations with TEP and a promising future, however it was refused by their leadership.
  • Goals + Staffers - On June 17, Libertanny officially requested that all Ministers write up a list of Monthly Targets and keep an updated list of Staffers. This is still a work in progress for some Ministries.
  • Chronicler - Vanzeria was appointed Chronicler on June 17, and has proved to be a valuable addition to the Cabinet.
  • New Executive Application - Chief Minister of Regional Affairs Sakana reached out to Ministers on in regards to updating the Executive Branch Application with new descriptions and contacts, with changes to account for the Cabinet changes.
  • Festival of Tranquil Suns - On June 22, Libertanny opened the Festival of the Tranquil Suns, a festival that had been being planned for quite some time, with a speech written by Vanzeria and Aivintis.
  • Trello - was adopted on June 22 as a new platform used by Cabinet as a place for various forms of task management. It has seen extensive use already by most of Cabinet.
  • Consortium - On June 23, the Consortium, which had been discussed before amongst TEPers and other regions, began development. Since, multiple regions have taken part in discussions and debates on various aspects of the Consortium.
  • New Festival - On June 24, Libertanny approved the planning of a new Festival with recent consulate Grace of Gaia.
  • WA Development / Cabinet VC - On June 25, practically the entirety of Cabinet gathered in Voice Chat to discuss the WA Development Program. In this chat, an agenda was followed and ideas were put out and discussed, making great progress for the WA Development Program. The next VC has already been scheduled for early July.
  • Foreign Affairs - Under the leadership of Acting Minister Virgolia, the Chief Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened up a consulate with India, as well as reviewing all current consulates upon Libertanny's request and requesting aid in the delegate transition from a number of our allies. Talks have not yet begun with Thaecia regarding a treaty.

So in this short time, some of Libertanny's campaign goals have already been fulfilled and other achievements have been made, heralding a bright term for Delegate Libertanny. I, for one, look forward to next month's achievements, and the months after that. Hail Pacificus Orientalem.

An Honest Interview with a Parrot: A Talk with Libertanny
By Zukchiva

Interviewer’s Note: This interview was held with Delegate Libertanny on June 29th, 2020 via Discord Direct Messaging. As such, the grammar and spelling of this interview is riddled with typos and mistakes!

Zukchiva: Hey Lib, thanks for giving me the chance to interview you! I'm sure a lot of people have questions on what you plan to do in the next few months as Delegate, especially now that you've spent two weeks in office.

My first question (to ease into this interview), is simply how have the past two weeks as Delegate gone for you so far? Have you already come across strong obstacles and have you made substantial progress on your campaign goals in this short time?

Libertanny: Hello Zukchiva,

Well. When Marrabuk said, that being Delegate is basically having a second job, I didn't fully believe him. I was a Vice-Delegate for some period, and I was thinking on how is that supposed to be that different from being Delegate. But it is. It is very different. You can go to sleep and wake up with 20 pings and 10 DMs, alongside forum and in-game notifications. So in between of working full-time, being freelancer / setting up own websites related company and spending weekends away from home, I'm also doing my best to be the Delegate of the East. I hope I'm not doing that bad, but it's up to Citizens. But that's just a typical me, and you seem to know it the best :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of what I have achieved (looks into his own campaign). We started creating Bureau of Public Affairs, we already have its leader (Zukchiva) and Forum RP Officer (SirShadow). RMB RP Officer elections are currently happening and I have contacted TEAPOT to have its representative in BoPA / Cabinet too. I have instituted McStooley as Vice Delegate of the East. We kind of changed idea for Organization, and we decided to use Trello, which is an awesome tool to organize Cabinet's tasks. I have nominated ROs. Ministry of WA Affairs has become and independent body (as in, not a part of Regional Affairs). We've had an awesome VC with most of Cabinet attending, during which we talked WA Development Program  and prepared business plan for it. We have also began working on Consortium (having already 5 regions + TEP  being interested in idea and server being created). We've also already scored a failure - the guarantee of independence of one of regions was denied by them.

Zukchiva: Thats... actually extremely impressive @_@

So that's one thing that caught my eye in all that is the WA Development Program! Many people would say that TEP is a bit behind on the World Assembly game, with GCRs such as TNP, TSP, and Balder having WA programs.

If possible, is there any special unique feature you plan to put into TEP's WA Program, which our fellow GCRs have not added within theirs?

Libertanny: I wouldn't say so. The East Pacific doesn't have its own resources to have a Development Program, so we are really relying on r3n from The North Pacific here. We're basically making a copy of TNP's program. What we are adding, however, is membership in EPSA as part of WADP. In order to encourage people to participate in EPSA without them feeling like losing cool badges from WADP, we will be adding EPSA related categories. Thanks to Evri, we now also have an autoupdating dispatch, that pings WA Residents not endorsing me once a day (if I'm not wrong).

Zukchiva: Well, for better or worse, having a World Assembly Development Program is gonna make our region stronger, that's for sure.

One important campaign promise you made is that you are willing to form a treaty with the region of Thaecia. How is the progress on that? If you haven't started negotiations, when do you plan too?

Libertanny: We haven't began talks yet, as we are pretty busy, as in, both regions are. Thaecia's just gone through elections and we started so many tasks at once. So I would say, as soon as situation gets calmer for both regions, we will start treaty talks with Thaecia. Hard to say when, excatly. But in less than a month, I hope.

Zukchiva: Mhm. Interesting!

One thing you've always been interested in is Magisterium activity as you've been a Magister for a long time before becoming Delegate, and in many other regions the crafting of legislation plays a big part in the executive leader's role.As Delegate, do you see yourself pushing for any specific piece of legislation, or general changes to our current law?

