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on: April 19, 2021, 06:09:48 pm
This territorial constitution does not comply with federal law due to the following:

Section I: All the nations in Hyperion which have registered with the Prefect are citizens
The Constitution already outlines citizenship requirements and this violates them

Section III: All Citizens are entitled to the rights outlined in the following Bill
The items listed underneath this are not part of a bill

Section IV: The rights granted to citizens may be temporarily suspended as punishment for Constitutional Offenses or if the Governor deems it necessary for the good of Hyperion as a whole
Rights granted to citizens by the federal Constitution may not be suspended by anyone other than the Court

Bills may not contradict the Union Constitution, the Provincial Constitution, or Provincial Orders
This does not include the other forms of law that supersede territorial declarations

The Assembly may hold a remove a Consul from office with no penalty with a majority no confidence vote if it deems their policies are not representative of the citizens' desires
Fix this

Section III: The Judicial Branch: as a Province of the Union of Force, Hyperion may not have a legal system. Disputes among citizens and legal offenses will be determined in the High Court of the Union and punishments will be decided by the Governor
The governor is not empowered to assign punishments

Section III: The Governor or the Founder of the Union may veto amendments if they determine the consequences of the passage of the amendment would be detrimental to Hyperion or if the amendment contradicts the Union Constitution
The Court can also strike down the territorial constitution if it violates any of the higher-tier ordinances
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