Libertanny: I don't think we should determine this per me serving our region as Delegate now. I have always been into Magisterium and I have always been more or less active there, even as non-Magister. And I do intend to be active, when some things calm down and I have more time. I do not support anything specific law as of now, but I am in general support of (1) making laws less complicated, (2) making laws shorter and more universal (i.e. no refenreces to Concordat or other Acts, unless totally necessary) and generally (3) laws to boost security and (4) laws to boost democracy.

Zukchiva: All of those are very strong goals regarding our legislation. o-o

Now to take a small shift in direction: what do you think has been the greatest challenge (insofar) as Delegate that you have dealt with in these last two weeks, if any?

Libertanny: Frankly. VC has been the biggest achievement imho. I havent seen such activity in Cabinet yet. And we managed to prepare a rather detailed idea for WADP during 90 mins. So it seems like something so simple, but yet so efficient and fruitful.

Zukchiva: The Voice chat was pretty cool, ngl! I especially liked the fun we had in it.

So, another question I have is, why did you decide to stick with the masonry theme and why did you make it a large part of your campaign? Many other Delegates in TEP have experimented with TEP's theme, why not you?

Libertanny: It is a very simple question and a very simple answer. Keeping masonic theme is remembering about past heroes of our region, that server under the Compass. We also remember about Loop, who is more or less the Father of current East. This also seems to be simply "our" Eastern theme. When you think about freemasonry, you think about TEP. And that's also because I'm a regionalist, so keeping traditions is kind of a part of my ideology.

And as a last note. Last time we changed theme we were couped :P

Zukchiva: Lol, yeah that's a pretty strong point ->-

Speaking of coups, it has only been eight months since the coup occurred. While TEP is pretty strong now, it may not be as security-protected in the future.

What do you think is the most largest long-term threat to TEP's security, how do you propose we solve it, and is there anything you plan to do now as Delegate to lessen said threat in the future?

Libertanny: Oh the solution is pretty simple. We need to stop making overly complicated laws and make them all more universal. What killed us the most were so many non-updated or overly complicated laws. Coupers didnt care and were doing their thing, whilst we were debating in Conclave and Magisterium things like "is stopping a coup legal?".

I dont have a direct solution, as I dont see a direct threat. We can never know what is gonna happen tommorrow. But having simple, universaland understandable laws is probably the main self-defence mechanism.

Zukchiva: Hm, that's quite a unique take. But, it does make sense.

This next question is a bit different from the others.

The Vice-Delegacy was a new position created by Delegate Marrabuk, in which you served for around a few months. Do you think that your tenure as Vice-Delegate has helped you acclimate into your role as Delegate? And do you think it has, in some way, prepared you for your current job, and if so, how?

Libertanny: Well. It for sure did help me prepare for Delegacy. But I wouldn't say it played an important role. It's role would be just equal to being Minister of Info in past, or MoFA or Magister. Delegacy is being fluent in or at least similar with a lot of spheres of GP. So that was a nice addition, but I don't think it prepared me for being Delegate more than any role I had before. What was awesome about being Vice-Delegate is that, you had more freedom in doing things, than when you were a Minister. So that for sure boosted my GP activity even more.

Zukchiva: And it seems I'm running out of questions, and we've both got places to be. So, it's time to conclude this interesting interview!

But on a last note, as is custom, do you have a general message you want to share with EPNS's readers?

Libertanny: Pax Fruits are a cheap replacement for Italian pasta. Gooses taste the best grilled.

Besides that. I think not.

Zukchiva: Well Lib, this has been a fine interview, besides the threat on my species and way of life O_O

Thank you for having me, and allowing me to bombard you with my questions!

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: An Interview with Marrabuk
By Atlae

Interviewer’s Note: This interview was held with the outgoing Delegate Marrabuk on June 29th and June 30th, 2020 via Discord Direct Messaging. The following is an unedited transcript of said interview.

Atlae: On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your delegacy and why did you choose that number?

Marrabuk: 7. I chose that number because even though I felt like I have done well, there are always room for improvement and always more things to accomplish. As a matter of fact, I didn't even manage to complete the consortium project.

Atlae: Is The East Pacific better now than it was before Fedele?

Marrabuk: Personally, I believe so, yes. The region is more stable and unified. There are bound to have disagreements like all families do. But at the end of the day, we will die for one another.

Atlae: What was the best thing that happened during your administration?

Marrabuk: To be honest, there's too many to list. For starters, loyal TEPers banding together to help fight against the coupers was and will continue to be one of my fondest memories of our great united region.

Atlae: What was the worst thing that happened during your administration?

Marrabuk: There were a few notable ones. For instance, the whole AMOM being appointed as Senior Commander of EPSA and releasing an official statement has caused such a huge uproar amongst our allies and potential allies. We could've definitely handled that better, but I still believe we managed it well enough given the cards that were handed to us.

Atlae: What would you say is TEP’s position on the interregional stage?

Marrabuk: We have a treaty with every single GCR except Lazarus. A treaty with strong UCRs such as XKI and Europeia, building stronger relations with many stable and upcoming UCRs like Thaecia, for instance. So I say, we're pretty strong in the interregional stage

Atlae: What do you think is the general direction and outlook for the future of TEP?

Marrabuk: Reforms internall post coup has been tremendous. Activity has went up tenfold and the unity of the region is now unparalleled. Keeping our region's activity high, unifying our region further and strengthening our influence in the interregional stage via the consortium is the direction I feel our region need to continue.

Atlae: What obstacles will Libertanny have to overcome in order to be a successful Delegate?

Marrabuk: Libertanny has a tendency to work and focus on too many things at once. Personally, I believe Lib's biggest obstacle to prioritizing and recognizing what needs to be worked on first and be able to complete it before moving on to the next project.

Atlae: How will you stay involved in The East Pacific now that your term has ended?

Marrabuk: I have recently just been confirmed as a Vizier and have also been nominated for forum Global moderator role. I am still an advisor to the cabinet and my DMs are always open if Lib or fellow TEPers need advice and guidance.

Atlae: As of now, you have around 100 endorsements from the nearest Vizier, Zukchiva, as well as a boatload of influence. Will you repeat the decisions of your predecessor?

Marrabuk: Not sure, I understand this. What decisions did my predecessors do?

Atlae: What did your immediate predecessor do when he was leaving office :p

Marrabuk: Coup? Yes, definitely and I am certainly planning to coup. Thanks for asking.

Atlae: Thank you for letting us interview and thank you for the service to our region.

We’re a little TEAPOT
By Evrigenis

Within TEP, interest in NS trading cards has been brewing for several months, and it has found its culmination in The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamentation Traders (TEAPOT). The new body has struck out from existing cards organizations by deciding to be independent of regional government while simultaneously being the region’s official cards association. In addition to being able to sign up on the East Pacific’s regional forums, residents can apply by pinging the official TEAPOT puppet on the regional message board with the pledge to abide by the Charter. The full text of the Charter is available here.

How did the tea come to be?

On the 6th of June, the Vizier and Arbiter Goose Zukchiva fielded the idea to make the Association official. They then promptly wrote the first draft of what was to become the Charter. This spurred on many questions about what the foundling organization was to look like: Would it be part of the government or independent? How should leadership be structured? While the legislative debate was developing, another important question was asked: What should it be named? Feu de Glace, also known as Sakana, CAME UP with the current name to hearty approval. Rateafication on the 13th was unanimous. Thus, The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamentation Traders was born.

Who serves the communitea?

In the wake of the Delegate election, the cards community held its own tea party leadership contest. Nominations were plenteaful; however, the election boiled down to former Overseeing Officer of EPSA, current Minister of Regional Affairs, Feu de Glace/Sakana and Deputy MoIC and cards enthusiast Evrigenis/y0. The campaigns focused on who the Steward should be and how the Association would strengthen TEP, respectively. Both campaigns were well received, and on the first day after voting was opened, “abstain” led. In the final analysis, the results were 3 abstensions to 3 votes for Sakana to 4 votes for y0. With y0 taking a sliver of a lead, they became Steward.

How tea get started?

Evrigenis’ first action as Steward was to appoint Feu de Glace Deputy Steward. y0 also set up the beginnings of the structure for the TEAPOT, going through with their campaign promises to hold a contest for a new puppet and open a heisting reports thread. What’s next? We’ll soon find out!

RMB RP Spotlight: A Civil War
By Osterreich und Ungarn

During the month of June, an arresting development took place in the TEP’s Regional Message Board Roleplay. What occurred was a major geopolitical crisis in the world superpower Osterreich und Ungarn in the form of a military coup directly followed by a civil war. The Kaiser (the leader-in-exile) rallied his supporters and tried to fight the new military government, but a lack of professional soldiers along with a socialist uprising in the West quickly caused the Kaiser’s front to collapse and for him to flee into the wilderness.

After the Kaiser’s disappearance, the socialist faction and the military government continued to fight, causing untold amounts of destruction to multiple cities, small towns, and landscapes. The newly fledged military junta was, however, soon hijacked by an ultranationalist and expansionist group called the Honor Party, which rallied its supporters and took charge of the junta.

During the later stages of the war, the socialists began to run out of food, oil, and most importantly, morale. In a desperate attempt to salvage their goal, the socialists spread their troops out and consequently overextended their front. This decentralization of socialist forces allowed the Honor Party to crush the socialists once and for all, take control of the nation, and establish a new totalitarian state.

Now, the nation rebuilds itself as the world prepares to deal with the war's unprecedented outcome. Whatever may happen next, the future of Osterreich und Ungarn, both as a world superpower but also as a bastion of democracy, has now been irreversibly changed.

The East Pacific’s Urth Roleplay: A Newbie’s Perspective
By Art

Roleplay. According to Wikipedia, it is “an activity that is the changing of one's behavior to assume a role.” In NationStates, one assumes the role of multiple identities. You assume the role of not just the leader, the congress, or the senate of a nation but the nation as a whole. As someone whose only roleplay experience was playing at Garry’s Mod DarkRP servers where everything was basically just “make money and then shoot people”, Roleplay in NationStates, in general, was a culture shock to me. I was first introduced to NationStates by the Youtuber named Drew Durnil. As an RTS enthusiast, the idea of controlling a nation tickled my brain and led me to join NS. Upon fiddling with ideas for a nation name, I settled on the name Sokala and from then on I discovered The East Pacific(TEP)’s different roleplays. From Urth’s intricate history to Valsora’s futuristic world, TEP’s roleplays were filled to the brim with pages upon pages of worldbuilding and hours of effort by the creative minds of Roleplayers in the East Pacific. During my time roleplaying on Urth, TEP’s Forum Roleplay world, I found out three things that made Urth different from other roleplays in TEP.
The first thing that differentiates Urth RP from other RPs was that it had a very long history spanning almost two decades. Urth RP, formerly known as The East Pacific RP, was created by One Infinite Loop in 2003. Until today, lore created by nations in 2003 is still used in today’s Urth RP. One such example is the Urthian race of Nekomimis, a race of cat people made by Loop himself, which still populate many nations in 2020 Urth. Another example is that some nations like Bai Lung, Kelssek and even Xiopothos that were from the original map still exist today on Urth.

A picture of TEP RP’s ‘Asia’ map. Est. 2004-2008

The second thing is that Urth has a very well-built world. Many established nations like Great Morstaybishlia, Asendavia, and Norgsveldet have very detailed wikis in TEPwiki, with details ranging from bios of the current presidents, to how a person from that nation speaks,  to even the daily common routines from a person from that nation. One great example of this intricate world-building can be found in Great Morstayishlia's Wiki page.
Last but not the least, Urth RP has one of the most newcomer-friendly communities I’ve ever seen. Right from the start, you’ll be greeted by the mods and current roleplayers then during which they’ll be guiding you every step of the way, from applying for citizenship to making a map claim. From personal experience, the people of Urth RP do their best to make sure newcomers feel welcomed and at home right from the beginning. Although other RPs like Valsora and Windsor are also newcomer-friendly in their own way, I think Urth is the best in the fact that everyone helps everyone, regardless if you’ve been part of the community for a decade or a second.

Urth RP is one of the best communities to be in NationStates especially if you’re new not only to NS but also in roleplay in general. If you’re a newly founded nation and are looking to participate in TEP, I strongly suggest joining us over at Discord.

[size=150]The Megathread uprising of 2020[/size]
By La xinga

On the night of Sunday, Jun 21, 2020, Administrator and Senior Game Mod Reploid Productions locked the Right-wing Discussion Thread and the Left-wing Discussion thread, places which were meant for you to discuss about, well, left-wing politics and right wing politics! The mod's reasoning for the lock can be found here.

United muscovite nations was the first nation to post. UMN was a person who posted on the 4 and a half year old threads frequently. He even put in his forum sig: "Grumpy Grandpa of the LWDT and RWDT".
To quote UMN himself:

"Congrats on [REDACTED] over a huge portion of the user base. Think I'm gonna head off the site for good, since LWDT and RWDT were the only halfway decent things to do on this site. Go ahead and deat me so I don't have a reason to come back."

Once he realized the mods were not deleting him, he spammed and flamed his way into deletion. UMN was warned for spamming, didn't care, got a three-day ban for flaming, posted against it, and finally got the DEAT.

The first FOUR posts were different posters attacking the mods for their actions. People demanded that the mods say how they got to this decision, and also claimed GHRs don't work. People questioned: "What happens if a mod breaks a rule? Can't they just delete the GHR? Oh, admins answer them? What happens if Admins break the rule?"

Conspiracy theories ran rampant: Did the mods have some biased thing that no one knows about? The Archregimancy insisted that was not the case, yet, sadly, no one listened to Arch. People also claimed the mods didn't want people to chat, and one nation claiming that "the mods took smaller threads and merged them into bigger threads, and now they're getting rid of the big threads?

Two nations decided that since there was no more RWDT or LWDT, they'll create a less broad new one. Nouveau Quebecois created the Authoritarian Right Discussion Thread I, while South Odreria 2 created the Authoritarian Left Discussion Thread I, both immediately locked by moderator Sedgistan, since they didn't meet the guidelines for megathreads. Whether or not that was a bad thing to do or a good thing, the users of RWDT and LWDT were not happy. People wanted other threads in NSG locked, some not even Megathreads. Nations did receive warnings, bans from forum for a certain amount of time, and even a DEAT. Reploid Productions repeatedly stated: “Once again, the topic is the megathread closures and requests for review of other megathreads. It is not for loaded questions about unrelated cases, hence the continued removal of posts as bad faith.”

Yet again, when people are mad, they go over the line. People are free to criticize moderation, but mods are still players behind the screen, users that play NS too, like all of us.

The Enemy of the People
By Inquisitive Examinations

(Editor's Note: This article is a work of satire. None of these views represent the view of the Eastern Pacific News Service as a whole.)

On June 22, a scandal erupted that would change free press forever. Our step sister-twice-removed organization, NationStates Today, released information of a threat from Lazarene Prime Minister JoWhatUp not to publish a leak from a citizens-only channel about certain treaties.

JoWhatUp’s worst crime - besides the capitalization of their name - is that he expected that this threat to NationStates Today would not be leaked, saying “I trust this will not be leaked.” This is an outrage for any believer in free press, who have for years advocated the god-given right to leak.

One notable critic goes on to say that “[Lazarus] effectively criminalized routine investigative journalism,” which is verifiably true! According to NationStates Today, this leak came as a result of an article about the Better Together Accords and the Treaty of Skandia between the New Pacific Order and the regions of The West Pacific and Balder, respectively. These treaties were publicly posted in the Gameplay forum on June 10 and June 13, 2020. NationStates Today supposedly contacted JoWhatUp about leaked statements regarding these treaties at or around June 16, 2020, when JoWhatUp refused to comment on these statements and blackmailed NationStates Today. NSToday came forward with this behavior on June 22, and to this day there hasn’t been an article about these treaties yet. Or at least I can’t find it. I’m smelling censorship, though.

When NationStates Today came forward with these allegations, Gameplayers blasted NSToday for accepting the leak. Some even went so far as to call them a security risk, suggesting that they were inside governments and watching! This accusation is absolutely absurd. The trench-coat wearing NSToday reporters hanging outside the region’s government buildings are not dangerous! If you go to them and ask about their day, they will probably sit down with you and explain for hours on end showing you pictures of their spouse and kids, as well as their loyal pet, probably. None of these Gameplayers have asked these spies how they feel. These people that they’re calling security risks have lives too.

A young aspiring security risk walked into my office today. When they aren’t busy spying on other regions, they settle down in The East Pacific and write roleplay posts. I played Secret Hitler with another security risk, and although he was literally a fascist, I could tell that he enjoyed having fun and organizing the game.

These security risks interviewed GCR Delegates like Marrabuk in an interview for a podcast. They literally recorded every word they said and no one raised any objections over their Delegates being bugged.

If these people keep going on censoring the free press, who is next? The good people at Inquisitive Examinations will not bow down to this pressure and will continue to examine inquisitively!

JoWhatUp, don’t comment on this article. We in Inquisitive Examinations do not like comments from people with random capitalization.

In the following thread, Vice Delegate Libertanny, known to most as Serge, won the Delegate elections with a 56% majority, narrowly defeating Vizier and Former Viceroy Zukchiva, who handled the loss with grace.

After being confirmed by Viceroy-Designee Pakitsk, Delegate Libertanny has announced his new Cabinet, which is as follows:

Vice Delegate: Dragons Blood (McStooley)

Chief Minister of Regional Affairs: Sakana
Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Earth Systems Alliance (on Leave of Absence until July 15)
Acting Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs: Virgolia (until July 15)
Chief Minister of World Assembly Affairs: Wallenburg
Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs: Zukchiva
Overseeing Officer of EPSA: The Atlae Isles

Minister of Information and Communications: Tretrid
Minister of Immigration: VW53ALand
Minister of Culture: Aivintis

Cabinet Advisors: East Malaysia, Pakitsk, Asendavia, Bachtendekuppen, A mean old man, Marrabuk, Todd McCloud, and Hobbesistan*

*Hobbesistan is yet to be confirmed

General / TEP's Assigned Diplomat
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Good day! My name is Art or Sokala and I have been assigned here to serve to Force. Great to meet you all.

The East Pacific / The East Pacific News Service - MAY 2020 ISSUE
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The East Pacific News Service
May 31, 2020

The Magisterium is Grooving
By Zukchiva

During the past month, the Magisterium has seen an unexpected spike of activity. From anti-griefing policies to debates on governmental power, Magisters and citizens alike have been hard at work reforming the East Pacific’s body of law. The Magisterium has done a lot, so here’s an exhibition of some of its work!


The East Pacific has always primarily identified itself as an unaligned region; it is a region that is neither raider nor defender. While the region maintains this political and military ideology, recent incidents have encouraged the Magisterium to pass anti-griefing policies.

The reasoning behind these policies is to prevent the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (EPSA) from irreplaceably damaging native communities, following the belief that while the EPSA can raid, it shouldn’t do so in a way that destroys regions. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule, namely fascist regions and regions who have acted to damage the East Pacific.

These policies took the form of an amendment to an existing law. They prohibit the EPSA from various destructive behaviors such as banning natives, passwording regions, and refounding regions. However, the EPSA is still allowed to raid regions at its leisure, and also remove tags and embassies from regions, showing that the East Pacific doesn’t mind raiding to a large extent.


With the Drewapocalypse hitting the region hard, discussions around raising the Endorsement Cap from 300 to 400 were abundant in all circles of government. After lots of discussion and debate, the Viziers proposed to the Magisterium the raising of the endorsement cap on May 7th, 2020. From there, the Magisterium supported the proposal and passed the cap unanimously, with Delegate Marrabuk signing on soon after.

With this higher endorsement cap, nations within the East Pacific shall be able to now endotart to levels similar to when Yuno was Delegate. The enactment of this higher endorsement cap and subsequent increases in endorsement levels indicate that the Drewapocalypse has really helped the East Pacific recover the vast number of World Assembly nations that were ejected during the Fedele coup.


For many years, the East Pacific has relied on the voting system known as “instant-runoff voting”, or “IRV”, to conduct Delegate elections. Proposed by a Magister sometime in 2014, the voting system has since been used by all Viceroys of the East Pacific to ensure fair and democratic Delegate elections.

However, in order to prevent potential future abuse and to help clarify the processes around IRV, it was decided to legislate the voting system into law. This was done by amending the “Delegate Elections Act”, which is an already-in-effect law dealing with many Delegate election procedures. The bill passed Magisterium vote and was signed by Delegate Marrabuk, passing into law May 18th, 2020.


On May 6th, 2020, Marrabuk nominated two Citizens for the position of Vizier to the Magisterium. Said Citizens were Dylan and Tretrid, both long time roleplayers and Magisters of the East Pacific for a multitude of years.

For the next few days, citizens showed up to give their support for the Viziership (though there were some concerns brought up with Tretrid’s role in EPSA). Nonetheless, the nominations were moved to vote after a few days, and the Magisterium quickly confirmed the nominees into Viziership.

Dylan and Tretrid have already proven themselves capable in their new roles, despite having only been Viziers for around a week. It is a definite hope within the East Pacific that more nations may be set to become Viziers in time. For now with 13 Viziers however, the region is more than capable of handling any external threat against its government.


The Regional Message Board Act was a bill proposed by Magister Lerasi to allow the government to try citizens for offenses such as spamming or harassment. From the get-go, the bill was controversial, with the hard question being whether or not the government has the power to legislate such “out-of-character” or “OOC” offenses. Nonetheless, the bill would eventually go to vote and receive a very high majority from the Magisterium.

However, Delegate Marrabuk vetoed the bill, marking a historic move as the second veto a Delegate has ever performed under the Concordat. The stated reason which Marrabuk stated in vetoing the bill is as follows: “I’m vetoing this because I don’t believe OOC stuffs should be engraved in IC laws.” Marrabuk would later explain his reasoning in a separate thread.

Soon after the veto, Provost A Mean Old Man would initiate a new discussion for the Magisterium regarding the vetoed bill. Debate has proven active, showing a diverse split of opinions over two pages of discussion. However, it is important to note that the discussion remains respectful and open to all Citizens; a testament to how the East Pacific as a community has grown since the Fedele coup.


These are the only most prominent legislative items in which the East Pacific has dealt with in the past month. There is no mistake that the Magisterium is filled to the brim with determined and loyal East Pacificans willing to reform The East Pacific’s law into something strong and new. The Magisterium is grooving, and working hard for the East Pacific’s future!

An Interview with VW53a
By Tretrid

VW53a, who is often just called “VW,” is the East Pacific’s Minister of Immigration, and so is in charge of managing the influx of newcomers to The East Pacific. VW is also a member of the Citizenship Commission (CitiCom), which is the body that processes citizenship applications. VW also made a series of graphs showing the spike in new nations in the wake of Drew Durnil’s two YouTube videos regarding NationStates.

Tretrid: What do you do as Minister of Immigration?

VW: Well, to be honest, most of my work just comes down to processing the Citizenship Applications. That is probably about 90-99% of what I do. When my job started, back in October, that pretty much was my job. But since the Ministry of Manpower was integrated with Immigration at the start of Marrabuk's second term in February I should do a little more. I have also done a little research in November keeping tabs on the number of foundings in our region, movements into and out of our region, number of nations with WA or with Citizenship, and the number of nations Ceasing To Exist. Also recently I maintained a graph on the number of foundings per hour from a few days before the video of Drew came out up to early May. But still, far more than 90% of my time, as Minister of Immigration comes down to processing Citizenship Applications.

Tretrid: What was it like when Drew released his first NationStates video?

VW: Well, I think I heard it first from Sammy (New Leganés) who is my main member of Staff and who is mostly involved with sending Telegrams to nations whose Citizenship Application was accepted. So, a video about NationStates. Well, that has been done before I suppose. I thought nothing of it and I continued watching the TV program I was watching. During commercial breaks, I tried NS, Discord and our Forum on my phone, but everything seemed to be slow. I blamed my phone or my router. Later that evening, at the PC, I first noticed the high number of new WA-members, the increased number of masking requests on our Discord and then started checking how the influx of new nations was. That is when the magnitude of the influx really hit me and I started creating the graph to get a grip of how big the increase really was. Well, they have kept me busy for a few days. XD

Tretrid: What was it like to process all these new citizen applications from the Drewpocalypse?

VW: It was headache delivering. No, really. I did have help from you and some Viziers. I would especially like to thank Libertanny, who processed about 16 of them iirc. At one moment I saw almost 40 unprocessed  Citizenship Applications. However, I had to turn down about a third of them. Normally, I process them one by one. I decided to not take that route with this high number of CitApps. But that meant a lot scrolling back and forth to collect which application was accepted and which wasn't. It was quite a job. However, I believe the incresed activity is a good thing and I hope a lot of the "Drew people" found NationStates an interesting and fun game, and/or have found The East Pacific to be a fun and friendly region. For all we know, our future Delegate, Provost, Viceroy, or Grand Vizier, may be among them, and then my work hasn't been in vain.

Tretrid: How do you think these events will impact the future of TEP?

VW: Phew, that is hard to say. Like I said, part of the Drew people may have found their game and/or their home here. But some of  them will also disappear to other regions and a lot of them will CTE in one or two months I suspect. So the impact on the future of TEP is actually down to the characters that stay here. They get to leave their mark on TEP, on the RP (be it on our forum or our Regional Message Board), on our government, et cetera. It is up to how they evolve, how TEP will be impacted. However, I believe it will be in a good way.

Tretrid: What is it like to be a member of CitiCom?

VW: Hmm, I don't really know how to answer this. If you think it would make me feel proud or something, then you're wrong. I am not interested in status, or something like that. I do a job because it needs to be done, and that's it. So, being a member of CitiCom to me is no different than being only a Citizen, but with just a little more work to do.
I can say I found it difficult, certainly at first, to be the head of Ministry whose main task, or even sole task, according to a previous (Deputy) Minister was actually the task of the Citizenship Committee. When I started, the CitiCom was under the Conclave's control, and it contained about five members, not including me and the Immigration Staff. Recently, CitiCom has come under control of the Viziers (the Praesidium). I believe that CitiCom has grown too due to this. However, I guess I am still doing the first step in the process of 80% of the applications.

Tretrid: What is the most common mistake made on citizenship applications, and what would you like to tell new people so they can avoid this error?

VW: I haven't kept statistics on that. So, I'll take a quick look in a minute. I am pretty sure that when CitiCom was under the Conclave's control, the most common mistake was: omitting information. People mentioned for instance all their puppets, but didn't mention all the regions those puppets resided in. After CitiCom's control was transferred to the Viziers, earlier this year, the questionnaire in the application form was shortened.
Looking over the new application thread that was made after the transfer, I notice that there were some errors in the beginning that seem to be less common now. At first many people didn't copy the entire form, so they skipped the ratification of the Concordat at the beginning, or they left out their pledge at the end. Then Grand Vizier McStooley changed the layout, so that the form could be copied easier, and after that we have not seen that error anymore.
[returns after a few minutes of absence]
Well, one mistake that has happened more than once, is that someone enters their TEP nation in their forum profile, applies for citizenship, and then move to another region before their Citizenship Application was processed. Of course, this is a huge mistake. Who in their right mind would leave TEP for another region? So this error can be easily avoided. Just stay in The East Pacific!
But the most common mistake is made here: If I have one, the name of my World Assembly member nation is: ....
Often people fill in their nation's name, even though they are not a WA-member (anymore), or sometimes haven't even applied for WA- membership.  But almost just as often people write here "None", even though the TEP nation they're applying with is a WA-member.
So people should check if they have a nation that is already admitted to the WA, and if so, mention that nation at this question. If they're not sure, they could just check all their nation's pages. (By NationStates, every user is allowed to have only one WA-member.)
If they're a member, there will be a green bar on top of that page stating "WA-member".
Also on the bottom of their page, they might see a list of nations that have endorsed them. (Non WA-member cannot give or receive World Assembly Endorsements.)

Tretrid: Lastly, is there anything you'd like to say to the readers of the EPNS?

VW: Yes, I would like to invite every resident of The East Pacific to apply for citizenship. It is your ticket to a very fun community. It is also your first step on a path where you get more acquainted with the laws that govern our region, and the people that create, maintain, uphold, and execute these laws. It is also your first step if you are interested in joining any such group.
One other major advantage of becoming a Citizen, is that you get to vote for a new Delegate every 4 months. This June will be one of those months, so you should apply very quickly! And of course, being a Citizen, you get more protection. But blah, blah, you were not going to break the law, now were you? However, what if someone else did? Against you? Anyway, hope to see your application soon. Just go to and follow the instructions in the opening post there.
If you are having trouble, or questions, you can always contact any of the nations in the Ministry of Immigration. Those are: Virgolia, New Leganés, Tretrid, and VW53ALand.

Paradoxical: Electric Boogaloo
By Giovanniland

The first edition of Paradoxical - an event jointly hosted by The North Pacific, The East Pacific, and Europeia - was very successful. With over 200 participants, roleplay competition, two multiplayer games and several spam games, it became a memorable event.. So... What if we told there will be a second edition, and it will have futuristic themes? That's right! Paradoxical'2.0 is coming! And the organizers hope that you join for many interesting competitions and other activities!

Paradoxical'2.0 is an event hosted officially by The East Pacific and Thaecia, with volunteers from several other regions: The North Pacific, The West Pacific, The Pacific, Europeia, and Caer Sidi. Furthermore, the event has two partners - one is The East Pacific Evolved Roleplay, a regional roleplay organization, and the other is NationStates Today, a newspaper about important NS events.

With a large and competent team, you'll see that Paradoxical'2.0 is perfectly planned to be an awesome interregional event, where many people will meet and have fun! The event starts at the 1st of June, and will happen through an entire week until the 7th of June.

You may have noticed that I mentioned competitions - but what are those? First off, I'll talk about roleplaying.  There will be not one, but three types of RP, and you can choose as many as you want! We'll also have Art and Writing contests, along with a lottery, as the previous edition - all of them with prizes, this time however - they shall be a secret. That's not all, though! Many other activities will be happening, such as Trivia,, Cards Against Humanity, and even a Minecraft server!

Now, isn't that amazing? If you agree, don't hesitate to join! Competition entries will only be available at the first day - so don't wait, join the server now:!

Interview with Blueacia
By Zukchiva

Interviewer’s Note: This interview was conducted on Discord, so much of the interview is rather choppy in grammar and sentence structure. The interview goes over how Blueacia joined NationStates, as well as some parts of their experience as a TEP roleplayer.

Zukchiva: Hey Blueacia, nice to meet you, and thanks for the interview! How are ya?

Blueacia: Good

Zukchiva: Awesome! So first question: could you tell me a bit about how you found NationStates?

Blueacia: Me and 2 friends started it some time back. We all wanted to have a simulator for our own nations. As we played Airline Empires a lot

I took the name Blueacia, one of my friends took the name Sicily and Naples, and the other friend choose Vaspor

Zukchiva: Y'know, your name is pretty unique as far as NS names go. Anyways, what did you and your friends do after joining? Did you found a region for yourselves, or did y'all do something else?

Blueacia: Thank you for the compliment about the name. Tbh I used a name generator like my friend who choose the name Vaspor

Zukchiva: Well, it was a good name generator >_>

A lot of name generators like NS have long and weird names :p

Blueacia: I don't know about regions, but we did a lot of issues, and laughed us sick sometimes about the results. And we tried to convince each other our government was the best

Zukchiva: That sounds pretty sweet and fun, actually. What happened to your friends? I haven't seen them around here. o.O

Blueacia: One of them (Sicily and Naples) was a hit and run on the map. He liked the idea of this, but didn't want to RP all the time. The other isn't good in English. So I wouldn't do him a favour asking him to join

Zukchiva: Oh, so they still play NS?

Blueacia: I don't think so

Zukchiva: That sucks :/. But it seems that y'all did have fun when you played together. :P

Now, to the meat and gravy of the matter; what attracted you to coming over to TEP Evolved? What made you stray from issue answering, in other words?

Blueacia: Simply said, I didn't like the stats they were using on NS. I was already in the East Pacific region, answered the mail. And joined TEP in 2017. Always have been that 1 pixel island until few weeks back.

Zukchiva: Lololol, yes you have! So I notice that you have a masking as "Cartographic Researcher" on the TEP Roleplay Discord. Why do you have that role, what do you do under it, and do you enjoy being a Researcher?

Blueacia: I just make sure every nation on the map is also on the cartographical list with the correct info

Zukchiva: Do you like doing it? And how did you get that role in the first place? xD

Blueacia: Dylan asked who would do it, and I volunteered

Zukchiva: Heh, sounds pretty neat. So what made you decide to become the one-pixel tax haven you've been known for roleplaying as all these years? :p

Blueacia: "Known for roleplaying" ROFL. Like I only do Urthvision constantly, I don't RP that much. But I always liked the smaller nations on Earth. Vatican City, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Singapore etc.

I chose to become the Monaco on Urth. Because I am a big racefan. And watch the Formula 1 since 2004. And the GP of Monaco is the most famous. And they are a tax haven.

Zukchiva: Interesting! lolol. But now I have to ask, what makes you want to stay and hang out with everyone? If you don't roleplay much, then what keeps you active in the forum rp community? Is it the community itself? Friendships? What's the thing keeping you addicted (everyone has one if they play NS) :P

Blueacia: It's just fun to be around you guys, I always want top start and RP more. But it hasn't happend yet

Zukchiva: That's so sweet! I know everyone in TEP Evolved appreciates having you here. :p

Well, it seems like it's getting time to wrap this up. Would you like to say anything extra that hasn't been said yet? A message, perhaps?

Blueacia:  Everyone is welcome in the Blueacian casinos, see you there. *Thumbs up*

Zukchiva: Thank you for the interview, Blue!

Blueacia: You're welcome

TEP Evolved: Roleplay Like No Other
By Dylan

TEP Evolved is one of the East Pacific's most premier roleplay. From Urthvision (our equivalent of Eurovision) to war, to a royal wedding to gunboat diplomacy, a lot of action happens on Urth, the roleplay's home planet. Here's a quick recap of some events!

Very recently, we moved from a map where each pixel is about the size of half of Disney World, Florida, to a map where each pixel is the size of Gibraltar! (Woah, that’s 50km2 down to 6.3416km2). It’s our third iteration of the current map that was made in 2014, named Urth HR (hi-res), but actually our first maps were made all the way back in 2003!

Our most active roleplays going on at the moment is the Arkian Civil War. Created by Arkia, the roleplay is about a three-way civil war in a regional power between a capitalist democracy, imperialist monarchy, and union communists; it’s packed with fleshed out character role-play and in-depth battles that are funded and fought with countries from all across the world.

Our most exciting community roleplay that is upcoming is Urthvision XII, the twelfth edition of Urthvision, which is a song festival competition with representatives from any nation around Urth. Urthvision happens up to three or four times a year and it’s a great way to share our nation's favorite artists and music tastes.

TEPWiki: A Catalog of Everything
By Dylan

TEPWiki truly is one of our greatest successes. We moved over to TEPWiki after we faced many problems with our old wiki provider, and it acts as a great Wikipedia style base for all national factbooks, characters, places, and other awesome pages.

Here are three pages, one belongs to a roleplayer who joined in 2016, and the other two from the Drew-wave. Alongside these, we will showcase one of our characters that the RP community wanted to show off:

Now the last one is very interesting, as Ikrisia has a storied history in the realm of the east, from soldier to world leader of a nation of fox-like people. The wiki page touches on this history, but it deviates rather sharply from the written books published by Todd. Which one’s the real Ikrisia? Tune in to find out!

New Ventures: A Drew-wave Player’s Experiences
By Art

It has been exactly 30 days since I’ve joined the NationStates community. 30 days of roleplay, shitposting, and vibing in the Discord voice chat. The first time I joined NationStates was the most confusing and exciting thing that I experienced. I was assaulted by several telegrams with the great horse, Marrabuk, leading the charge. At first, I tried to reply to the telegrams in character as Prime Minister Aruto Sokala, a character I made in panic. By the end of the day, I managed to stumble into the Discord server and the forums, with me applying for citizenship in the end.

In the following days would be basically me getting to know the great people of The East Pacific and developing my nation’s wiki page. Even as a newbie, I became involved in almost every aspect of TEP. I became a frequent visitor of TEP Roleplay Center’s voice chat, became a magister, and begun helping TEP develop its laws and I became a junior diplomat for TEP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I’ve learned a lot of things in the 30 days that I’ve been in TEP. I’ve learned to love roleplay, a hobby that I used to be afraid of. I’ve also learned that I can apparently wake up at 5 am just to talk to some Americans and Europeans from across the world. In conclusion, TEP’s been a great region for me as TEP helped me grow as a new player. I was not rejected and was instead accepted with open arms.

So, You Want to Run for Delegate
By Inquisitive Examinations

(Editor's Note: This article is a work of satire. None of these views represent the view of the Eastern Pacific News Service as a whole.

On June 1st, The East Pacific will undergo a sacred tradition. It is a great one. It is something that is eagerly awaited every year. It is a time of celebration, to highlight certain members of TEP’s wondrous community. There will be great events to celebrate the occasion.

The East Pacific is preparing for Pride Month.

In other news, the Conclave is administering the election of a minor government official for a term of four months. But this seemingly innocuous thing is quite important! That’s because this is the election of the WA Delegate. There’s already some hubbub about the somewhat mundane job of being the puppet of the Rahls. A whole new channel in TEP’s Discord server was cordoned off for the sole purpose of discussing the Delegate Election.

Now, how does the election of this Christie Island bureaucrat work? The Viceroy of the Conclave, or the Designee of said Viceroy, will open a thread declaring that nominations are open for the Delegate. Citizenship applications will be suspended, and The East Pacific will go on holiday for a week! For 72 hours, any old citizen can nominate whichever person they like to be Delegate. In the next four days, the voting begins. Here in TEP, we use Instant-Runoff Voting if there are more than two candidates, meaning that there are ranked votes. And those are good because numbers are good.

Of course, there are rules about running. But talking about electioneering or vote stacking or election impropriety is boring, so let’s move on.

Now, some astute readers of the Eastern Pacific News Service may be quick to point out that Marrabuk’s summer vacation is conveniently scheduled for this month. You’re right, Marrabuk has promised not to run for a third term. Of course, we can’t take it straight from the horse’s mouth. Therefore, we must do something to make sure that Marrabuk cannot participate. We’ll be adding stairs to this election.

There have been questions raised about if this is the best way to select the most qualified candidate. Thus, a new selection process has been proposed in the dark depths of TEP’s Discord server. No longer will candidates simply “run” for the Delegacy. They will now be sprinting, jogging, and not galloping. They will be undergoing a triathlon, tightroping over a pit of lava, and surfing in shark-infested waters. Whoever wins (or is the last one still alive) becomes the next Delegate.

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to elect a Delegate. Using knowledge obtained from the UTEP libraries from this Dahl’s Charwinuggles guy clearly shows that natural selection via trial by ordeal leads to the strongest, fittest Delegate to pass their genes onto the next generation. In addition, no one would dare coup TEP if it meant a large risk of falling into the lava. Only true, patriotic TEPers willing to die for their region would volunteer as tribute. Their love for TEP exceeds the risk of falling face first into shark-infested lava (the sharks are lava-proof, you see).

Now, if you’re considering running for Delegate, I have some advice for you. This is the one big trick that is guaranteed to get you elected, 30 day money back guarantee!

Be an animal. The East Pacific has had a rich history of animals being Delegate. Todd McCloud is a fox, Bachtendekuppen is a puffin, Xoriet is an ocelot, and obviously, Marrabuk is a horse. In addition, many top government figures are animals. Libertanny is a parrot, and Zukchiva is a goose; could they be contenders for the next election?

100% of the Inquisitive Examinations’ focus group (sample size, 1) has stated that they would vote for an animal candidate of a non-animal candidate because they have none of the slimy characteristics of humans. Fedele wasn’t an animal. I’ll leave you with that fact.

Of course, if you haven’t won the election, despite the 100%* guarantee, don’t let that get you! If you’re really good friends with the Delegate, just let them appoint you as RO with all the relevant powers. Remove the winner and those who supported him from the region, since clearly they aren’t deserving of the Delegacy. Once you realize that you and your cabal don’t have enough influence, appoint a random person with a lot of influence to banject more people. And you’re all set!

Happy running!

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